The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 18

Brush with Greatness

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 1991 on FOX

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  • You think THAT's bad? What about that time when I was turned into a Tetris block

    It's not just a classic because it's one of first truly defining Marge episodes, or because it further explores the ambiguity of art concept of Marge's character developed in "Itchy and Scratchy and Marge", or because of the numerous parodies that never feel contrived, or because it has a wackier Homer subplot that is actually true to his character (and relates to the main plot), or because it makes great use of its guest stars be they playing themselves or another character, or even because it has the best use of the word "genitalia" I've ever seen in a show. It's because it does all these things in such a hilarious, meaningful way. Mt. Splashmore has to be one of the funniest of the infamous "unrelated first acts" of the entire series, and even if the main story of Marge isn't introduced until act 2, it still flows seamlessly into the story. And the story itself is jam-packed with so much content (as explained above) that not only never clashes upon itself, but remains highly memorable and insightful in regards to the characters that the episode manages to lift itself above even the lesser classics of "The Simpsons".
  • superb


    Lisa helps Marge rekindle her passion for painting, after the family discovers some of her old artwork up in the attic. Meanwhile, Homer is determined to lose weight after becoming stuck in a water slide at an amusement park.

    9.5 our of 10

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons marge used to be a good artist and lisa helps discover he passion for it and she starts to paint again as of homer he gets stuck in water park amusment slide.and decideds he wants to lose weight. marge gets noticed and mr burns sees how good she is so mr burns wants her to paint a portait of him and she deicdes not to go trough with it at the end and for homer him losing weight does not really happen . this was a good ep i tought of the show the simpsons back in the early days
  • decent

    mr. burns true evil spirit is introduced primarily in some of his insults in this episode. marge paints him- the true him, for an art gallery type thing.

    pretty good episode, it's not one of the all-time best but from what i recall of it it is pretty good with some funny parts {like the ending, which is kinda gross, but still funny}, and the plot is decent too. My overall grade would be a low "A" because i think it deserves an A, but not an A+, but i also do not think it deserves lower then an A
  • Burn's evilness is revealed as Marge paints him naked. Go Marge Go Marge GO GO GO GO

    Homer decides it's time to go on a diet after getting stuck in the waterslide at Mount Splashmore. While looking for his barbells in the attic, Homer notices drawings of Ringo Starr that Marge painted when she had a crush on him in high school. Lisa tells Marge she should go to an art school because she has talent. Marge signs up for an art class at the College and paints a photo of Homer asleep on the couch in his underwear. The teacher loves the painting and enters it into the Art Show. Marge wins the contest, and Mr. Burns wants her to paint him. While at their house, Marge walks in on Mr. Burns nude getting out of the shower. Burns mocks Homers attempt at weight loss, while Marge is angry with Burns. She paints a picture of the REAL Burns she saw in the bathroom. At it's unveiling, Burns is outraged but grows to like the painting.
  • Average

    Season 2 was a strong season for The Simpsons and Brush with Greatness was an average episode. The plot itself was good and a good idea to feature Burns and Marge instead of typically Burns and Homer ,what worked best was Marge trying to find Burns' inner beauty but noticing there wasn't any. Characterizations were pretty spot on in this episode Burns being an angry horrible old man worked for the plot ,Marge remained caring and Homer was nice to see as he tried to help Marge at the end of the episode realize she is talented whilst watching his weight in a good sub plot. Smithers was good in the episode showing loyalty and sticking to his character but other than that nothing else great the mt Splashmore scene was not needed and wasted time it was lacking in the jokes department and didn't have much to praise.
  • Another good season 2 episode.

    The Simpsons family goes on a vacation. Homer gets stuck in a water slide and decides to lose weight. Back at the Simpsons home, Homer finds paintings in the attic. Homer shows Marge, and she tells him they are paintings she made when she was in high school and college. Meanwhile, Burns has his annual thing where people make portraits of him. Marge does, but decides she's not good enough. After Homer's support, she finishes a few portraits, and she surprises everyone.

    This is yet another solid episode. Season 2 is chock full of episodes like this - good episodes, but not a lot of excellent ones.
  • Marge is a true artist!

    This episode s awesome! Not just because one of my most favorite Thomas the Tank Engine narrators, Ringo Starr appears, but this is one of the most funniest episodes ever! Just watching Homer trying to lose weight and watching Marge trying to regain her artistic abilities. The one person who really annoyed me though was Mr. Burns, who kept bossing around Marge when she was trying to paint him and make him a work of art. He was a total ingrate in this ep, and not only with Marge did he anger, he kinda angered me to, especially when insulted Homer. But anyways, this is one of my most favorite episodes of the Simpsons and it always will be!
  • Marge desides to be a painter after Homer finds old pictures that she had drawn.

    Watching TV, the kids see Krusty the Clown do an ad for Mt. Splashmore, a water-themed amusement park. They bug Homer so much that he finally agrees to take them only to get stuck in a tube at the park beacause he is so fat. Publicly humilated, Homer vows to loose weight. While getting his old dumbbells from the attic he finds a series of photos Marge painted of Ringo Starr. Lisa urges Marge to go back to art school to nurture her gift and Marge wins a prize for painting Homer in his underwear, on the couch. Mr. Burns, who is looking for a portrait painter, hires her. She can't seem to capture his essence, until she see Mr. Burns make fun of Homer, who's excited he's gotten his weight down to 239. Marge paints Mr. Burns as she sees him - a naked, bitter, elderly old man. Mr. Burns is upset, but when the public reacts favorably, goes along.
  • Brush With Greatness

    This is another episode that focuses on Marge. This is the first time that a former member of The Beatles appeared on an episode. This episode shows that Marge is a good artist so she has to do a picture for Mr Burns and at the end she wins the best art.
  • marge is revealed to be an artist

    this episode, featuring mr burns as the evil od man who needs marge to paint a portrait of him, is very funny, especially the B story of homer going on a diet after getting stuck in a mt splashmore slide. the "can we go to mt splashmore" scene opened up a whole new window for the simpsons and has been used countless times since then. mr burns, of course, insults homer for being proud of losing weight and homer's line of "if anyone needs me i'll be in the refrigerator" is a classic homerism. this episode isn't the best season 2 episode but we find out a lot about marge which makes room for other marge-related episodes.