The Simpsons

Season 4 Episode 14

Brother From the Same Planet

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 1993 on FOX

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  • perfect


    what i liked- homer and tom fighting (Especially the end with homer kicked on the fire hydrant. can someone say 'ouch?'), 'I'm on my way' and the fact that homer was preoccupied with TV, Trab Pu Kcip and Kirk yelling at Milhouse for writing on the window, Homer accidentally calling Pepi Pepsi, Pepsi and Tom becoming brothers to each other, amongst other things.

    good episode and it was nice to see homer jealous. there were some good laughs. lisa's plot kind of felt like nothing more than time-filler, but there were still some good parts in there, so overall, final grade is going to be an A+

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons bart is late getting picked up from a soccor game and decideds to hire a big brother who will take care of him out of jealiousy homer decides to go and hire a little brother and then gets into a knock dow fight with barts big brohter this was a funny ep that had some hirious moments and also in this ep lisa falls for this teen star and she deicdes to call a 900 number run by the teen star and it raises a huge bill the simpsons have to pay off this was a funny ep
  • Good

    Bart, fed up with Homer's neglect, joins the Big Brother program posing as an abandoned child so he can hang out with a better father figure. Homer finds out about Bart's cool, new friend, Tom, and exacts his revenge by donating his time as a big brother to a real orphan named Pepi.

    I especially like the part where bart and tom were at the game and tom asks if his dad ever took him to games, and bart said he played alot of blsckjack

    Hit me
    Hit me
    Hit me

    Homer is such an idiot..... ..... . ..... .... I give this episode a 8.7
  • A good episode the only thing that ruined it was I think that Bart should have played a bigger role with his antics. A very good emotional ending

    When Homer leaves Bart waiting in the pouring rain after soccer practice, he must earn back his son's love. Bart expresses his anger by going to a Big Brother program and claiming to be an abandoned child so he can get a new "father." He's paired with Tom, a motorcycle-riding fighter pilot who spoils him. To get revenge on Bart, Homer signs up to be a Big Brother and "adopts" Pepi, a needy child. When Homer and Tom clash over Bart, they fight viciously and Bart realizes how much his father loves him. Bart returns to Homer and Tom winds up adopting Pepi.
  • Homer and Bart get brothers, and feud.

    This is where season 4 gets better. Homer, and Bart getting brothers just to spite each other. How they have a good time in a funny way, and Ren & Stimpy making a cameo in this episode. I didn't care much about Lisa's side story about the Corey Hotline, but It had a fair dose of comedy, injected in this episode of near-perfection.
  • Another great Season 4 episode

    Aftr some terrible parenting on Homer's behalf, Bart gets a "bigger brother". As it turns out Tom is perfect.

    Then when Homer finds out about this he gets a "little brother" of his own in Peppy. Stating revenge for his reasons. (That was a brilliant moment when his brain told him not to say revenge.)

    After a chance meeting at the aquarium Homer and Tom getting in a fight, with Homer being humerously hurt at the end. - Bart brings Peppy and Tom together and he goes back to Homer.

    My favourite moment came in the final scene when Honer and Bart bond by Homer telling Bart how to fight dirty.

    There are better episodes in Season 4 but this is another consistently good episode!
  • this joins the ranks of other classic season 4 episodes including mr plow, homer the heretic and marge vs the monorail

    this episode was hilarious, extremely well written with non-stop laughter. another classic moment of homer arguing with his brain in the big brother agency and all the clues that he had to pick up bart from soccer practice that he missed including santa's little helper barking the word "bart" were great additions to the episode. other classic scenes include the fight between tom and homer and homer calling peppi pepsi and asking the agency if they had him in the blonde range. i could watch this episode over and over and never get tired of it because that's how good the comedy is.