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Hello and welcome to this special early Monday edition of News Briefs! We missed telling you about lots of little bits and pieces of news that came out over the last four days while we were away at Comic-Con, so here they are now. Enjoy!


... Homer and his fam are really getting around these days. A few days after Fox announced that Family Guy would visit The Simpsons in their hometown of Springfield, The Simpsons executive producer Al Jean opened up the show's world again with news of a Simpsons/Futurama crossover that's currently in the works. The episode posits the question of "Would you go back in time to kill Hitler?" with Bender being sent back to the past to murder Bart because something Bart does screws up the future. The episode is scheduled for either The Simpsons' Season 25 finale or Season 26 premiere. [EW]


... But that's not the only weird crossover coming our way! Disney Channel's Phineas and Ferb are headed to a galaxy far, far away. In a special one-hour episode, Phineas and Ferb will head over to Luke Skywalker's hometown of Tatooine when plans to blow up the Death Star end up in their hands. Over on the Death Star, Darth Enshmirtz develops a Sith-inator and turns Ferb into an evil Sith. Yeah, we could complain about George Lucas's sale of the Star Wars franchise to Disney, but when things like this happen, it feels okay. [Disney via press release]

... PBS has ordered a second season of Mr. Selfridge, starring Mr. Self Righteous Jeremy Piven as the American business man who founded the Selfridge's chain of stores in Jolly England. Look for it in 2014. [PBS via press release]

... The CW might be spinning off Supernatural with a new yet-to-be-revealed character at its juicy center. It's way early in the process, but the idea would be to drop a backdoor pilot into Episode 20. Why don't they just revive the Trickster and give him his own show instead? [TV Line]

... The Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman has another project in development at NBC. The network is eying his Skybound Publications comic Clone as a potential series, officially making clones a new TV trend in the wake of BBC America's hot hot hot Orphan Black. As much as I'd like to spend the rest of this blurb talking about how awesome Orphan Black is, I guess I should probably tell you what Clone is about: Clones! Specifically, a man wakes up to discover that various copies of himself have inserted themselves into his life. [THR]

... Fox has delayed the premiere of Glee a week, from September 19 to September 26, in the wake of star Cory Monteith's death. [Fox via press release]


... Cobie Smulders will appear in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as agent Maria Hill, reprising her role from the blockbuster film The Avengers. It's unclear how many episodes she'll be in, what with her commitment to How I Met Your Mother, but she'll at least show up in the pilot. [TV Guide]

... Felicia Day will be returning to Supernatural in Season 9 as her geeky character Charlie. I also almost ran into her while I was exiting an elevator at Comic-Con and then I froze because oh my god Felicia Day! She just looked at me weird. And she was wearing crazy silver shoes. [TV Guide]

... Your host of AMC's post-Breaking-Bad talk show is... Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick, of course. Because Chris Hardwick does everything! [AMC via press release]

... Stephen Collins, the dad guy on 7th Heaven, has been cast in Revolution as Rachel's father and Charlie's grandfather. [TV Guide]

... Fox cartoon guest voices, ready? Family Guy will bring on Peter Dinklage, Liam Neeson, Ashton Kutcher, Conan O'Brien, Bryan Cranston, Jeff Daniels, Jon Cryer, and Adam Levine! American Dad will welcome Alison Brie, Ellie Kemper, Zooey Deschanel, Stanley Tucci, Mariah Carey, Mae Whitman, T.J. Miller, and Olivia Wilde. [EW / Zap2It]

... In case you missed my Person of Interest Comic-Con panel coverage, Amy Acker (she plays crazy hacker Root) has been promoted to series regular. [TV.com]

... Michael Jai White and Kevin Alejandro will be joining the cast of Arrow next season. White will play Ben Turner, better known to comic fans as Bronze Tiger, an assassin who partners up with China White. Alejandro boards as Sebastian Blood, a politician who rises to power after things got all shaky in the Season 1 finale. And hey here's a Season 2 trailer, too! [Warner Bros. TV via press release]

... The Carrie Diaries has found its Samantha Jones. Newcomer Lindsey Gort will play the younger version of Kim Catrall's promiscuous cougar, who Carrie will meet "through  a surprising connection" and who has something to do with rock ’n’ roll. [Warner Bros. TV via press release] 

... ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is adding a big bad guy in Jafar, the villain from Aladdin, and Lost's Naveen Andrews (Sayid!) will play him. Alice from Alice in Wonderland fighting the bad guy from Aladdin, okay sure, why not? [TV Guide]

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