The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 20

Brake My Wife, Please

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 11, 2003 on FOX

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  • Really good episode.

    I think that this is one of the best episodes of the season. Homer gets a cell phone and some other extra unecessary things, which leads to him not paying attention while he's driving and he ends up driving off a pier. Homer's licence gets revoked and Homer has to walk to Moe's, but he decides to keep on walking, much to Moe's dismay. Homer then walks to work and is the only one there because everyone else is caught in a traffic jam. Marge gets so caught up in all her driving that she accidentally hits Homer. Marge ends up having to care for Homer and he thinks that she is trying to kill him, which leads to a fight. They both go to see a marriage counselor and he suggests that Homer perform one unselfish act of love. He decides to have a backyard barbeque in Marge's honor and invites everyone in Springfield (except Flanders). This was one of my favorite eps of the season, and my favorite part was at the beginning with Homer driving the car with all that stuff in it. The other part was at the end when the party was over and Homer says "And now to all my dear friends I say, get the hell out of my yard." And then he turns on the sprinklers. 10/10
  • A fine episode experience that I never knew before! :!:

    The one problem with most shows that make it over the 300 episode mark, is that so many of the episodes start to get blurred together & start to become interchangeable with each other! But in this case, this episode is unique in it's own way. Homer Simpson proves that you Can't always guess correctly where he's going to be as he wasn't at Moe's & instead, Finally get's a cell phone to be brought into the 21st century! Now if Homer Simpson was known for paying attention, everything would be fine. But of course, Homer isn't & drives his car into a lake! He losers his driver's license & Marge isn't exactly a happy camper about all that! Fortunatly, Homer discovers the joy of walking but that's taken away from him when Marge accidentaly hits him! Homer realizes that he might be seeing Marge as just a doormat & realizes that he needs to do something big to prove otherwise! Well, when Homer Simpson wants to throw a big something for Marge, he pulls out all the stops which includes getting Jackson Browne to sing a song! Now That's a dedicated husband! Homer might be an idiot, but at least he knows a good wife when he has one! This is one great episode which is why I wrote this review! Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • After having his liscence revoked, Homer starts walking places.

    This was a very good idea for an episode because we all know that Homer was never fit. Many people may not agree, but I thought that the many plots in this episode kept the auidence guessing. Especially the part where Homer put all of that stuff in his car haha. Anyway, its not as bad of an episode as everyone precives it to be. I thought all the characters were in character for this episode especially Marge because as we know she can get stressed out easily (running Homer over with her car). Anyway it was a good episode. Watch it.
  • Good episode..

    Homer loses his driver's license and Marge is forced to drive him around town. She gets increasingly stressed by having to chauffeur everyone, and she grows angrier and aggressive. Meanwhile, Homer actually starts to enjoy walking – but Marge clips him with the car while he's crossing the street. Homer and Marge go to therapy together, and the family tries to cheer Marge up by paying attention to her needs and not making her tend to them at all.

    What a great Homer and Marger episode... Really funny how Marge hits Homer with the car... A little not like Homer though to start walking; I would expect him to take a taxi or something.
  • How many plots are there?

    There are many storylines in this episode from bart's aquarium visit to homer getting a cell phone to homer getting millions of car accessories to homer losing his license to homer discovering the joy of walking to marge hitting him with the car to homer fearing for his life to a party at the end. any other sitcom would have put all of these stories in different episodes but the simpsons are creative and linked all the stories together to keep the audience guessing. the humour was terrific in this episode aswell especially the walking song and "Homer and Marge" (Jack and Diane which homer fixed with new words). A very creative episode.
  • Very good Homer and Marge episode.

    The song rocked and Homer walking was great. Ver good idea. And soon Homer believes Marge is trying to kill him when she hits himw ith his car and spills a bowl of hot soup all over him. Also Homer with all the things in his car was a halirious idea, and no wonder he lost his liscense. It's a sweet episode as Marge and Homer try and get back together, and eventually do with a big party. Great. And very funny. I lovedthe walking song, it was very well-written and was kinda catchy. Very funny and enjoyable ep.
  • A decent, but not great episode.

    Overall, this was decent, with plenty of funny moments. However, I felt that the whole episode was really disjointed. It seemed to switch from one storyline to another - we had the aquarium visit, Bart going to hospital, Homer getting a cell phone then loads of accessories for the car, then losing his license, then discovering the joy of walking, then being run over, and then finally the main plot about Marge hating Homer. It was just too much. Normally, separate storylines are okay if they link into the main story or they are referred back to again at the end, but it didn't happen in this episode.

    Apart from this, the episode was okay. There were plenty of good moments, especially the opening scene at the aquarium. The occurrence of a song - two songs in fact - was great as well. If the episode was a little less disjointed and had focused on the main story more, it would have been a lot better.
  • This episode started out well but by the end I thought it got boring. It's one of my least favorite episodes.

    This episode started out okay. Homer's song about walking was pretty funny, but towards the end it got stupid and boring. They've already done a lot of episodes about Marge feeling unappreciated, most of which have been pretty good (El Viage Misterioso De Nuestro Homer for example), but this one wasn't. That storyline has been done to death.
    It seemed like toward the end they were just trying to take up a half hour. And they also did two songs which made the episode seem repeditive. I don't think I laughed once through out the second half. This seemed to me like a filler episode. I think the writers just threw it together at the last minute to get enough episodes for a season.
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