The Simpsons

Season 8 Episode 16

Brother from Another Series

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 1997 on FOX

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  • Sideshow Bob is innocent for once

    In this episode, Bart is terrified to learn that Sideshow Bob is released from prison on a work-release program, in which he works with his brother Cecil. Bob claims he's changed, but Bart doesn't believe him, and investigates. He and Lisa then find evidence of embezzelment, but Bob claims he didn't know about it. Cecil then admits it was him who ebezzled it, and using Bob as a scapegoat. Bob then helps them escape. This episode was interesting in that Bob was innocent. Cecil was also a good character addition, and the flashback to the audition was believable and funny. I kinda would have liked another episode like this, but him trying to kill Bart is great too. Overall, an awesome episode, second favorite bob plot. 10/10 A+
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show barts nemissis sideshow bob returns this time he has brought his brother . but his brother was jelious of bob for gettting the part on the krusty show. and so he tries to frame bob due to the history of bob that he has in the town. they think its bob but bart and lisa figure it out and work with bob and find out it was his brother that was going to blow the dam and make off with millions of dollars. and they stop him and the police come and arrest them both. this was a good ep
  • Brother From Another Series

    In this episode, Bob's brother Cecil gets him out of prison and Bob starts working for Cecil. But Bart thinks Bob is still evil and tries to prove it. He finds a plot to destroy the Springfield Dam, and thinks it is Bob's idea. But later they learn it was Cecil. They try to thwart his plan, and in the end, Cecil is arrested, and so is Bob, even though he didn't do anything.

    A great episode, as I have stated, Bob episodes are generally great. One of my favorites from season 8, my overall grade is easily an A+
  • Sideshow Bob has a brother, Cecil

    Sideshow Bob is released from prison. His brother Cecil puts him up and hires him to supervise the construction of Springfield Dam. Bart suspects Bob is up to another diabolical scheme. He and Lisa sneak into his office and find a suitcase filled with money. Bob catches them and tries to explain his innocence, but the children refuse to believe him. Cecil enters and holds them all at gunpoint. His plan to blow up the dam, with Bob, Bart, and Lisa in it is revealed. He runs away with the $15 million embezzlement from the project, assuming Bob will be blamed, allowing him to get revenge on Bob for stealing his role as Krusty's sidekick. Bob helps the children escape, and although innocent, Bob and his brother are sent to prison. This is another one of my favorite episodes in the whole series based solely on the references to Frasier. I loved Frasier and with the actors and atmosphere of Frasier it was impossible for this episode to be anything less than perfect!
  • Another hillarious episode.

    This episode is really funny and some hillarious parts are when Sideshow Bob and his brother where fighting over the top bunk in prison and when Chief Wiggum arrests Sideshow Bob even though he didn't do anything for once and said that he resited arrest and Lou says no he didn't chief. Also it was hillarious when Bart and Milhouse are spying on Sideshow Bob and his brother Cecil and then Sideshow Bob says hellow Bart and then Bart hides and Sideshow Bob says to his brother oh hes a little shy since I've tried to kill him so many times. Overall an instant classic.
  • Overall awesome. Sideshow bob has a heart ?

    Well, the plot was well set, and the action was awesome, but who ever thought that Sideshow Bob had a heart? At the end when Sideshow Bob saves Bart, I thought surely he was intending to drown him or assisinate Bart. At the end however, I do not get how Cecil got arrested, but Sideshow Bob got arrested by those corrupt Springfield police. That was really just awkward. The episode was great, but Sideshow Bob being kind to Bart and having a big heart??? And ending up getting arrested for doing nothing?? Also, Cecil was kind of unexpected with what he did. I thought Cecil would be nice. :I
  • Sideshow Bob has a heart?

    Once again Sideshow Bob is back and this time not with a vengeance. Once again the Simpsons creators manage to change the character's personalities so much that we are left with no place to hold on to. I guess that when the writers start to do these kind of things, it means we are going down or a re running ut of ideas. I am not implying that Bob can't change his ways, but seems rather unlikely , after 5 episodes in which he has been the center of evil attention.

    In the end, I like Sideshow Bob and couldn't care less for Cecile.
  • Amazing parody of one of my other favorite shows "Frasier"... Great Sideshow Bob episode.

    Once again, Sideshow Bob is released from Prison, on the condition that he is looked after by his brother, Cecil Terwilliger, an upstanding citizen and head of construction on the Springfield Hydroelectric Dam. Immediately upon Bob's release, Bart suspects that his old nemesis is up to no good, but can't find any proof. Bob tries to get his life together, taking a job on the dam project for Cecil. Their suspicion growing, Bart and Lisa snoop around the construction office and find a briefcase full of money. Just then, Bob catches them, but claims not to know the origin of the cash. It turns out that Cecil is the evil one, hatching his own plan to embezzle money from the dam budget and then destroy the town of Springfield with an explosion. Bart and Lisa overcome their distrust of Sideshow Bob and work with him to stop the destruction. Busted by the Springfield Police Department, Cecil is sent to jail. Bob is sent too, since no one believes that he didn't play a part in his brother's scheme. Guest Stars: Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob; David Hyde Pierce as Cecil
  • Sideshow Bob is out of jail helping his brother buyild a Dam in Springfield.

    For once, Sideshow Bob is not the enemy!!!! Very original and VEEERY funny. who would have thought that for once Bob ISN'T bent on the total destruction of Bart. In season 8, one of three favorite seasons, this episode is great. In fact, ANY sideshow Bob episode is awesome. Lots of good quotes and we get to meet Bob's bitter brother, Cecil. To hear the two main characters of Fraisier together is great. And Bart's paranoia adds so much effect to the episode. And the folks at home the HAVE to be convinced that Bob can not really be done with Bart!
  • Sideshow Bob...innocent?

    Kelsey Grammer's sixth appearance as Sideshow Bob is yet again a hilarious episode but this one has a very unexpected twist...bob is actually innocent in this one. however, as bart is suspicious as usual, he follows bob around, with lisa right behind him. they finally corner him in a dam he was helping to build where bob's brother cecil traps them. bob and bart have to work together to escape before cecil destroys the dam. lisa, bart and bob all escape and foil cecil's plan. however, the dam is destroyed anyway and both bob and cecil are sent to prison. i enjoyed this episode immensely but the thought of bob being innocent still doesn't seem right. well, it doesn't last long anyway because guess who's guilty in the next sideshow bob episode...
  • The Simpsons get two tv brothers together and makes brothers on another show!

    Being a MASSIVE Frasier fan, this episode has it all for me. The best tv brothers on the box, gallons of Frasier references, the obligatory 'kill Bart' scene and some really great lines. I absolutely adore this episode.

    teaming Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce up as a team away from Frasier was a great idea, because it is obvious that they blend together so well. Theirs was a great effort and this episode is great. (Funnier if you actually watch Frasier though)