The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2003 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • As Homer's "Back to normal BBQ" was the 305th, it hints that this episode was supposed to air 305th, when it actually aired 306th.

    • When Mr. Burns pulls down the chart of everyone's picture depicting who is in charge at the plant, Frank Grimes picture is shown on the bottom row left with a crossed out line through it.

  • Quotes

    • Homer: I will respect you working-class slobs, because we are all equal. And now, as I ascend this crystal staircase to my office, I say, avert your gaze.

    • Burns: Smithers, this is an emergency! Maroon alert! Or even vermillion!

    • Cletus: I'm here to win back Brandine. She's been making eyes at the photographer that done come to document our squalor.

    • Lisa: I got a gold star at school today. For my expose on toxins in gold star adhesive.

    • Homer: Mr. Burns' reign of terror is over! And today begins my reign of terrr…-iffic management!
      Lenny: Man, I thought he was going to say terror!
      Carl: I didn't think he was going that way.

    • Burns: Now a few more details about this year's company picnic. It's at the plant, no food will be served, the only activity will be work, and the picnic is cancelled.

    • Marge: Well, If you don't know what path to take, you have to be very quiet, and listen to that little voice inside that tells you what to do…
      Bart: Do it dad! You could get a less crappy car!
      Marge: Bart! You can hear us?
      Bart: Oh yeah, from my room, I can hear everything.
      Lisa: Me too, the walls are paper thin. (punches a hand through the wall) Hi.
      Flanders: And it wouldn't hurt you to put up some curtains.

    • Homer: Revenge? On Mr. Burns?
      Lenny: Mm. Send him magazine subscriptions he don't want!
      Moe: Or give him some face time with sweet lady brick!

    • Homer: All my life I've had one dream. To achieve my many goals. Mr. Burns has never given me a thumbs up or a "way to be" or a "you go girl!"

    • Homer: Tip Two: Let nothing stand in your way. (Enters house.) Listen up life obstacles! From now on, nothing's gonna stand in Homer Simpson's way! (to Bart) Do your homework! (to Lisa) Don't do so much homework! (to Maggie) Learn to talk! (to Marge) You, lets love, now!
      Marge: Sounds good to me!

    • Teacher: Do you want to be the ultimate you!?
      Homer: Yes!
      Teacher: Do you want to yodel at the top of the corporate mountain?
      Homer: Yes!
      Teacher: Will you write me a check made out to cash?
      Homer: God yes!

    • Dr. Hibbert: Homer, take this quarter, call your mother, and tell her you're never going to be a stripper!
      Homer: Aren't you gonna chuckle?
      Dr. Hibbert: There's nothing to chuckle about.

    • Lisa: What about you and mom?
      Homer: Oh we'll be upstairs in the bedroom making rope ladders, in case there's a fire.
      Bart: Oh, okay.
      Homer: Children, so naive.
      Bart: What?
      Lisa: Who's naive?
      Homer: I didn't say anything…so naive.

    • (Homer closes the door with the door shutting button)
      Homer: That is so cool. Bart open the door.
      (Bart opens the door, Homer presses the button)
      Homer: Now, open it again and put a walnut in there.
      Lisa: Dad, please…you're the head of a major corporation.
      Homer: You're right. Put 2 walnuts in there.

    • Bart: Now fly, to the Cannary Islands!
      (Cannary flies out the window then flies back in, looks for Canary Islands on a globe and flies out the window again.)

    • Teacher (to Moleman): Oh, I'll stop sucking… later! Come here, give me your hand. It's ok.
      (Picks Moleman up and throws him out of the window.)
      Moleman: Whoa! Thank you teacher!

    • Homer: Hey, that's a printer port, not a finger hole.

    • Homer: Oh no, that's Maggie's mix tape. Then Maggie must have gotten…
      (We see Maggie dancing to Sex Bomb)

    • Moroccan Dealer: Drugs? Everything is drugs! Banana made of drugs, monkey made of drugs. Look, all market made of drugs.
      Smithers: I'd like to buy this.
      Moroccan Dealer: Only American money. (whispers) Our money is made of drugs.

    • Teacher: You see that car out there? That's a Bentley Mark XII. They gave one to me, one to Steven Spielberg, then they shot the guy who made it.

    • Mr. Burns: This entire plant is in his name. So when they come to put C.M. Burns in jail, it's the canary that does the time.
      Smithers: Sir, can you do that?
      Mr. Burns: Oh yes. Tycoons have been doing it for years. Why, Standard Oil was once owned by a half-eaten breakfast.

    • Marge: So Mr. Burns doesn't take you seriously, big whoop, who gives a doodle, whoopy ding dong doo!
      Homer: Thanks for trying, but I'll be at Moe's.
      Marge: So my husband goes to a bar every night, whoopdy doo, who gives a bibble, gabba gabba hey!

    • Female Associate: Homer, I'll go over the year end profit forecast if you'll stop looking at my boobs.
      Homer: No deal.

    • Homer: (reading from a book) Tip 1: Live each day like it was your last. (sitting on a curb, sobbing) I don't wanna die! I'm so young!

    • Homer: Mr. Burns! Where's Mr. Smithers?
      Burns: He's doing 80 years on an opium bust. I never saw a man take to a Turkish prison so quickly.

  • Notes

    • Itchy & Scratchy: "Bleeder of the Pack"
      Motorcycle greaser Scratchy duels with a thug from a rival gang, and challenges him to a race. Before the race starts, Itchy ties a long chain to the motorcycle, which eventually yanks the hapless cat from the two-wheeler. Scratchy gets skinned and is bleeds out, before Itchy medics stretcher the feline and board him on a medic jet. On board are the Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly, who appear friendly ... until they begin showing fangs and start their attack on Scratchy. This all happens just as the plane flies into a fierce blizzard and starts losing altitude.

    • The "D'oh" in this title was surprisingly not changed to (annoyed grunt), like "Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiallo-(annoyed grunt)-cious", or the upcoming "I, (Annoyed-Grunt)-Bot"

    • Homer's old nemesis, the inanimate carbon rod, is ahead of him on the chart Mr. Burns pulls down.

    • Barney appears with well groomed hair again after going into a relapse a few episodes back.

    • Blackboard Joke: None.
      Couch Gag: In flip book animation, the family enters the living room and sits on the couch, the camera then pulls back to reveal two human hands holding the flip book.

  • Allusions

    • Montgomery Burns: "Oh keep begging! You're just wasting precious oxygen. Brick by brick, I seal his doom."
      When Mr. Burns knocks out Homer and attempts (pitifully) to wall him up inside his mausoleum, that is a reference to a famous short story by American horror writer Edgar Allan Poe called "The Cask of Amontillado", wherein an insulted noble takes revenge on his antagonist by getting him drunk and walling him up in a wine cellar.

    • The shot of the planes "mating" when Homer walks through the street depressed is reminiscent of the planes mating in the opening sequence of the 1964 film Dr. Strangelove.

    • Marge: Gabba Gabba Hey
      When Marge is rambling on with pointless words she says "gabba gabba hey" which is a Ramones song.

    • Homer:: Suicide, eh?
      The suicide hotline billboard Homer sees is a reference to the song Dr. Online by Zeromancer, about a executioner's practice.

    • Itchy and Scratchy short: "Bleeder of the Pack"
      This short includes two references to classic rock-n'-roll:

      • The title is a play on the Shangra-Las' immortal "Leader of the Pack" (about a young girl who falls for a greaser from the wrong side of the tracks, and her parents strongly disapprove).
      • The ending pays tribute to Feb. 3, 1959 – the Day the Music Died. The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens are all aboard Scratchy's ill-fated flight, when it begins to lose altitude as it flies into a heavy snowstorm. The real-life flight crashed near Clear Lake, Iowa, killing the three rock legends and the pilot.