The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 5

Dancin' Homer

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 1990 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Homer turns into a big hit with the local baseball team and their fans, when he becomes the team mascot.

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  • Great but sort boring at times

    I'll start off with a note. This episode has a directing debut of Kirkland, who had directed more Simpsons episodes than any other (He's the directing equivalent to Swartwelder). This episode is actually a story told by Homer on how he become a mascot. Homer's zipper up on the jumbo vision, Burns poorly throwing the ball (Bart and Homer heckle him about it), "the hitter's off his rocker, kissing Betty Crocker," the end of act 1 ("Will you shut up?! I'm trying to think of a name!"), "I'm gonna miss split brother gag, humorous moments. Homer performing a dance that makes the baseball player performing a homerun was cool to see. I liked the scene with the Simpsons arriving at Capital City especially with this cool jazz song, sung by Tony Bennett. This is definitely more interesting than SAD (the second episode of this season) and it's on par with TCIEGATEOEF. Only flaw I had in this episode were Bleeding Gum Murphy singing the national anthem so slowly. This was the only time I was bored in this episode because BGM drags it too long to the point everyone expect Lisa were tired of it. It was a bit boring at times as well. Overall, this was a superb episode of the Simpsons.

    Score: 9/10moreless
  • Good.

    The episode begins at Moe's bar where Homer is badgered by Moe and Barney to tell the story of his adventure in Capital City, Homer reluctantly agrees. His story begins with himself and his family, as they attend a Springfield Isotopes baseball game, as part of the nuclear power plant's employee appreciation night. They arrive to the ballpark in a charter bus driven by Otto. At the game Homer and the rest of the family are enjoying themselves and having a good time, when to Homer's dismay Mr. Burns sits right next to him in the stands. Surprisingly though, Homer and Mr. Burns strike it off and have a great time together at the game. In the bottom of the ninth, even with the winning run stepping to the plate for the Isotopes the crowd is clearly not into the game. Homer, unhappy about the crowd's lack of enthusiasm for their hometown team, steps out in front of his section in an effort to rally the crowd into a cheering frenzy. As "Baby Elephant Walk" plays in the background, Homer does a crazy little dance and as the crowd starts to wake up and cheer, the batter at the plate hits a walk-off home-run to win the game. In the parking lot after the game everyone crowds around Homer applauding him. Antoine "Tex" O'Hara, the owner of the Isotopes approaches Homer and asks him if he would like to be the full-time mascot for the Isotopes. Homer accepts and while he tries to decide what his mascot name should be, someone from the bus calls out and refers to him as Dancin' Homer, and the name sticks.

    Overall, an okay episode

    7.5 out of 10moreless
  • fair

    what i liked- Bleeding Gums Murphy taking forever to sing the Star-Spangled Banner, the end to act one with the guy calling homer 'dancin homer' and homer telling him to shut up so he could think of a name, the ending, etc.

    meh, never cared too much for this one. it has some good moments but it is pretty boring by s2 standards, i think so at least. C+/B- or so as my final grademoreless
  • a good ep

    home and the family go to the base ball game and root for there team homer starts to dance at the baseball game and the teams starts winning and homer and everyone in the crowd is cheering due the fact he got the team to so he gets hired to dance at the games but its gets old and the team loses one and homer is all done for dancing homer it was a ok ep it was decent but there is still alot better ones in season two . and they got pretty creative with this one homer meating the famouse screwball mascot .moreless
  • Not the best.

    Homer tell the boys at moes about his time in the cityadn narrates what happens.Homer dances at a baseball game the team owner sees it and he gets a job dancing as a mascot. Soon he becomes very popular and is offered a job at capitol city so the simpsons go there and see how much bigger it is. Homer dances after the capitol city mascot and the fans boo him ,so realizes he isn't cut out for the big city. He quits and they go back to Sprinfield.

    It isn't close to the best of season 2. This episode got old. 7.5moreless
Dan Castellaneta

Dan Castellaneta

Homer Simpson, Grampa Simpson, Barney Gumble, Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willie, and others

Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer

Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Waylon Smithers, Kent Brockman, and others

Julie Kavner

Julie Kavner

Marge Simpson, Patty Bouvier, and Selma Bouvier

Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, and others

Yeardley Smith

Yeardley Smith

Lisa Simpson

Ken Levine

Ken Levine

Dan Horde

Guest Star

Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett


Guest Star

Tom Poston

Tom Poston

Capital City Goofball

Guest Star

Hank Azaria

Hank Azaria

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Moe Szyslak, Chief Wiggum, Comic Book Guy, Lou, and others

Recurring Role

Pamela Hayden

Pamela Hayden

Milhouse Van Houten, Rod Flanders, Jimbo Jones, and others

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • When Mr. Burns reads from the card of family names, 'expecting' is in the place of Maggie's name. However, in the season one episode "There's No Disgrace Like Home," the card that Mr. Burns reads from at the family outing correctly has the name of the baby as Maggie.

    • Capital City has restaurants named "The Penny Loafer" (shaped like a penny loafer), and The "Original Frenchies".

    • Signs on the outfield wall at Springfield War Memorial Stadium include: "Royal Majesty-Clothing For the Obese or gangley Gentleman", Moe's tavern-Hit This Sign and Win a Free Well Drink", "Girdles 'N Such-Fancy Lingerie", "The Sprinfield Mall", and "The Jerky Hut".

    • Sign seen at Springfield Stadium:
      $pringfield $avings
      Safe From

    • During the Capital City montage, the Army Reserve is honored by a statue of a soldier holding a briefcase and a rifle with the caption, "To the Brave Men of the Army Reserve."

    • Goof: During the end of the Capital City montage, Marge's dress turns from green to red and her necklace turns from red to white.

    • Bleeding Gums Murphy's rendition of the National Anthem before the baseball game on power plant employee appreciation night is 26 minutes long. The digital clock behind him changes from 7:30 to 7:56. The moon can even be seen shifting in the sky during the song.

    • One of the signs along the outfield wall at the Springfield Stadium is an ad for Royal Majesty. Royal Majesty is the name of the clothing store that Homer's assistant, Carl, took him to for his new suit fittings in episode 2-2, "Simpson and Delilah."

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Homer: As my son would say, I'm one sad ape-like dude.

    • Homer: I have to convince my supervisor to give me a leave of absence.
      Supervisor: Sure! How long would you like, four years? Five years!

    • Man: Get on the bus, Dancin' Homer!
      Homer: Will you shut up, I'm trying to think of a name!

    • Homer: D'oh, Marge, sitting next to the boss! The best night of the year and it's ruined!
      Marge: All this means is you can't wave your fanny around in public.
      Homer: Oh, yeah, rub it in!

    • Employee: You're an inspiration to all of us in waste management, sir.
      Mr. Burns: Well, take your mind off contaminants for one night and have a hot dog!

    • (At Springfield Stadium, Mr. Burns and Smithers make their way to their seats.)
      Mr. Burns: Ah, sitting with the employees. I guess this proves I'm their friend. You did get me something on an aisle, Smithers. I don't want to be surrounded by them.

    • (Lyrics to the song "Capital City," as sung over the end credits.)
      Tony Bennett: There's a swingin' town I know called Capital City.
      People stop and scream hello in Capital City.
      It's the kind of place that makes a bum feel like a king.
      And it makes a king feel like some nutty cuckoo, super king.
      It's against the law to frown in Capital City.
      You'll caper like a stupid clown when you chance to see 4th street and "D." Yeah!
      Once you get a whiff of it you'll never want to roam,
      From Capital City my home, sweet swingin' home.

    • (Homer gives a farewell speech to the fans at Springfield Stadium)
      Homer: Some may say that I have been given a bad break in life; little education, bald as a cue ball, ten years on the same job for the same salary. But today, as I leave for Capital City, I consider myself the luckiest mascot on the face of the earth.

    • (Marge notices the Dancin' Homer t-shirts being sold at the ball park.)
      Marge: A Simpson on a t-shirt. I never thought I'd see the day.

    • (The Simpson family make their way to their seats at Springfield Stadium.)
      Lisa: I can't think of a better place to spend a balmy summer's night than the old ball yard. There's just the green grass of the outfield, the crushed brick of the infield, and the white chalk lines that divide the man from the little boy.
      Homer: (Chuckles) Lisa, honey. You're forgetting the beer. It comes in 72-ounce tubs here.
      Marge: I hope you'll space out the tubs this year, Homer.
      Homer: What are you getting at?
      Marge: Well, last year you got a little rambunctious and mooned the poor umpire.
      Homer: Marge, this ticket doesn't just give me a seat. It also gives me the right--no, the duty--to make a complete ass of myself.
      Marge: Mmmph.

    • (Bart and Milhouse say goodbye, as Bart is headed off to Capital City.)
      Milhouse: I don't know, Bart. I mean, I'm gonna miss you and all, but--
      Bart: Come on, Milhouse. This way we'll be friends forever.
      Milhouse: Well…okay.
      (Bart and Milhouse spit on each other's hands and shake.)
      Bart and Milhouse: (In unison) Eeeew!
      Bart: I'm gonna miss you, spit brother.
      Milhouse: I'm gonna miss you, spit brother.

    • (At Moe's, Homer reaches the point in his story in which he has to decide to move to Captial City.)
      Homer: This was the biggest decision the Simpsons ever faced. I should have listened to the kids instead of my big, dumb wife. Oh, I shouldn't have called her that. Bite my tongue, bite my tongue--Oww!

    • (At Springfield Stadium, as Dancin' Homer, Homer tries to psyche out a player from the opposing baseball team.)
      Homer: Oooh! Boogie-boogie-boogie-boogie-boogie! Oooh! Boogie-boogie-boogie-boogie-boogie!
      Player: Hey, knock that off, or I'll stick this bat where the sun don't shine!
      Homer: Oh, yeah? And where might that be?
      (Off camera, the player shows Homer where.)
      Homer: (Frightened) Oh!

    • (Homer and Mr. Burns sit next to each other during the company outing at Springfield Stadium.)
      Mr. Burns: (Taunting) The hitter's off his rocker, kissing Betty Crocker!
      Homer: (Laughs) Good one, sir.
      Mr. Burns: Oh, well, I used to rile the late, great Connie Mack with that one at old Shibe Park.
      Homer: (Taunting) Little baby batter can't control his bladder!
      Mr. Burns: Mmm, crude, but, uh, I like it. Uh, what do you say we freshen up our little drinkie-poos?
      Homer: Don't mind if I do.

    • (At Springfield Stadium, the entire crowd laughs as Mr. Burns weakly throws out the first pitch.)
      Homer: Hey, Burns! Hey, rag arm!
      Bart: You throw like my sister, man!
      Lisa: Yeah, you throw like me!

    • (Before the baseball game at Springfield Stadium, the Simpson family watches the players warm-up.)
      Bart: Oh, wow! There's Flash Baylor! I gotta get his autograph! He used to be a star!
      (Bart makes his way to the outfield fence.)
      Bart: Hey, Flash, will you sign my ball?
      Flash Baylor: (Flatly) No.
      (A disappointed Bart returns back to his seat.)
      Bart: (Muttering) Lousy, washed-up, broken down tub of guts. Who does he think he is, anyway?
      Homer: What's the matter, boy?
      Bart: He wouldn't sign my ball.
      Marge: (Upset) Well, he's a fine role model. Bart, give me that ball!
      (Marge makes her way to the outfield fence.)
      Outfielder: Hey, Flash, check out the mature quail headin' this way.
      Flash Baylor: Well, hey there, little lady. What can Flash do for ya?
      (Cut to Marge returning back to her seat and handing Bart's ball back to him.)
      Marge: Here you go, Bart.
      Bart: Hmm. (Reading baseball) "Springfield Kozy Kort Motel, room 26. How 'bout it? Flash."
      Homer: Wow! Flash Baylor came onto my wife! You've still got the magic, Marge.

    • (At Moe's, the guys try to get Homer to tell his story about moving to Capital City.)
      Barney: So, Homer, what happened in Capital City?
      Homer: Oh, Barney.
      Moe: Come on, Homer. We're dyin' of curiosity.
      Homer: Look, there's only one thing worse than being a loser. It's being one of those guys who sits in a bar telling the story of how he became a loser. And I never want that to happen to me!
      Barney: Please, Homer?
      Moe: Yeah, come on, Homer.
      Homer: Well, okay. It all started on Nuclear Plant Employee, Spouses and No More Than Three Children Night, down at Springfield Stadium…

    • (Mr. Burns greets the Simpson family on Nuclear Power Plant Family Night at Springfield Stadium.)
      Smithers: (Whispering) It's the Simpsons, sir
      Mr. Burns: Ah, well, if it isn't the Simps!
      Homer: Uh, it-it's Simpsons, sir.
      Mr. Burns: Huh?
      (Smithers hands Mr. Burns an index card with the Simpson family information.)
      Mr. Burns: Oh, uh, oh, yes. Homer and Marge Simpson. Oh, and these must be Bart, Lisa, and, uh, "Expecting."
      Smithers: Uh, the card needs to be updated, sir.
      (Mr. Burns stammers in frustration)
      Homer: Well, uh, that's okay. Th-the baby's name isn't important. Let's go, Marge.

    • (Homer meets the Capital City Goofball for the first time.)
      Homer: (Gasps) Oh, my God! I don't believe it! It's really you! The Capital City Goofball!
      Capital City Goofball: Hello, Dancin' Homer. Glad to have you aboard. If there's anything I can do for you, just squeeze the wheeze.
      (The Capital City Goofball honks as he squeezes his large nose.)

  • NOTES (5)


    • The Phillie Phanatic
      The Capitol City Goofball is a spoof of this Philadelphia Phillies mascot.

    • Baseball Broadcaster: The Isotopes win a game! The Isotopes win a game!
      This is a reference to the famous "The Shot Heard 'Round The World" radio call of the deciding game of the 1951 National League Pennant Playoff series between the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants. The line was cried out by Giants broadcaster Russ Hodges, after Bobby Thomson's walk-off home run.

    • New York, New York
      The "Capital City" song by Tony Bennett, is a bit of a parody of the Frank Sinatra song, "New York, New York."

    • Homer: But today, as I leave for Capital City, I consider myself the luckiest mascot on the face of the earth.
      Homer's farewell speech pays homage to Lou Gehrig's famous farewell speech at Yankee Stadium on July 4th, 1939. Lou Gehrig had been diagnosed with ALS or, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and was forced to retire from professional baseball.