The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 22

Blood Feud

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 11, 1991 on FOX

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  • Season two of the show was heavy on the sentiment and moralising stories

    There are plenty of interesting signposts for the future of The Simpsons in this episode. After a season of sentiment heavy episodes with clear "morals of the story" there is almost a conscience shift here. The writers deliberately script Marge to conclude that there was no moral to this tale and thus the groundwork is laid for future episodes to move into different territory rather than the show remain a moralizing cartoon in a traditional mold.

    In terms of humor, you can see it already breaking free here. Homer has one of his first sarcastic rants about something when he accuses Marge of living in a fantasy land for thinking that Mr. Burns doesn't owe Homer lots of money for his son's blood donation. There's also a very unexpected gag based around Maggie. Lisa is teaching her the names of more complex and rare animals so that she will broaden her learning possibilities. We see this going on a couple of times before Mr. Burns' bizarre gift of an Olmec statue arrives. When it does Maggie proudly and impressively holds up one of Lisa's cards which says "Aztec" on it. But Lisa, of course, correct her pointing out that it's actually Olmec with no hint of praise for this astonishing recognition in one so young. It's such a small and strange joke. But it's somehow very fitting for the show and where it's headed. No opportunity for an unexpected punch line is going to be ignored from now on.

    The story itself was just fine with Burns being his usual selfish self. I very much liked the scene where Smithers faced moral conflict with his order to beat up Homer. There was something sadly real about the casual brutality of the heavy who admitted he knew and liked Homer. Between that and Smithers' guilt, you felt the story was really being explored thoroughly
  • Funny letter

    I remember the promo years ago where they just wrote, "Dear Mr. Burns, you smell like an elephant's I think they should've said, You smell like an elephant's butt after it takes a dump.
  • Very nice.


    Mr. Burns is at death's door and needs a blood transfusion from a donor that has the same very rare blood type that he does. Homer discovers that Bart has the same rare blood type and he sets his sights on receiving a large monetary gift from Mr. Burns, as a thank-you for Bart's blood. Things become interesting when the only thing the Simpson family receives is a simple thank-you card from Mr. Burns.

    10 out of 10

  • perfect


    what i liked- homer and bart writing the letter and bart sending it, 'hello, my name is mr burns, i believe you have a letter for me.' 'aw right mr. burns, what's your first name?' 'i don't know', bart giving burns some blood because homer wants to get something from burns, etc.

    great episode. it has one of my favorite scenes (homer pretending to be burns and not knowing burns' name) and is a great plot. A+

  • The second season ends with Mr. Burns at death's door. Burns needs a blood transfusion but his blood type is very rare. When Homer finds out Bart has the same blood type as Burns, Homer's convinced he has hit the jackpot expecting a rich reward.

    The second season ended on a very high note with this very funny and well written episode. The funniest moment in my opinion is Homer's angry tirade after just receiving a thank you card from Burns. Listening to him put down Marge was a classic "Simpsons" moment. Homer's attempts to get the letter out of the mailbox, as well as his confrontation with the mailwoman, will have you laughing as well. There are some predictable moments in the episode (It was obvious Homer would get over it.) but the clever turns in the story made up for this minor flaw.
  • this was a good ep

    in the ep of the simpsons mr burns is going to die and he needs a blood transfusion and bart finds out he has the same blood type and homer wants to get money from mr burns and then realizes that afte bart save mr burns it turns out that all mr burns gave was thankyou note some homer writes back angrey letter and bart mails the letter home trys to get it back but its to late and mr burns is mad but his asstitan smithers tells mr burns the simpsons did help you out nad he grees and sends a rare thing to his house and the simpsons dont know how to react.
  • A good way to end the first great season in Simpsons history.

    Mr. Burns is diagnosed with hypohemia and needs a double O negative blood donor. Nobody at the plant comes forward except Homer who thinks there will be a large reward involved. Bart's blood type matches Burns, so he donates some. Burns is more alive than ever and sends Bart a thankyou note and nothing else. Homer is outraged and sends a vindictive letter. Marge stops him from posting it, but Bart didn't know this and mailed it out. When Burns gets the letter he vows to make Homer miserable. He orders Smithers to have Homer beaten to a pulp, but Smithers refuses to harm the man that saved Burns' life. Mr. Burns comes to his senses, and buys them a gift; a rare Olmec Indian head statue. Bart thinks it's cool, but Homer doesn't approve of it.
  • Great way to end the season.

    Burns falls ill and it's found out he has leukemia, and he has a very rare blood type. Homer asks around for his family to give blood, and Marge tells him Bart has the same blood type. Bart gives the blood, and Homer expect a reward. After simply getting a thank-you letter, Homer writes a letter back about how disgusted he is with Burns' lack of appreciation of Bart saving his life. Homer decides it shouldn't be mailed. Bart, however, mails it anyway. When Mr. Burns reads it, he thinks it's merely a joke, and gives the family a $32,000 Olmec Indian head, which can be seen in several episodes in the future.

    I love this episode. The episode is slow in some spots, but the whole scene with Homer "watering the mail" is the funniest scene in the whole season in my opinion. Definitely one of the best season finales in the Simpson's history.

    And that's the end of the season. Off to reviewing season 3!
  • Sign: Core Explosion - Repent Sins.....Homer: The jokes on them, if the core explodes, there won\\\'t be any power to light that sign!...chorus of laughter! one of so many classic moments in this episode!

    From the very first to the very last scene in this episode, it is classic and superbly entertaining. So many good quotes, so many hilarious sequences, including the attempted destroying and then retrieval of the letter, and Homer\\\'s angry dream!
    Tremendous, definately one the best episodes The Simpsons has ever had.
  • Hello, my name is Mr. Burns. I believe you have a letter for me.

    Mr. Burns is on his deathbed, suffering from a low blood level. His blood type is rare (00-) and only Bart can help him. Driven by greed, Homer orders Bart to donate his blood. Marge only wants Bart to do it because it's the right thing to do.

    After his transfusion, Mr. Burns decides to send a thank you card to the Simpson family. This angers Homer because he felt he deserved riches for helping Mr. Burns. He writes a sarcastic and insulting letter to Mr. Burns but doesn't send it when Marge tells him to sleep on it first. Homer wakes up the next morning, thankful for Marge's intervention. What he doesn't know is Bart took it upon himself to send the letter himself.

    Homer attempts to get the letter back before Mr. Burns gets it, to no avail. At first, Mr. Burns is angry and wants Homer beaten. Smithers refuses and reminds Mr. Burns Homer was responsible for saving his life. Mr. Burns has a change of heart and buys the Simpsons a giant Olmec Indian Head. Homer is disappointed because he's still not rich, but all is well with the Simpson family and Homer's relationship with Mr. Burns is good and his job is safe.
  • A good episode that I really liked.

    When Mr. Burns needs a blood transfusion, Homer is pleased to learn that Bart has the same rare blood type, Bart donates his blood and saves Mr. Burns, but Homer is upset to find that Mr. Burns sends him nothing more than a thank you note. Homer writes an angry letter in responce, but then desides not to send it, but then he discovers that Bart had already mailed it. Homer tries his best to recover the letter, but fails, and Mr. Burns reads the letter and vows revenge. Smithers finally convinces Mr. Burns that the Simpsons have indeed done him a favor and, in gratitude, Mr. Burns buys them a rare Olmec Indian Head. I thought this episode was pretty funny. Also the Olmec Indian Head was in one of the "Simpsons Comics"
  • Blood Fued

    This is an episode where Mr Burns is dying unless he gets the same blood type from someone but no one has it apart from Bart so Mr Burns survives but he don't give the Simpsons money he gives them a statue thing. Nothing really special but they enjoy it anyway.
  • One of my Top 3 favorite episodes from the first two seasons of The Simpsons.

    This episode is great. Homer and Bart have good chemistry together and Homer really starts becoming the stupid dumbass we would grow to love during the Golden Age of the series (not the annoying jerkass he's slowly devolving into now). The plot is really simplistic: Bart gives Mr. Burns some of his (rare) blood so Mr. Burns can live and in return Burns gives the family a thank you card. Homer, angered that he didn't get any money, writes him an insulting letter and tries to retreive it after Bart accidentally mails. This episode is a fine example of how The Simpsons can pull comedy from any storyline.
  • one of the funniest, but not best, episode of season 2

    homer telling bart that saving mr burns life for nothing would be ridiculous was a great scene in the episode aswell as the part where burns gives him a card and nothing else and homer goes nuts, immediately writing a letter to mr burns and bart mailing it without his permission. attempts to get the letter back were great too, a memorable scene being:

    homer(impersonating badly): hello, my name is mr burns. i believe you have a package for me
    postman: okay mr burns. what's your first name?
    homer: i don't know. (later) great plan bart.

    the fact that mr burns doesn't realise that the letter is sarcastic is a great addition to the episode aswell and one of the funniest scenes was at the end where the family is trying to work out the moral of the story. this was a very well put together episode of the simpsons and proves that this is definitely a humerous show.