The Simpsons

Season 21 Episode 18

Chief of Hearts

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2010 on FOX
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Episode Summary

While completing some community service Homer makes fast friends with Chief Wiggum. Meanwhile, Bart becomes obsessed with a new, addictive Japanese game.

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  • Chief of Hearts

    I liked the set up for the Bart plot, wasn't to bad, and pretty funny. Whilst the set up for Homer's plot was rather lackluster, and kinda stupid, but they got it over with quick. The Homer/Wiggum stuff turned out pretty nice, not too forced. The end of the first act was actually pretty good, my favorite joke being Homer's lunch. The Second act started off rather meh. Nothing too interesting happened, the moe joke was funny as well. Not many jokes fell flat. The Bart subplot where they think he's dealing drugs was just stupid. The Wiggum/Homer friendship developed quite well, without being rushed. My only problem with it was that the plot, up until where Wiggum was shot had no real conflict. The third act was average, with nothing too funny or unfunny. Wiggum's childish behavior didn't hold too much interest. It just felt bland. I don't have any real complaint with this episode, it just felt like it was missing something. It's pretty forgetable, the A story and the B story came to a predictable end. Not bad, not good. Just meh, 3/5.moreless
  • Homer and Clancy befriend. Elsewhere Marge thinks Bart is dealing drugs.

    This has to be a one of the best of the season. In court, Judge Harm makes Homer do community service and in the job, he offers Wiggum one of his sandwiches and they quickly befriend. Meanwhile at someguy named Dave's bday, Bart becomes addicted to a Bakugan parody.

    Homer nad Clancy do everything together and have a lot of fun, but during a crime, Wiggum is shot and goes to the hospital. Homer stays with him inv the hospital until he wakes up, and when Lou arrives, this happens:

    Lou: "I'm glad you're okay, chief"

    Wiggum: "Yeah Yeah thank"

    Lou: "But i have stayed for weeks sleeping in the next room waiting for you to recover"

    Wiggum: "But you missed the wake-up, it's the only thing that counts"

    At school Skinner and Chalmers tells Marge they think Bart is dealing drugs, but Marge doesn't believe Bart has the math skills, but after eavesdropping a couple times, she starts to believe it. Wiggum, after the incident becomes very needy, which is a problem when Homer nad Wiggum need to work toghether against Fat Tony, but in the end their friendship was restored, and they used the police copter to make Flanders think he was going to be raped.

    Marge comfronts Bart and he tells her he won't be a druggo until he gets more allowance, and tell her mother about "Battleball". Marge starts to like it, and Bart throws everything to the toilet becuase of that. Great episode. Oh! No Lisa! Sorry, I mean, a one scene mute Lisa.moreless
  • My favorite episode of the season!!!!

    This is my favorite episode of the season because my two favorite characters are in the spot light: Homer ( He always is) and Cheif Wiggum. My favorite part of the episode was the beginning because all Homer did was sit there when everyone else had to do community service. And it was all because Hemer had some sand wiches that Wiggum liked. It is probably one of the best ones in a while. It is probably the best one of the season. Any way its my favorite episode so far. . . . . . . . . . .moreless
Julie Kavner

Julie Kavner

Marge Simpson, Patty Bouvier, and Selma Bouvier

Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, and others

Yeardley Smith

Yeardley Smith

Lisa Simpson

Hank Azaria

Hank Azaria

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Moe Szyslak, Chief Wiggum, Comic Book Guy, Lou, and others

Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer

Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Waylon Smithers, Kent Brockman, and others

Dan Castellaneta

Dan Castellaneta

Homer Simpson, Grampa Simpson, Barney Gumble, Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willie, and others

Jane Kaczmarek

Jane Kaczmarek

Judge Constance Harm

Recurring Role

Joe Mantegna

Joe Mantegna

Fat Tony

Recurring Role

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

Additional Voices

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Homer's Criminal Record as seen on the police computer:

      Cable Theft--Misdemeanor.
      Strangling a Minor--Felony.
      Public Nudity--Misdemeanor.
      Unlicensed Snowplow--Infraction.
      Impersonating an Otter--Misdemeanor.
      Expired Social Security number--Misdemeanor.
      Lifeguard Taunting--Misdemeanor.
      Barbecuing on Highway Median--Misdemeanor.
      Burning Man-Bra in Public--Misdemeanor.
      Drunk and Disorderly--Misdemeanor.

    • Music From this Episode
      "At Seventeen" by Janis Ian (The song Chief Wiggum arranges to be heard first in Fat Tony's CD changer)

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Chief Wiggum: Homer, you want to take out the police copter and hassle people with the spotlight?
      Homer: I know just the guy! (Later, over Ned's house in the copter) Flanders, wake up! Take off your clothes and prepared to be raptured.
      Flanders: (seeing only the bright light) Okily Dokily! (begins taking off his pajamas)
      Homer: Now shave off your mustache and drink the hairs in a cup of cocoa.
      Flanders: Hot cocoa?
      Homer: No, ice cold! (Laughs with Chief Wiggum)

    • (Bart flushes his Battle Ball toys down the toilet.)
      Bart: Come on, toilet. If you can handle Dad, you can handle this.

    • (Homer is sentenced to community service)
      Homer: I'll serve anything but the community!

  • NOTES (2)

    • Lisa only appears in the opening scene, and has no dialogue in this episode.

    • Show Title: Kang and Kodos in their saucer flying in the sky.
      Billboard Gag: Death and Taxes. Two things I avoid (with Mr. Burns pictured with an American flag in the background).
      Blackboard Gag: This counts as gym and art class.
      Couch Gag: The scene switches to a restaurant where food is served in the image of each family member. First, Homer as garden salad, Lisa as soup de jour, Marge as spaghetti and meatballs, Bart as rib eye steak, and when the bill is presented, Maggie as the after dinner mint. The next shot shows Comic Book Guy, whom after eating the entire dinner, drops a napkin with a faded image of the family on the couch. Apparently, not happy with his meal, he says "Terrible!"


    • Bakugan
      Bart's new Japanese fad, Battle Balls, is a parody of the popular Bakugan game that involves throwing little creatures onto cards.

    • Edward G. Robinson
      While Homer watches TV, he changes the channel from the Starsky and Hutch parody to a black and white movie with an actor styled after Edward G. Robinson. Chief Wiggum's voice and characteristics are based off of this classic actor.

    • Starsky and Hutch
      Homer watches a show on TV that parodies Starsky and Hutch. It features two cops rolling up in Starsky's signature red Ford Torino, and a character named "Silky" dressed in the style of the character "Huggy Bear" from the series.