The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2003 on FOX

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  • Homer becomes very busy when he is promoted to CEO of the nuclear plant.

    Well for one thing, I thought that this episode was just laugh out loud, priceless comedy. It was nice to see Homer promoted in the nuclear plant, and the whole idea of the canary being head of the whole plant was just hilarious. Not to mention, at the start of the episode, Homer was ranked below the plutonium rod. It was nice to see the Simpsons poke fun at how many parents are too busy with their jobs and duties that are for work that they have no time to raise their kids. Definately a great episode. Everyone should watch it.
  • Hilarious episdoe Homer becomes CEO of the nuclear plant... LOL What could go wrong?

    Homer enrolls in a "How to Succeed in Being You" course and takes a new attitude to work, where he makes suggestions to improve safety at the power plant. When Burns laughs at Homer's proposals, Homer and Lisa devise a plan to take the plant from him. After being legally out-maneuvered, Burns signs the plant over to Homer, and Homer becomes the new CEO. With the company's future in his hands, Homer begins to make cutbacks to ensure financial stability. He even lays off everyone save himself, but there is no one to monitor the machines now running the place and the plant suffers a major meltdown. At the eleventh hour, Burns returns to restore order.
  • Homer becomes operator of the nuclear power plant

    this episode is very funny for a season 14 episode and is the first episode for a while to majorly feature Mr Burns. The canary was a great start to the plot and homer becoming the owner was a great plot and the 305th Everything is okay BBQ was a great ending. the humour in this episode never fell and remained funny the whole way through, one of my favourite scenes being Mr Burnsn attmpting to trap Homer by blocking the escape with bricks but by dawn Homer becoming conscious and simply stepping over the few bricks that burns laid down. a great plot (did I mention that already?)
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