The Simpsons

Season 25 Episode 20

Brick Like Me

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 04, 2014 on FOX
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Homer Simpson wakes up in a Springfield where everyone and everything is made out of Legos, and he must figure his way out before he gets stuck in the plastic world forever.

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  • Lego Simpsons.

    The Simpsons goes to Lego.
  • Lego Maniac

    I'm probably going to be in the minority on this but I thought this was a great episode and is one of my favorates for the series. It's true that quality episodes for the show have been hard to come by due to the amount of bad apples we had to pick though, but with every apple tree with it's bad apples there are good ones as well and this to me is one of them.

    Yeah this episode obviously parodies on "The Lego Movie" which is one of my favorate animated films for the record, but it's a parody done right. The CGI animation is great and I even love that they had the stop motion movements from the walking to the facial movements works. I even loved the verbal and visual humor which was great, and just like in the "Lego Movie" even satire/parody on some of the principals of Legos, there are so many it would take more than one watch to get them all.

    The subplot with Bart I thought was very good and turned out great in the end. It was just funny how Bart inavertantly and easily destroyed the school which to me was a dream come true. Though I don't feel Bart was totally responsible, it was really Willy since he broke though the foundation, so shouldn't he be the one to rebuild the school? But as usual Skinner singles him out (no wonder crime in that school is winning) and makes him rebuild the schools. However Bart as usual has other plans, it was really cool when he built the school his way and lets just say made it a cool school with it's skateboard ramps and other activities, yeah I'd go to that school; let alone in a way I felt Bart kinda included something that has been missing and sorely needed in that school, after school activities and a positive environment. It was also cool once again seeing the creative and even smart side of Bart.

    But Skinner being the idiotic authoritarian he is makes him dismantle his idea and teaches him a bad lesson about conforming and being non creative; let alone he has to build 12 or 20 more schools which are all the same design. It's sort of like the equivalent of writing the same sentence on the black board many times it's comepletely pointless. This of course pushes Bart over the edge, and it result in an awesome payoff when Bart build a cool but daft looking mecha out of all the parts for the school and even uses Skinner's head as the ammo (serves him right). I really loved that battle at the end when he's battleing Pirates and Ninjas by shooting out non cleche ammo at them like Light Saber puke and another I don't want to give away. The only disappointment was the battle wasn't longer, I would of loved to see Bart use more abilities on the mecha and do more damage, but this was probably due to time constrants so I can let it slide. I did like that this subplot had a good message which was to be creative and not conform.

    However it was the plot with both Lisa and Homer that powers it, it's funny how Homer in Lego is in a way having an existencial crisis as his perception or reality is being chalanged thoughout the episode. But it's really his crisis in the real world (the cartoon world) he's dealing with where just as he has found another way to bond and spend time with his daughter Lisa, on a side note is was also cool seeing the creative side of both of them with the Legos, liked that Duff factory that Homer built which can also dispense real beer, how he was able to minituize the mechanics is anyones guess; we see that Lisa is drifting away from him and wanting to do her own thing which is normal and a fact of life when growing up.

    I like how they sort of parody and satire on the preteen subculture that Lisa is getting into which I'll admit I don't feel is a great start for her but also confirms why she's no better than anyone else. As we see Lisa hang out with a group of girls that are obviously a stereotypical clihc let alone have those speech patterns and phases that grate my nerves, honestly who talks like that and why such a limited english text. But we see that their all into this "Hunger Games" like franchise which I personally think is overrated am not a fan though I think it's decent. It was funny how Lisa was reacting to seeing a PG-13 film for the first time, which is weird she's never seen one in her life obviously doesn't get out much. But also seeing a PG-13 film isn't exactly a big step up their is only a minimum amount of swaring and the action/violence isn't entirely extreme; to me seeing a rated R film for the first time when I was her age (for the record that film was "Robocop" original version) was the greatest step up ever because they were films that went the extra mile for me, sadly those films seem to be a bit scarce these days which is pathetic. But as Homer enters the room and unintentionally embarsses Lisa, I couldn't help but cringe at what the group said about Legos and even Lisa and her dad, it kinda shows this group of friends might not be healthy let alone I get the feeling never touched legos in their life.

    Lisa of course shoos her father away by saying something I felt was a bit out of line, and we see Homer in a sad state as he is going to the Lego build off alone. You do sympathize with him, knowing your kid is growing up and drifting away is a bitter pill to swallow. It was funny and very daft when we discover how Homer got knocked out and dreamed of the Lego world which was getting knocked out by a giant Katness Lego sculpture, how the heck anyone can ever get hurt from Legos is beyond me, the sculpture must've had a very thick amount of Legos. But of course when he comes out of consciousness, Lisa came for him and both sort of learn their lessons. For Homer it's to accept and welcome the fact that his kids are growing up and childhood isn't forever, and for Lisa it's to treasure the time she has with her dad while she's still around because even that's not forever.

    So, overall just like any Lego set this episode is well built.moreless
  • Homer awakens to find himself in a Lego world. At first he is very happy and wants to stay until things start to get strange.

    There was certainly a lot of hype for this episode. I'm sure some of the hype can be attributed to the monstrous success of "The Lego Movie" and understandably so. I did not think this episode was one of the series' best but it was mildly entertaining. The highpoint for me was the very clever parodies of "The Hunger Games". Another thing that helped the episode is how the story plays out. When all was revealed at the end, I found myself satisfied at the conclusion. I can't say "Brick Like Me" totally lived up to expectations, but it was not a disappointment either.moreless
  • Half decent.

    Seeing the simpsons and their world in Lego form is a pretty cool idea. Decent visual gags and interesting siruations. Story wise it's pretty bland. Just how many times have we seen Homer bounding with A lot and the way they do it is pretty predictable. They could have attached a better story to go along with this amazing animation but sadly no. Oh well. Still pretty cool.

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