The Simpsons

Season 12 Episode 20

Children of a Lesser Clod

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 13, 2001 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When the basketball hoop smashes on Homers leg, if you watch it in slow-motion, nothing actually happens, the glass backboard just smashes.

    • When homer is putting the kids in the back of the paddy wagon, he puts Ralph in there too. But seconds later, Ralph is sitting on the passenger side.

    • When Bart and Lisa show the film of the real Homer, Homer lost Maggie to Moe in poker (I think). But Maggie still lives at the Simpson house.

    • When Homer goes on his morphine high and imagines himself flying to space to shoot a basketball, the moon originally says (from the captioning and lip sync): "Crater-riffic". However, the moon's voice said: "You go, Homer!"

    • At the end of the scene where Bart finds out that Homer gave Milhouse his jacket, one frame of the story was left unfinished. It will appear as a flash, but those with a freeze-frame can find that the frame is an original pen and paper drawing of the picture.

  • Quotes

    • Lugash: (To Lisa) How old are you?
      Lisa: Eight.
      Lugash: Eight?! Too old. Go home, grandma!

    • Lugash: I'm sorry, little girl. Lugash must go next door to anger management class… worthless anger management class! I HATE IT SO MUCH! I SPIT ON IT!

    • Homer: I'll call.
      Moe: Three nines.
      Homer: Oh, I almost had a straight.
      Moe: Come to new pappa! (rakes in Maggie)

    • Bart: Hey Homer, I thought you were only going to do this day care thing 'till your knee was better.
      Homer: Yes, but then I discovered the joys of raising children.
      Lisa: But what about us?
      Homer: Don't worry honey; you'll have children of your own some day. Then you'll know my joy.

    • Ned: So, did you boys have a good time?
      Rod: Yeah, Mr. Simpson was really funny.
      Todd: He told us how the world keeps screwing him over.

    • Flanders: Would you mind watching the kids? I'm kinda in a pickle here.
      Homer: Well, they would keep me company … and this pickle you're offering only sweetens the deal.

    • Homer: Ugh. Well, I can still hang out with you guys.
      Bart: Sorry, I've got a baseball game in fifteen minutes.
      Lisa: And I've got a rally for "Take Back the Afternoon".
      Grandpa: Heh, heh, heh, so the tables have turned! Now you're the shut-in, and I'm the hip young dude. (cracking noise comes from Abe's finger) Oops, there goes my wagging finger.

    • Hibbert: Oh, you're also responsible for this hefty hospital bill. You shouldn't have ordered all those hospital haircuts and porno films.
      Homer: But "Doctor Screwlittle" sounded like a delightful romp. Well, you don't have to worry about the bill; we've never welched on a … look, a bear! (pointing off screen) Run! (Homer gets up to run but his knee gives way, everyone - including the bear look at him disappointed).

    • Hibbert: Now, Homer, you'll have a full recovery from your spinal cord injury.
      Marge: What spinal cord injury?
      Hibbert: Oh, he fell off the gurney. But it will take plenty of time and rehab before you can go back to work.
      Homer: Miss work? But my life would be nothing without the nucleon plant.

    • Hibbert: We've got to get you into surgery.
      Homer: Maybe a little morphine would get me there quicker.
      (Hibbert sighs, gives him injection)

    • Hibbert: Now, how did this happen?
      Homer: Maybe a little morphine would refresh my memory? (Hibbert shrugs and gives Homer an injection) Oh, heh, I don't know, I'm still a little hazy … (Hibbert gives him another shot) … oooh, yeah! Now I remember it like it was yesterday …
      Hibbert: It happened today.
      Homer: Hey man, you're harshing my buzz.

    • Lenny: Air Lenny is taking off! (he jumps, falls short, and lands on Moe) That's a foul … I am taking the ball and going home.
      Moe: Hey, hey, that's not your ball.
      (Lenny starts to exit, Rainer Wolfcastle, pulls out a rifle and cocks it)
      Wolfcastle: The chase begins.

    • Wolfcastle: Oh, hello … I have purchased the Springfield YMCA. I plan to tear it down, and turn the land into a nature preserve, where I will hunt the deadliest game of all … man!

    • Krusty: (singing) I'm a nice guy, I'm a hell of a guy, and tonight we honor you! Stop the music! Stop it! One more line and we have to pay for the song!

    • Apu: Hello, I'd like to take advantage of your baby prison.
      Marge: Uuh, we're calling it daycare.
      Apu: Yes, whatever just take them.
      Homer: Oh, aren't they sweet. Any medical things I should know about?
      Apu: (running away) Yes, probably.

    • Rod: Can Mr. Simpson watch us every day?
      Ned: Oh, Roddy, he's not running a daycare center!
      Homer: Don't tell me what I'm not doing.
      Ned: So you are running a daycare center?
      Homer: Oh, you'd like that wouldn't you.
      Ned: Oh I sure would! It'd give the boys a place to go after school.
      Homer: Then I'll do it! Just to see the look on your face (Flanders smiles) …that's the one!

    • Homer: Marge isn't here, she had to identify a body at the morgue.
      Marge: That's not my Uncle Lou…and this man's not dead.
      Moleman: That's what I've been trying to tell you!

    • Homer: Two weeks, what am I supposed to do? Just sit on my ass and watch TV? That ain't my style, man.
      Dr. Hibbert: Now Homer, there are people right through that door that have it much worse than you!
      Homer: No they don't!

    • Homer: Okay guys, I've got a secret play I've been saving for the Olympics, or possibly the final four. And it goes something like this. (mumbled whispers) Skinner, I want you to block out Carl. Moe, you can take Professor Frink, Homer you take Groundskeeper Willie. No way am I taking Groundskeeper Willie. Yes you are, are you a team player or not?

    • YMCA Guy: Welcome to the Springfield YMCA. Tonight you can sample all our classes for free, and if you find one you like, you can pay the membership fee and enroll.
      (everybody laughs)
      YMCA Guy: Heh, I know…we'll never see any of you again.
      Homer: Got that right.

    • Homer: (in audience) Hey, what's the deal?
      Lisa: We just spliced in some home movies... what do you think?
      Homer: Well, I'd rather reserve judgment until I--Oh, my God!
      (On video)
      Homer: I'll mace you good!
      Bart: Aaaahhhh!
      Homer: (Watching the video) That is totally out of context!

    • Chinese Man: Come on Mr. Simpson, you need to be back at the Retirement Home.
      Grampa: Thank you Ping-Pong.
      Chinese Man: My name is Craig.
      Grampa: Suuure it is.

    • Lisa: Night will come soon.
      Bart: We've got to find a way to get back at dad.
      Lisa: Well, I've been cutting the felt kinda crooked.

    • (Ned Flanders sees Chris Rock in concert, thinking it was going to be a "Christian" Rock concert)
      Ned Flanders: Well sir, I've never heard a preacher use the MF word so many times!

    • Krusty: Now time for the best crowd pleaser award. You can walk all over these guys.

    • Homer (singing): If you're happy and you know it say a swear.
      Nelson: Boobs!
      Milhouse: Heiny!
      Ralph: Mitten!

    • Milhouse: Uh, I think we know your father a little better than you, Bart.

    • Lisa: So many times we've seen our father go under the knife.
      Marge: (looking at a card) One more, and I get a free hysterectomy.

    • Arnie Pie: He's trying to jump the fence, now he realizes he's too fat… He's climbed into a pipe and he seems to be stuck, his legs are dangling in a comical fashion, oh! It's the saddest thing I've ever seen!
      Kent: Arnie, Arnie, how are the children?
      Arnie Pie: I can't see through metal Kent!!!

    • Ralph: (Feeling Homer's wound) It's healing over my hand.
      Homer: It knows you're afraid.

    • Bill Cosby: Now, my good man, what do you like to play?
      Kid: Pokemon!
      Bill Cosby: Pokemon? Pokemon, with the pokey and the man and the thing where the guy comes out of the thing and they like to go (growling).

    • Carl: Go, Carl! Go, Carl! It's my birthday! It's my birthday! Three-peat! You got mail, baby!

  • Notes

    • Blackboard Joke: Today is not Mothra's day.
      Couch Gag: The Simpsons run in dressed as crash test dummies. When they sit on the couch, it speeds forward and runs into the TV and then moves back again. Then Homer's head falls off.

    • The alternate title to this episode is: The Kids Stay In The Picture.

  • Allusions

    • The Jetsons
      The Hanna-Barbera series, The Jetsons is referenced when George Jetson, who briefly appears when Homer, doped out on morphine, imagines himself jumping into space, slam dunks a basketball through a ring planet, and celebrates his achievement before George collides into his knee with his space car. Homer reacts by yelling at him by last name the same way as his boss Mr. Spacely.

    • The title is a parody of the 1986 Marlee Matlin film Children of a Lesser God.

    • The scene where Abe and Mr. Burns are playing basketball with an old-fashioned peach basket is very similar to one of the "Heritage" moments (Canadian commercials about Canadian history) with James Naismith teaching his students how to play basketball.

    • The scene of Ralph getting his hand sucked in by Homer's scabby knee is from two movies: one is the scene in The Matrix where Neo (Keanu Reeves) gets his arm sucked in a mercury mirror. The other reference is from the scene in the anime movie Akira where Akira's powers go berserk and his body ends up sucking his girlfriend inside.

    • Rainier Wolfcastle: ...where I will hunt the most dangerous game of all... man.

      "The Most Dangerous Game" is a short story by Richard Connell where men are hunted.

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