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... The Simpsons is busy finishing up its ambitious Lego episode—which is scheduled to air May 4—and the show's official Twitter feed has released a first look at Lego Marge. And if you want to know/see more, TVGuide has an extended interview with the men behind the episode and a small pic of the entire Lego-ized family. In "Brick Like Me," which has been in the works for over two years—twice the normal production time for a typical Simpsons episode—Homer is forced to choose between an idyllic Lego world and his own world. This is going to be a cool one, folks. [Simpsons Twitter]


... NBC has announced a premiere date—Monday, May 19 at 10pm—for The Maya Rudolph Show, its upcoming variety-show special that will serve as a showcase for former Saturday Night Live and Up All Night star Maya Rudolph. Among Rudolph's guests will be Kristen Bell, Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen, Sean Hayes, Chris Parnell, Craig Robinson, and Janelle Monae. Among her viewers will be like nine people. [NBC via press release]

... If you are so excited for Fox's upcoming 24: Live Another Day miniseries that you'd be willing to stay in on a Saturday night and watch a 30-minute behind-the-scenes special it, then I have really, really great news for you. Fox will air 24: Live Another Day: Jack Is Back on Saturday, May 3 at 8:30pm. It'll serve as a timely primer for the event series, which debuts the following Monday, May 5 with a two-hour premiere. [Fox via press release]

... NBC still thinks there's life in web series and has announced an online video initiative with a couple familiar brands as headliners. The biggest project would be Heroes Reborn: Digital Series, which will launch in conjunction with and serve as a prequel to the network's questionable reboot of Tim Kring's superhero seriesSaturday Night Line (note the "N") will profile the superfans who wait outside 30 Rock in the standby line to get into live tapings of Saturday Night Live. Also en route are two original projects: Tesla and Twain, a comedy about the friendship between Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla in modern-day Los Angeles, and Last Single Girl, about a woman who remains single while all her friends are getting married. No premiere dates have been announced, but the content will appear on NBC.com, Hulu, and on-demand. [NBC via press release]

... True Detective has snagged the title of HBO's most-watched freshman series, now that delayed viewing numbers have bumped it up to an average audience of 11.9 million viewers per episode. That beats Six Feet Under's 11.4 million viewers per episode, but can we really count that this since Six Feet Under aired during a time when DVRs were just dreams in the minds of electronics engineers? [Deadline Hollywood]


... Stephen Colbert will get a good look at his future digs when he drops by Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday, April 22. Last week, Colbert was named the future host of the program, set to take over when David Letterman retires in 2015. Hopefully Letterman will show Colbert how to work the tricky lock on the door, where the nearest good Thai place is, and how to fix the toilet when it runs. [CBS via press release]

... Country superduperstar Brad Paisley will make a visit to Two and a Half Men in the show's Season 11 finale, where he'll star opposite his real-life wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley. There's no word yet on what role Brad will play, but Kimberly plays Alan's new love interest, and a big moment is expected to happen between the two in the finale, which is scheduled to air May 8. [TVGuide


... Congratulations to Game of Thrones! The HBO drama has broken the piracy record for simultaneous sharing, with more than 193,000 people trying to steal the program at the same time. Great work, Game of Thrones! [Torrent Freak]

... The Crystal Cruises cruise line is starting a Game of Thrones tour in England and Ireland, where guests can visit several of the show's filming locations. A cruise would also be a great place to hold a wedding! What could go wrong? [PNJ.com]


... Who cares if Breaking Bad ended last year? Let's continue to reap the wisdom of its creator Vince Gilligan through in-depth interviews like this one, where he talks about alternate endings, Better Call Saul, and more. [EW]

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