The Simpsons

Season 11 Episode 2

Brother's Little Helper

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 1999 on FOX

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  • Great and funny Simpson episode. Also shows you the effect of an overdose of drugs. works for me

    This Simpson episode has it all. It is funny, exiting, shows you the effect of an overdose on drugs and all of that bundled together equals a fantastic Simpson episode.The funniest quote for me had to be homer saying "ot oh, some ones going to have a belly ache." said homer in his sweet voice. Secondly I thought it was 10/10 funny when homer ate the Taffy with the drugs in, and rod and tod adding on "daddy does mr.Simpson have a devil in him." hiding behind the fence while homer was having a fit. this has got to be one of my top 10 simpson episode. Bart smart and riding round in a tank? COOL!