The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 20

Colonel Homer

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 1992 on FOX

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  • After another fight with Marge Homer gets in the car and drives hundreds of miles to a red neck bar. There he meets waitress (and aspiring singer) Lurleen Lumpkin. After listening to one of her songs Homer decides to start her music career.


    This episode is my favorite of the series. Lurleen's (Voiced by Bevery D'Angelo) song is hysterical and there are many laughs throughout. The scene of Homer's drive to Flaming Pete's is terrific. Homer provides the most laughs by being totally oblivious to Lurleen's sexual advances. The scene at the recording studio is one of the funniest moments in the entire series. The laughs make up for the fairly predictable ending (Who didn't think Homer would catch on and realize that Lurleen was trying to get him to leave Marge?). Any fan of The Simpsons should not miss this classic episode.

  • perfect


    what i liked- Lurleen Lumpkin's character as a whole, all the various comments Homer makes during the movie, and Marge yelling at him and people applauding her, "Marge, it takes two to lie. One to lie, and one to listen", Bart and Lisa seeing a scary movie, Homer and Marge making up with each other at the end, Lurleen singing that song about homer and marge at the end of the episode, amongst other things.

    good episode. i wonder why Matt Groening didn't write anymore episodes by himself? This was really spectacular, and who knows how to write a great episode of a show better than the creator of said show? A+ episode

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons homer dicovers a beatiful country singer after getting into a fight with marge and he starts to spend more time with her and it causes problems in the marige between homer and marge and she wonders if she is losing him to a younger women.after a huge success with the country star homer decides to go back home so his wife marge and his kids and it ends on a happy note this was a good ep ithought of the simpsons and it makes season 3 really good . its a good ep between marge and homer.
  • Yeehaw!

    Following a big fight with Marge after going to the movies, Homer wanders to a bar in the middle of nowhere and sees and becomes infatuated with a Southern cocktail waitress Lurleen who sings songs that Homer can't get out of his head. Homer becomes the girl's manager and as her country music career skyrockets, his marriage with Marge starts to crumble. At the end Homer must make a choice. This episode effectively brings the show back to the 70's, where cartoons were clean and wholesome with a strong focus on family values. The opening act with the family going to the movies is a firm homage to this theme.

    This is the only episode to be written by Simpson creator Matt Groening. While his jokes are funny and the plot is good, they are only really like this on a superficial level. There is no evidence behind his plot and jokes of any real structure or complexity which are heavily featured in episodes written by people such as Jon Vitti and certainly John Swartzwelder. I also think this is the precise reason why Harry Shearer has never won an Emmy for his vocal work on the show, his voices are entertaining and diverse yet don't contain any of the subtleties that Dan and Hank convey flawlessly, hence their 3 Emmys each. Groening's script is symptomatic of his original vision of having The Simpsons has a straightforward family comedy which has long since become obscured by the many writers who have amplified the shows zanyness and satirical nature until it almost contradicts family values. It's interesting to ponder; if Groening was to write an episode now, during the show's 20th year would his script follow his original vision or comply with the trend that has been embedded in the show. It's never really certain just who the audience is meant to side with; the first half sympathises with Homer while the second half sympathises with Marge. While this adds a nice look at the two sides of a spousal disagreement; other viewers may find this just confusing. This episode was directed by Simpsons directing maestro Mark Kirkland, Kirkland is quite a good director, despite his episodes not having the cinema quality of David Silverman, and uses nice designs and layouts but there are too many instances where you feel that he just isn't trying. But this lack of detail could be blamed on the extreme lack of technology at the early stages of the show. Some positive elements are the nice uses of bright and crazy colors (note the orange sky and pink clouds in the opening scene) and the suprisingly attractive drawing of Lurleen Lumpkin. Colonel Homer is a good episode, for a first - time writer Groening does an admirable job of arranging and pacing a script with a lack of depth being expected seeing as he has only has experience with writing comics couple this with the reliable work from Mark Kirkland as director and the always strong vocal performances from the key cast and you have a great half hour of The Simpsons.
  • For Matt's first writing job, I never really fell in love with this episode from the start.

    Homer and Marge have a fight after attending a boring movie and Homer drives off angry. As he drives, he pulls up to a honky-tonk bar called Beer 'N' Brawl where he meets an aspiring country music singer named Lurleen Lumpkin. Struck by her talent and her beauty, Homer becomes her manager, securing her gigs and a record deal while at the same time fraying his relationship with Marge. Even though it's clear that Lurleen is falling in love with Homer, he resists her come-ons and signs away Lurleen's contract to another manager in order to be a better husband to Marge.
  • One of my personal favorites

    this episode is One of my personal favorites. I've loved it ever since I was a little kid. It has great music even if you don't like country music you'll still love this episode. One of the best episodes from the whole series, it may not be filled with as many laughs as the others but it sure does keep you entertained for a half hour. But the ending leaves you to wonder, what would have happened if homer would have stayed colonel homer but it also makes you happy to be with the one you love. As Lauren said it, stand by your mangier
  • Homer and Marge's marraige is in trouble again.

    The family goes to the movies. Homer and Marge see A Stockholm Affair, while Bart and Lisa watch a horror movie. Homer gives away the ending, embarrassing Marge. Marge tells Homer to shut-up, embarrassing Homer. After dropping Marge and the kids of at home, Homer drives to a country western bar where he listens to a waitress, Lurleen, sing a lonesome love song. Several days later, Homer goes back to the bar. Homer and Lurleen go to the mall to record a song. The song gets on the radio and Homer becomes Lurleen's manager. Homer spends more time with Lurleen than Marge, and Marge is jealous. Lurleen attracted to Homer asks him to spend the night. He doesn't and he goes home where he and Marge watch tv and see Lurleen sing about how lucky Marge is.
  • Homer becomes a country music manager.

    After having a fight with Marge, Homer leaves and drives away. He winds up in a Beer N Brawl where he meets a singer named Lurleen Lumpkin. Homer is impressed with her talents and has her record a song. Lurleen Lumpkin's song becomes a huge hit and instant sensation. Homer is asked to become her manager and accepts. Homer spends time with Lurleen Lumpkin, helping her country music career and just spending time in general. Soon, Lurleen Lumpkin is in love with Homer. When she tries to make her move, Homer confesses he is still madly in love with Marge and would never leave Marge. A great example of making an episode where Homer and Marge fight.
  • homer's unawareness of lurleen's obvious interest in him still cracks me up

    this episode differs from some of the other possible cheating episodes because homer doesn't want to have the affair where in most other episodes that's the problem. homer being a country singer manger would be laughable if you hadn't seen the episode because it's not very believable but the simpson writers somehow managed to make it believable with a few terrific jokes along the way including homer holding his breath in the cartrip out of town and moe's disappointment that homer went to another bar. homer ruining the movie at the start was also hilarious as was the TV appearances with the "alphabetical order" names. this isn't one of my favourite episodes but it is one of the better ones.