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... If you're like me, then you cry every time you catch The Simpsons during late-night syndication because it's always an episode from the vastly inferior later seasons. But that's about to change. Ever since we learned that FXX acquired the cable rights to the entire The Simpsons catalog, we've been dying to know when we could watch "Lisa the Vegetarian" and sing, "You don't win friends with sa-lad, you don't win friends with sa-lad." Now we know! Starting August 21, FXX will marathon the series' entire run, all 552 episodes, 24 hours a day for 12 straight days. And on Sundays, it will air themed mini-marathons. [FXX via press release]

... But the COOLEST surprise to come out of this FXX-The Simpsons deal is Simpsons World, which isn't an entire theme park based on The Simpsons but the next best thing. It's a website featuring access to every episode ever, as well as a nifty search engine that will help users find clips easily, whether they be jokes based on keywords (i.e. "bent wookie") or character-specific events ("Marge gets a new job"). You will spend the rest of your life playing with this. Simpsons World is due to launch in October. [FXX via press release]


... FX has said NOPE to How & Why, the comedy pilot written by script mastermind Charlie Kaufman (Adaptation). The project starred John Hawkes as the host of a science show who gets replaced by a younger host, leading him to start a new show in a small town, and given it was helmed by Kaufman, it was probably brilliant. Michael Cera, Sally Hawkins, and Catherine Keener also starred. The show is being paraded around to other networks, with IFC a potential home. [THR]


... OMgee! It's a picture of The Walking Dead meant to promote the fifth season of The Walking Dead! Really, it's a Comic-Con poster, and it shows the gang handcuffed together while they wait in an empty train car at Terminus to be the next course at the county BBQ. 


... Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Theo Huxtable) will guest-star in the final season of Sons of Anarchy because EVERYONE is guest-starring in the final season of Sons of Anarchy, it seems. Warner joins Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love on the cast roster and will appear in at least two episodes as a member of the Grim Bastards and righthand man to T.O. Cross. [THR]

... President of the United States Barack Obama might be stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live this Wednesday during his trip to Los Angeles. Or maybe he's not. Nobody seems to know! [Yes: TMZ / No: Variety]

... Bernadette Peters (The Jerk) will guest-star on Bravo's upcoming dramedy Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, starring Lisa Edelstein as a self-help author who could use a little help with herself! Peters will play the mother of Janeane Garofalo's character, Lyla. [Bravo via press release]

... Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey will host the Teen Choice Awards, airing on August 10 at 8pm on Fox. Congratulations, Tyler! Bring an empty suitcase for all the surfboard trophies and ladies' underwear that get thrown your way. [Fox via press release]

... Fox's upcoming animated comedy Bordertown, about a border agent living on the U.S.-Mexico border next to some Mexican immigrants, has found its lead. Hank Azaria, who already makes a billion dollars a year for providing the voices of Moe, Apu, and others on The Simpsons, will voice Bordertown's lead character, a lazy 'Merican who's jealous of his neighbor's success. [Fox via press release]


... FX renewed Louie and Fargo because FX isn't run by dummies. 

... FX boss John Landgraf talked about all things FX, covering the network's cool philosophy and what to expect from American Horror Story: Freak Show

... Need details on Sleepy Hollow Season 2? HERE

... One of Fox's higher-ups talked about wanting more Bones and 24 and answered that nagging "Why you cancel Hieroglyph?" question. (Answer: It sucked.) 

... Need some details on Gotham? Creator Bruno Heller has some for ya.

... Review time! Lily has thoughts on Sunday's True Blood, in which Jessica broke my heart. 

... MaryAnn reviewed Falling Skies, which sounded like a total downer.

... My review of The Strain's second episode is full of a lot of whining about how boring it was! Sorry! 

... The Leftovers just completed the all-important 4-Episode Test™; did it pass? 

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