The Simpsons

Season 12 Episode 20

Children of a Lesser Clod

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 13, 2001 on FOX

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  • good


    what i liked- homer's injury going over Ralph's hand, "Well, they would keep me company. And this pickle you're offering only sweetens the deal", Homer saying he will run the daycare "to see the look on your face" (ned is smiling). "That one." Homer spending all his time with the other kids and bart and lisa getting jealous, etc.

    good episode. homer kidnapping the kids near the end isn't really that entertaining and brings my score down a little, but as a whole it is a pretty nice episode with a fresh, new concept and a good execution of said concept. C+/B- or so as my final grade

  • Homer runs a daycare center.

    Homer injures himself while playing basketball at the YMCA, and needs surgery. While recovering at home, he finds he is good at caring for pets and at babysitting the Flandereses' children, so much so that he starts a daycare center which gets him nominated for a Good Guy award for service to the community. But Bart and Lisa feel neglected through all of this, and are determined to thwart his award campaign. Another epiode where you can not deny the hilarity. You gotta love the basketball scence, and the part with Homer's wound healing over Ralph's hand. This is certainly a great episode that deserves a watch.
  • Another job for Homer... Its getting boring if you just keep giving him jobs like this...

    The Simpsons take advantage of one-time-only free classes at the YMCA. While Marge learns self-defense, Homer plays in the "Over 35 Basketball League" and promptly blows out his knee. During surgery, Homer falls off the gurney and injures his back, leaving him unable to work. Bored and lonely, Homer opens a home daycare center to keep himself occupied. To everyone's surprise, "Uncle Homer's Daycare" is a huge success and earns him a nomination at the "Good Guy Awards". Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa become jealous of Homer's attention towards other kids. They decide to edit the award show with some of their home videos. When Homer is presented with his trophy, the sabotaged footage is revealed and exposes him as a "beer-drinking meanie".
  • homer gets another job (what's this now, 50?)

    this episode was hilarious especially the first act where they're playing basketball and homer hilariously injures himself and when homer tries to avoid paying dr hibbert by saying "look a bear!" and running away when he was in a wheelchair. his job as daycare man was a good plot with great scenes such as homer not realising the kids are jealous when bart says "what about us?" and homer replies "don't worry, you'll have kids of your own someday. then you'll know the joy i have." homer chasing bart down the street with a mace was teriffic too. i recommend watching this to all people who like the simpsons.
  • Bart and Lisa were cruel.

    Children of a Lesser Clod seemed to be a very good episode until Bart and Lisa went overboard. Homer spending his time with the children was great and the jealousy in Bart and Lisa was realistic. I also felt Homer was a bit selfish and uncaring for his kids but isnt that how daycare people are?

    ANyway, the part when Lisa and Bart show the real Homer was wrong. It wasn't funny or gross. It was terrible. Why cant those little brats accept their father's happiness? This is exactly what I said about the way Billy and Mandy humiliated Grim in 'The Grim SHow'.

    At least Homer was crazy to make up for the terrible part of the story. So overall, a not so good episode that you should avoid if you are in the characters shoes.
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