The Simpsons

Season 5 Episode 2

Cape Feare

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 1993 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons sideshow bob is sending death threats to bart simpson in this ep and they discover that sideshow bob was relessed from prison and the simpsons are sent to safe house to get away from bob for protected people and bob follows them and then trys to kill bart in this and his plans are ruined once again in this one . this was a good ep and had some funny parts in this when bob his hitting his face with the rakes and and that is why i gave the ep the grade i gave it
  • Bart's sworn enemy Sideshow Bob has been paroled and once again tries to murder Bart. The Simpsons' efforts to elude Bob have them joining the Witness Protection Program and being relocated to a town named Cape Feare.

    Hands down the funniest episode of the season. The laughs do not stop from beginning to end. Kelsey Grammar is once again in top form as the voice of Sideshow Bob. It's hard to determine which is the best scene in this episode because there are so many great ones. From the Simpsons' drive to their new home to Bob's unlucky encounters with numerous rakes and a very painful parade, it's hard to say which is the best. Let's not forget the hysterical way that Bart manages to outsmart Bob and save himself. Definitely a classic episode of "The Simpsons."
  • Sideshow Bob comes into full play

    Kesley Grammer's flawless voice-acting--the right tone, body, and volume--alone makes this episode worth watching. We find the shady Sideshow Bob again determined to KILL BART. With humor both classy and classic, this episode is sure to please any Simpson's fan. Some of the best jokes include the scene where Homer runs in with a butcher knife so he can give Bart brownies, and the singing scene of the H.M.S. Pinafore. Effortless writing, delightful plot, and, once again, the humor. However, I did detract a point from these because of the needless rake gag and the slightly too fast pacing. Score! A delightful episode.
  • This episode was pretty funny.

    Some of the scenes in this episode were forgettable, but the ones that weren't were hilarious! It was a really good Sideshow Bob episode, like when Sideshow Bob walks into the rakes like 10 times (or nine), and when Homer comes into Barts room carrying the knife and brownies, and right after the chainsaw lol.. I thought this episode is amongst the greatest of the Simpsons, and it used somewhat dark humour (like when Sideshow Bob was writing his grocery list in blood) and just the regular old Simpsons charm... it is a good follow up to the previous episode too=)
  • One of my favourites!

    This episode was one of the best ones ever IMO! The humour was all there and interesting plots were also included, especially when Sideshow Bob tried to kill Bart!
    I loved the idea of 'The Thompsons' and the theme tune with them in it coz it's so funny and a big laugh!
    If you're a hardcore classic Simpsons fan, such as myself, then you must NOT miss this episode!
  • A very great episode.

    The episode begins with Sideshow Bob threatening Bart with letters written in blood. When this continues, the Simpsons are relocated to a place called Cape Fear, where their new names are the Thompsons. All seems peaceful, but Bob had secretly followed them to their new location. Sideshow Bob awakens Bart in the middle of the night, in an attempt to kill him. With their "boathouse" drifting down the river, Bart tries to escape Bob by running all over the boat. Just as it seems to be the end, Bart stalls Sideshow Bob by getting him to sing an incredibly long song. The boat ends up in Springfield, where the cops arrest Bob. The Thompsons then become the Simpsons again.
  • Not quite a ten, but really, really close. Probably my favorite Sideshow Bob episode where Bob is actually evil.

    This was a really well written episode that had some really good Cheif Wiggum and Homer quotes. One example:
    WIGGUM: Sideshow Bob has no decency. He called me "Cheif Piggum".

    (everyone laughs)

    WIGGUM: Ha. Ha. Now I get it. Ha. Ha. Yeah. That's good.

    In this episode Sideshow Bob writes threatening letters to Bart and after being paroled stalks him to the point where the Simpsons have to move to Terror Lake. Then Sideshow Bob gets on to their house boat and tries to kill Bart. Bart is saved because he he gets Bob to sing until the boat reaches Springfield. Then comes another of Wiggum's classic quotes:
    BART: Take him away boys.

    WIGGUM: Hey I'm the cheif. Bake him away toys.

    LOU: What'd you say cheif.

    WIGGUM" Just do what the kid says.

    This is my favorite Cheif Wiggum episodes and one of the few episodes this season without Mr. Burns.

  • The SImpsons turn into the Thompsons!

    This episode was pure gold. I liked Bart's fear of the people who sent him the letter in blood. I was also feeling sorry for Sideshow Bob when he fainted when he wrote so much blood in Bart's letters. Nevertheless, the episode was indeed funny.

    The potrayal of bart's character was good and I was glad that he thought of a way to send Sideshow Bob to jail and let his family be renamed to "The Simpsons" instead of "The Thompsons".

    I guess the only problem with the episode wa that the events went by too fast. Overall, a good episode that I hope you will see instead of judging the newer season episodes by.
  • Best episode!

    Humor 10/10

    Story 10/10

    Laugh frequency 10/10
  • Bob Plot #3

    Bart gets threats in the mail, and he soon learns it is from Bob. So the Simpsons relocate themselves. But little do they realize that Bob is following them. In the end, Bob is about to finally get Bart, but Bart tricks him by singing the entire score from the HMS Pinafore. And he is again arrested. Everything returns to normal, except for... Grandma?! Nah, it's Grampa looking like a woman because he did not have his pills.

    This is one of the funniest episodes of the whole series. It's wacky too but almost every single jokes in it works.
  • Sideshow bob is back and hes trying to kill Bart again.

    This quite possibly be the best episode of the Simpsons since it is one of my favorites. The whole episode is just flawless from start to finish. I loved Homer getting his new name and not understanding the concept that he is Homer Thompsan now. Also, Homer scaring Bart with a chainshaw and butcher knife. All of the letters ti Bart were hilarious, and Bob's parole hearing had me in stiches. "No one who speaks German can be an evil man!" Bottom line this is just a wonderful episode and a must see for any TV fan even if you dont like the show.
  • "He called me Chief Piggum"

    Bart is getting letters from a mysterious person, threatening to kill him. He gets a lot of them and finds out it isn't anyone in his school. It turns out the letters are from Sideshow Bob and Bob is on parole. Bob manages to get out and the simpsons find out, so they move with Bob hidden in the car. Bob tracks Bart down and tries to kill him. He confronts Bart in the simpsons new boathouse and Bart gets him to perform the entire performance of the HMS Pinafore and the police then get Sideshow Bob. Hilarious episode, one of the best episode.
  • This is the episode that started it all for Sideshow Bob in the sense that this is the first episode in which I can really say had me on the floor because I was laughing sooo hard...

    Bart begins receiving threatening letters from Sideshow Bob. When Bob is released from prison, Bart is terrified of being killed by the sociopathic former sidekick. To protect Bart, the entire Simpson family undergoes Witness Relocation and moves to a houseboat docked on the aptly named Terror Lake, just outside of Springfield. Bob tracks them down, ties up Homer, Marge, and Lisa, and tries to kill Bart. Bart outsmarts Sideshow Bob by asking him to sing the entire score to The H.M.S. Pinafore, thereby buying enough time to trap him in the mud beside a brothel where Chief Wiggum and other Springfield Police Department officers just happen
  • Bart starts recieveing death threats in blood.

    Bart starts recieveing death threats in blood. You find out that they are from Sideshow Bob. Bob goes to get paroled. And he gets it. Now he is coming even closer to killing Bart. He drives through the neighborhood announcing who will not die. He does not include Bart. So the Simpsons go to start a new life. Where Bob follows them. This is such a good and fun episode!
  • In this spoof of "Cape Fear," Sideshow Bob threatens Bart once again--so this time, OFF enters the Witness Protection Program as "The Thompsons" and moves to a riverboat. However, they can't escape Sideshow Bob...

    This is the best of the Sideshow Bob episodes, and in fact, it's one of the best "Simpsons" episodes, period. Largely a spoof of "Cape Fear"--right down to the music--the episode is hilarious from start to finish as the writers hit their stride.

    True, it's not a heartwarming very-special episode (at one point, Homer tries to distract Bart from the threat of Sideshow Bob by lunging at him with a chainsaw and hockey mask). And as critics have pointed out, it's not particularlt realistic--no one leaves that many rakes lying around! But mimicking reality is not what "The Simpsons," at its best, is about. The episode is so tightly written--there's not a moment of dead time or flat, filler jokes--and the acting and animation are top-notch. (Watch the camera movement throughout; it's impressive.) Most of all, "Cape Feare" contains some classic Simpsons moments, from the rake sequence to the mid-episode "Thompsons" introduction.

    It's hard to believe this episode is over 10 years old; it stands the test of time and is funnier on repeated viewings.
  • This is the best episode in the entire episode of the simpsons.

    I have watched this epsiode over and over again. It has many great gags. This episode always reminds me of The Naked Gun because most of the gags are Sideshow Bob getting hurt in ridiculous ways. There are rakes a plenty and also elephants, cactus patches, and houseboats. Tis a great episode and it rules times a million.
  • Sensational! My favourite Bob episode!

    Yes this is definately the best Sideshow Bob episode. Instead of framing Krusty, attempting to kill Selma or blowing up Springfield Bob comes after Bart his long time nemesis.

    There is no distractions, its simple he wants Bart dead. He finds out that its not as easy as it seems.

    The rake seem is one the funniest things I have ever seen! The sound that Bob made after each rake was just great. He then makes a reference to rakes in a later episode where he says "I have a life outside you Bart!"

    The HMS pinafore finale was the icing on the cake of a fantastic episode.
  • "Very well Bart, I shall send you to heaven before I send you to hell"

    This is a truley hillarious episode, I don't think there was a moment when I wasn't laughing. My favorite part had to be when Side show Bob sang the entire score to the H.M.S. Pinnafore and it just kept getting more and more elaborate with each song, It starts out he is just singing in his street clothes and soon he is in full costume (and he even has a playbill) The other funny part is when they get put into the witness protection program and Homer is wearing a witness protection T-shirt. Watch this episode and you are guarenteed to laugh.
  • An episode wich combines thriller with comedy in a superb way!

    Let me just start by saying this is my all-time favorite episode of The Simpsons!

    Sideshow Bob is my favorite character, possibly because he is really funny yet he also creeps me out. He can be menacing in one minute and hilarious in the next. And that hairdo of his... *shudders like Bob hit by a rake*

    This episode stands out from the usual Simpson ones because of it's darker theme. The plot, paroding "Cape Fear", is about murder and revenge, the settings are often dark and omnious, and the music is just golden! And in the midst of this threatening mood they've buildt up there is some wonderful comedy. There are not a lot of shows that can balance these two elements, but The Simpsons manage with flying colors.

    There are a lot of classic scenes. Sideshow Bob stepping on the rakes is golden, I laugh so hard each time, I don't know how Kelsey Grammer makes those shuddering noises! The scenes with Sideshow Bob under the car ("who wants to drive through the cactuses?") were glorious, as were the scene where Bart masterminds Bob.

    If you're only going to see one episode of The Simpsons... let it be this one!
  • Hardly a moment goes by without a good pun, but the whole is no greater than the sum of it's parts.

    This episode has been called the best of season five by various sources, including the ratings on this site. Frankly, I find it to be entirely overrated. It lacks the emotional depth which drives great episodes like "Homer and Apu", the absurdity of Burns' actions in "Rosebud", the epic proportions and visual fantastication of "Deep Space Homer" and the history described by "Homer's Barbershop Quartet". Unlike the truly great episodes, it fails to describe a plot from multiple points of view or to narrate the lives of multiple characters; it all revolves around Bart. Disappointingly, unlike the other season-five episode about Bart, "Bart Gets Famous", "Cape Feare" fails even as a vessel for Bart-style humor, since most of the gags are about Sideshow Bob hurting himself in typically cartoonish ways.
    In the end, that is the real failing of "Cape Feare": unlike the many great episodes of Simpsons history, this episode lacks the initiative to be anything more than a great cartoon.
  • Sideshow Bob returns, sending threatening letters to Bart through the mail. Bob gets off on parole, with the logic that "No one who speaks German can be an evil man." The Simpsons move to Terror Lak, but are followed by Bob, whos plans are foile

    This episode was truly amazing. I have seen it a million times, and still enjoy it. But then, I can enjoy anything with Sideshow Bob! This episode was witty, and the rake slapping thing is hilarious, especially the rake on the boat. This is an example of the Simpsons at their best. Full of jokes, a laugh a minute (or more), and clever. It is one of my personal favorites, and any Simpson fan can agree that this is one of the best episodes of the series. Seasons, four, five and eight are my personal favorite seasons, and this episode is one of the reasons season five is up there!
  • My favorite Sideshow Bob episode!

    Now, The Simpsons have to move because Sideshow Bob is back! My favorie scene.

    "Do you want a brownie before you go to bed?"


    "Come on, get them why'll their still hot"

    "Dad. I would appreciate it if you don't come into my room screaming with a knife!"

    "Why? (Looks at knife) Oh. Right. Well nothings going to be bad tonight. (Kisses Bart)"

    "Hey Bart! You want to see my new goalie mask and Chain saw?"

    Yeah. My favorite quote. I took up most of the review but. What are you going to do? Well. This is my favorite episode of season 5.

    Final Grade: A-, 9
  • Hilarious

    Cape Feare is one of the funniest episodes of the Simpsons and high among the best. It is such an enjoyable episode with great jokes throughout and classic material ,who can forget the rake scene where Bob get's hit not once not twice but nine times. The plot is interesting and uses it's dark theme for some humorous moments with it's villain being used for comedy something that is great in a comedy show. It is an episode that can be watched many times and still be enjoyable and the pace is quite fast and helps make the episode exciting. Just one of the greatest and funniest episodes.
  • One of My Top Ten Favorite Episodes

    This is a great episode. If anyone has seen the Robert Mitchum/Gregory Peck 1962 original or the Robert De Niro/Marton Scorsese 1991 remake of Cape Fear (the movie this episode is based on) then you realize the similarities between the movie and the episode.

    This episode is wonderful. Sideshow Bob's release (The Bart The is sooooooooo funny), and Homer's stupidity (when I say Mr. Thompson and stamp on your foot) are some of the best in this episode.

    But the highlight is the rake sequence, it may not be the best when it comes to the actual story but it is quite hilarious. One of the show's best.
  • In my opinion, one of the best Simpsons' episodes ever...

    "Brilliant" is one of the many words to describe this episode. The parts with the letters in blood, Sideshow Bob and the Thompsons was fantastic. The part that had me in splits was Homer scaring Bart half to death with his chainsaw and hockey-mask. The part with the rakes was a bit too long and eventually gets boring. But it takes nothing away from the rest of the show, in which Bart finds a novel (albeit melodious) way to escape death at Sideshow Bob's hands.
  • 1 of the best Simpsons episodes ever.

    There are some episodes people watch that they'll remember it... till the next episode comes on.

    Then there are those episodes that you'll remember for the rest of your life: Cape Feare is one of those episodes.

    That Sideshow Bob Rake Sequence... priceless. I swear sometimes me and my brother be puttin that on repeat because it's so funny. Gotta love Bob's peformance, it was very good. Yeah. I understand how this is one of the best episodes ever. There's too many Awesome SCENES IN IT!! But like I said, that rake sequence is the Scene I'll defintely remember for the rest of my life.
  • sidshowbob sends death threats to bart so the famaly move to a boathouse in a city named cape fear with sidshow bob on there tails.

    the best simsons episode ever made it could not be any better.
    some funny moments and 1 is in the youll never stop the simpsons song sideshow bob steps on rakes.
    close to being worse than the ned zone but just manages to be a bit better.
    usually i like treehouses of horers better but this is the best.
    my favrot character (ned flanders) is not a majour character in this but its still the best.
    sidshow bob episodes are always good i wish he was in them all.
    cape fear is the name of a film made in 1962 then another film with the same name made in 1991 with 3 stars.
  • The perfect episode

    Absolutely fantastic, this is my favourite episode of the series.
    I laughed so many times watching it years ago, and I still find it hilarious when I see a rerun.
    The gags involving Sideshow Bob are the best I've ever saw in The Simpsons: the rakes, the moment he is under the car and has to pass the cactus field, the moment Homer assaults Bart with the chainsaw, the knife and the cake...omg, I'm laughing even now that I'm writing this review!
    I don't remember a newer episode that was so funny to watch from start to end. Truly a classic, no doubt about it.
  • Best episode ever!

    Cape Feare is a great episode that is my clear favourite everytime. This episode was well executed in the plot and the jokes. Also Sideshow Bob is one of my favourite characters, because he is a mix of funny and sinister, but not at all like Mr. Burns. Bart gets threatening letters from an anonymous source. It has to be Bart\'s arch nemesis good old Sideshow Bob. Due to this threat, The Simpson Family have to move to Terror Lake, not knowing that Sideshow Bob is on the trail.

    All in all, it is a classic episode of a mix of fear and fun. I wish I could rate it higher, but I can only rate it up to 10!
  • Third and best sideshow bob episode

    This episode is my favourite appearance of sideshow bob, nearly all of the characters acting stupid at one stage or another, in homer's case, at least ten times. When bart gets threatening letters from an unknown source, chief wiggum doesn't think it's against the law. marge pauses between saying to bart "i'm going to get you...some ice-cream..." The thompson scene is definitely one of homer's stupid moments. sideshow bob is surprisingly stupid in this episode aswell, continuously stepping on rakes, using a bloody finger to write notes and fainting from blood loss and agreeing to sing the entire song of The HMS pinafore to Bart as a last request. bart tries to escape the boat by jumping out, seeing crocodiles on one side, electric eels on the other, then going back to the crocodile side. evenan extra said "anyone who speaks german can't be an evil man". this stupidity definitely contributes to the humour of this episode. the mystery in the first act is indeed mysterious the first time I saw this episode and the reveal of Sideshow Bob was very well written. this is indeed one of the simpsons episodes that will be remembered for a long time.
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