The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 20

Colonel Homer

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 1992 on FOX

Episode Recap

The Simpson family goes to the Springfield Googoplex to see a movie, but the kids and the parents cannot find a movie that they can all agree on. To settle their differences, Marge allows the kids to see one movie while she and Homer see another. Bart and Lisa go see "Space Mutants VI", while Homer's first choice, "Look Who's Oinking" is sold out. Marge then suggests "The Stockholm Affair," a political thriller. In their movie, Homer starts acting loud and obnoxious and even gives away the film's ending, leading him and Marge to get splattered in snack bar refreshments. But when Marge tells Homer that no one cares about what he thinks out loud, the crowd cheers for Marge and Homer is angry with her.

During the car ride home, Marge tries to apologize for what she had said before, but Homer will hear none of it. He drops Marge and the kids off at home and says he is leaving and does not know when he will be back. Homer goes off on a long drive into the night, and finally stops 100 miles out of town at a hillbilly tavern called the "Beer N' Brawl." Inside Homer has a "Fudd" beer while he listens to the attractive young waitress named Lurleen Lumpkin perform on stage. She sings a song that follows Homer's current state with every detail. After she is finished and ready to continue her shift, he then introduces himself to her.

The next morning, Homer finds himself humming her song at everything that he does. When he can't get her song out of his head, he drives to her mobile home and asks her for a copy. She tells him that all her songs are not on recording; they are in her mind. Homer insists that she come to a recording company to make a CD. Upon hearing her song, the clerk tells him his brother owns a radio station in Weevilville, and Homer grants him permission to play the song. Lurleen's songs have an incredible effect on people.

At home, Marge asks Homer about Lurleen; he claims that she is just a waitress who is budding into a music superstar. Marge does not approve of him seeing her, as she fears that one thing can lead to another. Homer sees Lurleen again, this time she wants him to be her manager. To fit with the theme, he buys a cowboy suit and wears it home. Marge is furious with him, asking if he is having an affair. He denies it, but then says whether she likes it or not, he is going to help Lurleen become a music celebrity.

The family is at a recording studio with Lurleen as she is prepared to record more of her songs. Her new single, a suggestive love metaphor called "Bagged Me a Homer," leads Marge to gnash her teeth in anger. Lurleen becomes a hit.

One night, Homer ends up getting her a gig on a country western series called "Ya-Hoo!" He suggests that she make up a new song for the show, but her new song she just made contains a hint which is not very subtle (asking Homer to sleep with her). Homer knows that would violate his martial vows and leaves.

At home, Marge tells Homer to please not forget the family when he goes out tonight, but Homer does not pay much attention. During her gig, Homer is approached by a business agent who asks to buy Lurleen's contact, but Homer refuses.

In Lurleen's dressing room, Homer ends up locked in an embrace with Lurleen, but then comments on how his love life (involving lots of slapping before he met Marge) is flashing before his eyes. Homer tells Lurleen that all he wanted to do was share her voice with the world, and he did it. He figures he must leave before he does something to lose his family. Homer again confronts the agent, and ends up selling Lurleen's contract for $50.

At home, a naked Marge watches the feeble "Ya-Hoo!" show when Homer enters the room. When Homer gets into bed, Marge hears through Lurleen's bluesy song about what Homer did and concludes it by saying she hopes Marge knows how lucky she is.
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