The Simpsons

Season 11 Episode 2

Brother's Little Helper

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 1999 on FOX

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  • Okay Episode.

    After a mishap at the school's fire asembly(caused by bart), Principal Skinner tells Homer and Marge that Bart has ADD. They put Bart on a drug called Focusyn, and Bart soon becomes very smart and focused in school.

    When everything is going great, Bart soon goes crazy and has a theory that a satellite from space is spying everyone. He soon goes on a rampage in a military tank, and shoots down the satellite, which turns out to be an MLB satellite, and Springfield finds out MLB is spying on everyone.

    This is an okay episode. It started out GREAT, with the fire asembly. I loved Ralph saying"at my house, we call fire uh-oh's". I also loved Homer all twitchy on the ADD medicine, but the third act was a little too crazy for me.

    Overall Grade:80%/B
  • ADD

    In this episode, Bart is diagnosed with ADD. So he needs to take an experimental drug called Focusyn. He takes it and at first, changes, becomes smarter, stuff like that.

    But later he becomes a conspiracy theorist. He goes insane and goes into the Army Base to steal a tank and shoot it into the sky. After he does so, Springfield citizens see that baseball players have been spying on them for reasons unknown.

    At the end, Bart is no longer on Focusyn, and all else is normal.

    A wacky episode with a wacky third act, but it still has plenty enough humor for me to overlook this. Well, for the most part
  • Bart starts taking drugs to help him focus after he is diagnosed with ADHD, and afterwords he goes insane.

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes in the whole series, and not to mention one of the best episodes in season 11 of the Simpsons. So many amazing jokes that were just hilarious like when Ralph says at my house we call them uh oh's haha. I don't understand how someone can watch an episode of the Simpsons like this and still say that the Simpsons are horrible and Mike Scully and all the writers should be fired and blah blah blah. This is just one of the reasons I agree with Matt when he said the Simpsons are as good as ever. Partially what makes this episode so good is its parody of American culture and society, and in the end isn't that what made the Simpsons great in the first place?
  • Great and funny Simpson episode. Also shows you the effect of an overdose of drugs. works for me

    This Simpson episode has it all. It is funny, exiting, shows you the effect of an overdose on drugs and all of that bundled together equals a fantastic Simpson episode.The funniest quote for me had to be homer saying "ot oh, some ones going to have a belly ache." said homer in his sweet voice. Secondly I thought it was 10/10 funny when homer ate the Taffy with the drugs in, and rod and tod adding on "daddy does mr.Simpson have a devil in him." hiding behind the fence while homer was having a fit. this has got to be one of my top 10 simpson episode. Bart smart and riding round in a tank? COOL!
  • Bart is diagnosed with ADHD..... Shows the dangers of drug overdose.

    Principal Skinner introduces Fire Saftey at Springfield Elementary. Unfortunately the Flanders catches on fire, which can't be put out because Bart is playing a prank. So Bart is diagnosed with ADHD and put on a new drug called Focusin. But after many overdoses of medication Bart becomes strange and weird, and everyone begins to worry about him. Soon Bart runs off and steals a military tank, but luckily the everyone is able to catch him. They are to late and Bart fires up a shot into the sky and destroys a MLB satellite. It turns out that all of Major League Baseball was spying on the people of Springfield. In the end Bart is taken off of Focusin, and everything is back to normal.
  • Bart dealing with social issues.....and drugs?

    Bart is the star of this episode taking drugs and its side effects. It’s nice to see an episode dealing with social issues and mother son affection rather than bringing special appearance of Hollywood stars (previous episode featuring Mel Gibson). Everyone in the Simpsons had a chance to play a part in this episode (except for Maggie). There’s lot of serious scene rather than gags; The funny line is when Todd ask Ned if Mr. Simpson is possessed by demon and Ned asks for his exorcism tongs, that was pretty hilarious. Homer looks like Mr. Sparkle when he’s on Focusyn, but it doesn’t move me. Bart seems to be annoying rather than mischievous. Chicken Soup for the Loser book to Homer was a very good idea. Bart wearing cheerleaders outfit and only his underwear on a treadmill was a good one. All went well (usually) until when the side effects show up and Bart acts very weirdly; it’s looks like a scene made for Treehouse of Horror. Major League Baseball is controlling the satellites? C\'mon ... this is kind of… no really awkward, brings down the whole episode down, but considering the message it conveyed in a jovial manner it’s definitely a big helper.
  • shows the dangers of drug overdose: bart goes crazy

    this episode was great, especially the tank scene where everyone is afraid that bart is going to blow up something they treasure such as homer's "the frame store? you monster!" and mel's "not the sky! that's where clouds are born!" i also liked the fact that baseball was spying on them for an unknown reason. Bart's fire hose prank at the beginning was also funny but the main part of the story was the strongest of the episode such as the scenes where bart is voluntarily on the treadmill when the lab techs are testing him and bart's aluminium foil protection.
  • Bart diagnosed and treated for ADHD see review (especially the end)

    From a pediatrician's view point, a well written spoof of the attention defecit disorder diagnosis and treatment. Also a hilarious view of the pharmaceutical industry's attempt to make their drug work (especially by adding more medication to cover the side effects of the original mediciation). Very funny that Bart wants to be on a treadmill becuase he feels fat, not due to any drug related issues. Also particularly piognent is the rest of the cast not believing that major league baseball is spying on us, but with Bart's increased attention he can tell the truth about the MLB satellite.

    Of Particular Interest Is That Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp (A Real Pharmaceutical Company) Released FOCALIN In July Of 2003 for the treatment of ADHD--3 Years And 9 Months After The Episode. Considering Marketing Strategies And FDA Approval Times, The Name May Have Been Based On The Episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!