The Simpsons

Season 5 Episode 8

Boy-Scoutz 'N the Hood

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1993 on FOX

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  • perfect


    what i liked- the ending (when i first saw this, i was confused and thought there was a part 2...), Ernest Borgnine's appearance, Bart and Milhouse singing about how great Springfield is, Milhouse apparently having shaved a bad word in his hair, "Godspeed, little doodle", Bartbeing in junior campers because he did not want to take the test in class, etc.

    great episode. tons of humorous parts and Ernest Borgnine was terrific guest star, even if he did not have many lines. A+ episode, no doubt in my mind

  • Very Funny.

    This is one of my favorites of the season. Homer was a complete jerk during the entire episode, which for once was funny. Some of the funniest parts were when he lost the peanut and found the twenty dollars and said that twenty dollars can be used to buy many peanuts. Another funny part was when he did the whole leader of the weiner patrol thing. Overall, I think this was a really good episode. 10/10
  • Perfect

    In this episode, Bart goes a sugar rush, and has a subsequent hangover-like headache the next day (like alcohol!?) and discovers in terror, that he joined the Junior Campers! At first he's reluctant to the idea, but he warms up to it when he's able to use a pocket knife. But then, there's the father-son rafting trip, and Bart is scared Homer will screw it up. This episode had so many great moments like, Dr.Hibbert saving the man from a blown up appendix, the pocket knife burning up the raft rather than popping it, and the "10 do's and 500 don't's of Pocket Knives", bu the best had to be Homer's convo with his brain about the use of money. Overall, a perfect, funny hilarious episode all the way
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons bart and milhouse go to the kewik mart and order a huge extra syropsquishee and things start to go crazy and they go wild and stat to sing song about the town and then they go to the shopping mall and stuff and then after that they wake up and it turns out they signed up for thcub scouts.and the sons acompany in the father and son rafting trip and this was a funny ep and it had some good moments and that is why i picked this ep to get a good rating.
  • This episode rocked!

    Bart accidently joins the Junior Campers because he was on an all night squisie bender. He thinks it's too lame till he gets to handel a pocket knife and learn how to trap wild animals (And by wild animals I mean Homer). They soon get lost durning a father-son rafting trip, and the part where they're out at sea is just one of the best moments of this episode. Homer ruins everything (Of course), but comes to the rescue when he smells Krusty Burgers at an off shore Krusty Burger. In the end, Bart and the rest chose the right path for the rest of the Junior Campers get caught in a Friday the 13th camp.
  • After drinking an all syrup super-squishee, Bart gets hyper on sugar and accidentally signs up to the Junior Campers. He ultimately ends up going on a father-son river-rafting trip with Homer.

    I liked this episode a lot. I probably would have given a higher rating than I have done but I've watched it so many times that the novelty of it has worn off a bit. This is at its best when it is viewed for the first time, as when viewed for the first time it keeps you either laughing or on the edge of your seat. I still think that it's a great episode, but it cannot compete with other episodes such as 'Cape Feare' and 'The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson' in my eyes. Great jokes, clever allusions, an all-round great episode.
  • Season 5 back on track...

    Experimenting with a dangerous all-syrup Squishee, Bart and Milhouse get loopy and run around Springfield singing and having adventures. Waking up with a massive Squishee hangover, Bart remembers that he enlisted in the Junior Campers, the dweebiest after-school program in the world. Bart is prepared to quit the group, but decides to stay when group leader Ned Flanders leads a lesson on using a pocketknife. Bart becomes entranced by Junior Camping, attending meetings and becoming an expert at tying knots. When it comes time for the annual Junior Campers' father and son rafting trip, Bart is too embarrassed of Homer to invite him along. Homer comes anyway, and his terrible navigation and rowing skills land Bart, Ned and Todd way up a creak with no way home. Luckily, Homer saves the day when he's able to smell out a nearby Krusty Burger franchise.
  • Bart inadvertently joins the Boy Scouts and then he and Homer go on a disasterous adventure.

    This is the best episode in season 5, just ahead of Deep Space Homer. Bart and Milhouse buy a dangerously sugary squishy and go crazy Broadway style. Unknowingly, Bart joins up to be in the Boy Scouts and has to pay the price. There is a father-son rafting trip that Homer ruins and sends him, Bart, Ned, and (Rod or Todd) to the middle of the ocean. They are saved by an offshore Krusty Burger thanks to Homer. Some of the best jokes include Homer saying "$20?, I wanted a peanut!" and Homer bringing the Krusty Burger map on the trip and it ends up coming to use at the end. Homer did appear a lot more stupid than normal in this episode, which made it that much funnier! This episode is in my top 5.

    Grade: A
  • Ahhh the sugar junkie hangover!!!

    Easily the best part of this episode is watching Homer really lay into Bart for being a boy scout! and then when Bart mentioned the father son river rafting trip Homer said "hehehe you don't have a son!"

    As usual Homer is being the bad parent and is drifting apart from one of his kids. His behaviou on the rafting trip is anything but perfect, but miraculously he gets Bart, Ned and Todd out of serious trouble by sniffing out a Krusty burger on an oilrig (or something!)

    The highlights of this episode are watching Homer's oafish behaviour throughout the episode. He really has it in for geek, nerd and basically anyone who does something stupid like join the boy scouts!
  • springfield, springfield it's a hell of a town the schoolyard's up and the shopping malls down springfield, springfield springfield, springfield new york, new york new york is that-a-way man thanks k

    this episode is hilarious, homer continuously slapping flanders, homer's argument with his brain about whether his plan makes sense or not and bart's line of "boy, a kid on a squishee bender can sure do some crazy things". the appendix scene was hilarious where it exploded when dr hibbert ripped it out of the guy and chucked it into the air. i wonder if that's how the doctors did it when i had appendicitis...hmm. the don't do what donny don't does booklet was a great scene as was the fact that krusty opened a restaurant on an un-manned oil rig. the pocket knife that didn't poke a hole in the boat but rather burned a hole with the magnifying glass was hilarious...come to think of it, i didn't stop laughing the whole way through this episode.
  • THE BEST!!!!

    This is my favourite Simpsons episode EVER!!! this is so funny every time I watch it i laugh til i cry, its great its just so funny its unbelievable when homers great nose saves their lives (even flanders)and when the dolphins tell them their going

    Screw Flanders Screw Flanders Screw Flanders
  • Let's go crazy, broadway style!

    This episode is a personal favorite of mine, not just because of what happened after they drank the Squishee, but for everything. Other than Cape Feare, this was one of the best in season 5.

    Bart and Milhouse get kicked out of the arcade; Bart ran out of money. Meanwhile, Homer drops a peanut and finds $20.00 under the couch. The 20 bucks get blown away from the wind, and the boys get ahold of it. They spend it on a Super Squishee made entirely out of syrup. Then they go crazy from the sugar, and Bart wakes up the next day to find that he joined the Junior Campers, a parody of the Boy Scouts.

    The best jokes in this episode were Bart setting traps on Homer, the "Egghead likes his booky-wooks!" quote, Bart and Homer talking to themselves, and the peanut thing, and Homer saying, "Ooh, there's a NEW Mexico."

    Overall, I give it an A.
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