The Simpsons

Season 13 Episode 15

Blame it on Lisa

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2002 on FOX

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  • Amongst the best Simpson's

    Hard to believe the lukewarm reviews here. I have watched The Simpson's since they were on Tracy Ullman and this is a top ten episode. Any time they leave the country they pride themselves on being obnoxious Americans - hence Fox has had to apologize to Canada,Brazil and Australia.
  • The Simpsons (minus Maggie) head to Brazil to search for an orphan boy that Lisa had been supporting through charitable donations.

    This episode is not one of the most memorable of the series. However I am giving it a high score because I laughed quite a few times during the course of the episode. It was pretty obvious that Homer would be rescued and that Renaldo would be found safe. What makes up for the predictable outcome is the many laughs. Hank Azaria reminded all of us of his hysterial performace in "The Bircage" with his appearance in this episode as the dance instructor. Homer's "ordeal" at the hands of his captors was very funny up until the end. Funny episode.
  • Blame it on the Simpsons!

    This episode only has one word, dismal! This is almost as similar as Bart vs. Australia. And they could've extended the Brazilian stuff a little better. And Riotour should lighten up! Walt Disney took some of his writers and sent them to Rio and they caricatured a Brazilian and called him Jose Carioca. Now, Jose is more popular there and is a best known Disney character next to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. This is the reason why I stopped watching the Simpsons. They're recycling their old shows and thinking that nobody will notice. Well, at least the smart ones do!
  • The Simpsons go to Brazil in search of a lost orphan.

    This episode was just hilarious. It was great to see the Simpsons still have its magic when it comes to them traveling to a different place. The whole idea of Homer being kidnapped was just amazing, and Homer on the beach in a speedo was just gross but hilarious. Also, the idea that Brazilian's are obssessed with soccer was just priceless, I was almost rolling on the floor in laughter. It makes you wonder when you see episodes like this how people say this great show has gone downhill. Watch this episode especially if you are of the Brazilian culture!
  • I loved it!!!!

    Marge is on a campaign to bring down the phone company because she's convinced they are billing them for calls the family didn't make. When Lisa sheepishly admits that she's been calling Brazil to check up on an orphan she's been sponsoring, the whole family decides to head down to Rio de Janeiro for a visit. Upon arrival, Homer is promptly kidnapped and forces the family to come up with ransom money. Not able to raise the proper capital, Homer begrudgingly calls Mr. Burns for the money and gets deeper into debt with his demonic boss. The family is finally reunited and the orphan it turns out is doing quite well and has a job performing at Carnivalè.
  • Yet another average episode.

    Yet another "The Simpsons are going to..." episode. It wasn't bad, I just get the feeling it's been done too many times before, and when this very fact is pointed out by several characters, it really does start to get repetitive.

    There were several good gags in the episode, though, such as the inevitable stereotypes which go with this type of episode: the conga line; the soccer scene; and the bit about their money being gay to name a few.

    However, there were several of the annoying and unneccessary things which give new episodes such a bad name. Things such as the self-reference to which state Springfield is in, and the ending (with Bart dancing inside the snake) are silly and just degrade the show. The writers should just give up trying to add these silly self-references because they just get worse and worse. Other than this, it was a decent episode.
  • Beach hunks, they're not!

    In the episode, Bart points out that he's been on every continent since the series started, until Lisa pointed out he hasn't been to Antarctica!

    One of the best parts, while Homer & Bart were searching for Renaldo, they went to the Copacabana Beach, but wasn't admitted because of their swimwear. So Homer & Bart had to sport the Speedos. Bart may look cool, but Homer had to struggle to fit in that sexy swimwear!

    No cartoon character hasn't had the guts to sport that swimwear since Kwame (Captain Planet).

    Also like Renaldo's reference of making more money than Malcolm In The Middle.
  • the simpsons are going to brazil

    this episode had some terrific jokes such as homer believing that brazil is opposite land, where dogs have kittens until lisa corrects him, saying that it's just the weather where homer takes comfort in thinking that hot snow falls up.
    homer getting kidnapped was great especially the phone calls asking for 50 grand and, since moe asked first, ended up promising moe 50 grand, asking flanders for 100 grand.
    the end where it turns out that homer decided the destination of the transaction and bart getting swallowed whole by a snake weren't particularly funny but the scrapbook memories of the kidnapping was hilarious. now the only continent the simpsons have left is antarctica.
  • Average Simpsons Episode.

    PLOT: The Simpsons find out that a $400.00 phone bill is because Lisa is sponsoring an orphan in Brazil. They go to Brazil to find him, leaving Maggie with Patty and Selma. While looking, Homer gets into an unlicensed taxi, getting himself kidnapped. They take him to the amazon, where they hold him for a ransom of 50,000 dollars. Lisa finds Renaldo, the orphan, working for a "kid's show" because of Lisa's donations. He gives Lisa 50,000 dollars so Homer can be freed. Homer's freed at the end.
    I thought this episode was a little weak compared to most others, but I don't think I wasted my time watching it. It gave me a lot of laughs, like Homer trying to steal phone service, and getting electrocuted, those "Kid's shows" that Bart was watching, the Conga Line Transportation, that woman distracting Homer and Bart by gasping and saying "Renaldo?" so her kids could rob him, and Homer thinking that Rio de Janeiro/Brazil was "Opposite Land" while saying stuff like "crooks chase cops" and "kittens have puppies" before Lisa explained it to him. Everything else was either hit or miss. The plot was pretty good. There was no character development, though. I think. So, this is average.