The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 5

Dancin' Homer

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 1990 on FOX

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  • Save for Tony Bennett singing a "New York, New York" parody, nothing too special here. Mr. Burns steals the show in the first act. I did like the brutal failure of Homer in Capital City: sort of showcases the sardonic nature of the show.

    Tom Poston was in this one as the Goofball mascot. Actually I liked his performance. It was understated just like it was supposed to be.

    The show has done several successful baseball episodes over the years but I'd have to say that this one is my least favorite. The plot is fairly predictable albeit sad in that Homer ultimately crashes and burns.

    The story within a story (Homer telling the guys at Moe's how it all happened) did nothing for me. Seems like they put that in there to add time to the show.

    So not really anything special. I felt it was light on laughs too. But not a bad episode by any means. The plot is solid and it works.
  • fair


    what i liked- Bleeding Gums Murphy taking forever to sing the Star-Spangled Banner, the end to act one with the guy calling homer 'dancin homer' and homer telling him to shut up so he could think of a name, the ending, etc.

    meh, never cared too much for this one. it has some good moments but it is pretty boring by s2 standards, i think so at least. C+/B- or so as my final grade

  • Nothing Special really.

    I wasn't mega impressed by this episode, not many laughs and the storyline was somewhat erm what's the word? Ah Predictable, the seeing of Homer coming to be a famous person in a little place and reaching his peak. And then going down to be a little person in a famous place and get dropped down to the person who sits around a bar and tells his friends (who surprisingly want to hear his story again... I didn't!) how he was once a star. The crash and burn of Homer was a storyline that typifies Homer's luck... all none of it!
  • Dancin' Homer

    This is my favourite episode of Season 2. It is entertaining and funny and it is real enjoyable to watch. I have this episode on my Season 2 box set. I liked all the episodes of Season 2 but this one was the best. As I said above it is real entertaining.
  • It's a weird and not very memorable, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I feel like this episode is underrated, judging by how much people hated it

    This is one of those episodes that as a kid I watched and found myself never really caring about it or even remembering it. Looking back at it now, it's not hard to see why. This episode is extremely boring. The first act has some weird moments like Otto driving the nuclear power plant bus, Homer happily telling Marge he's going to make a complete ass of himself, or this weirdly drawn family that kind of remind of Wendell whose dad sounds just like Carl. There are some fun moments though like Burns outdated card, Marge's attempt to get a baseball signature for Bart, Burns' weak throw and everyone mocking him, and Bleeding Gums Murphy's long national anthem song (incidentally, Murphy sounds completely different here then he does in his other episodes). And it's kind of cute to see Homer, Bart, and Lisa just sitting down and enjoying the game and not doing something insane. The biggest gripe I have with this act is the part with Burns befriending Homer. I can buy Burns sitting next to Homer only to make himself look like a better boss, and maybe they have some small talk, but I really can't see Burns happily drinking beer with Homer and becoming bros with him over baseball. Also, the "Homer and Burns become friends" part is totally forgotten when Burns hates Homer's dancing and bans him from all company outings (I can't remember if we ever saw the Simpsons at another company outing or not though), and that's the last we see of Burns. Also, the second act has a weird moment where opens up pretty early in the day, but then Homer tells them to hurry up or they'll miss the baseball game and now it's night.

    So, the 'Dancin Homer' thing is, the biggest problem with this episode for me is that I don't personally find of Homer's antics as 'Dancin 'Homer to be funny or charming at all. The only joke that I liked about it was the t-shirt with his face on it. I guess that's supposed to be the joke, that 'Dancin Homer' is this stupid and idiotic thing that could only ever be popular in a small town like Springfield and couldn't work anywhere else, but I don't think the joke translates very well as the whole basis for an episode. I'm not sure why Capital City would want Dancin Homer in the first place either. Then there's a horrible scene where at Moe's, Homer says he should have listened to his kids and calls Marge "my big dumb wife". What an ugly thing for Homer to say, especially since Marge was nothing but supportive of his mascot career, and it makes Homer look like a dick. But then there's really surprising moment where Lisa says she doesn't to leave Springfield and that it's her home, and that Capital City is "too big" for the Simpsons, which really shocked me, I guess because I'm too used to how Lisa is now, where she seemingly doesn't care about Springfield and will casually try to abandon it and her family to go live with hipsters or Elon Musk, or some other nonsense. I don't really buy Marge instantly agreeing to go to Capital City and suddenly the kids' opinions completely change, feels too cheap and easy. But then we get one of the most shocking scenes in the entire series-Homer informs his supervisor he'll be taking a leave of absence as he's found a new job and is moving. Wait, what?!! Homer gets a new job and is telling his bosses about it and that he won't be able to show up to work anymore?!! show am I watching here?! Actually, it gets weird, as they seriously play up that the Simpsons are leaving forever and are saying goodbye to their friends and family. Although Lisa tells a bunch of classmates that maybe if they knew each other, her leaving might mean something to them, so I guess we're seeing the start of the whole "Lisa has no friends" part of her character. And then there's some weird scene where Homer says goodbye in a field in black and white that I don't understand at all. I assume it's a reference to something.

    I really like the Capital City montage, it actually does give a feeling that Capital City is a completely different place then Springfield. Although there's a weird moment where Tony Bennett comes out of nowhere and Marge goes "Hey, it's Tony Bennett!", which I think is one of the first times they had a celebrity show up and they didn't play a character or a parody of themselves, instead they just play themselves. Also at the end, Marge's dress and pearls suddenly switch to the colors of Lisa's outfit. At least the song was really great. There's a moment where Bart is silent as Homer goes to the stadium, which the narration points out, but I think the writers didn't realize it until later and just added the narration afterward to explain it. We get introduced to the Capital City Goofball, who Homer makes a big deal about, but I only remember him making cameo appearances in like one or two more episodes. This is also the only time I can remember him actually speaking and having lines in an episode, probably because he was voiced by a special guest star. So after Homer bombs, his family gives him more support and they just leave to go home. But why doesn't Homer go back to being a mascot in Springfield? I guess he must be really hurt after bombing so badly? Also, it looks like they were serious about living Springfield, so wouldn't they have sold their home when they left? Oh, and there's also some brief cutaways to Homer telling the story to everyone at Moe's and giving narration during certain scenes. It's alright, but it feels like it was just there to pad things out and give the episode a kind of happy ending, especially the lip-syncing is pretty awful during these scenes. Speaking of which, there's also some weird animation moments, like them re-using the same shot of Homer complaining about Burns twice, or that moment where show the same shot of the crowd over and over again when Homer spells out Springfield, but other than that, I think it was pretty good. And for some reason, the episode has a lot of night shots and scenes in general where the lighting is just very dark. I guess it's kind of cool to see them doing something different, but I think they kind of overdid it, and with lines like Homer saying that this is the first time people are laughing with him and not at him, it helps give this episode a strangely depressing and somber tone at times
  • I didn't really like this episodes storyline, but I still thought that the episode was great.

    The family attends a Springfield Isatopes game, and Homer gets drunk and dances for the team. He becomes an offical mascot for the team, boosting attendance and the team's play. But when Homer attempts to crack the big time - the big city ballpark of Capital City - he strikes out. Yet he finds to his suprise that the experience has benefited him after all since his friends now consider him intresting. The whole episode turned out to be a flash back sequence in which Homer was at Moe's telling his story. This episode was prouble my least favorite episode of Season 2.
  • Homer tells a great story!

    Homers tells his fellow barflies on how he became a star in the world of sports mascots and then it just dissapeared.

    The ending was quite similar to Bart's "I didn't do it!" episode. In the end the audience stopped laughing or they weren't entertained.

    I wasn't so much laughing in this episode as I was fascinated by the story - Which is quite amazing! Normally the plot takes a back seat to the laughs and I find myself entertained.

    When there is more plot and less laughs its usually for me a weaker episode - but this is an exception.

    Top episode!
  • The music was good!

    Dancin' Homer is about Homer becoming a mascot for the Springfield team, and everyone loves him which is great, until they move to Capitol City. The song was so cool. I've never heard of it before but now I love it. It was great for it to be in a Simpson's episode. And it was catchy too. Even if it ended so surprisingly it was a good episode. Homer dancing was funny, and that Springfield dance was halirious too. Pretty good story. Homer had some good lines in this. It wasn't as funny as a I thought, but this is pretty good.
  • Great but sort boring at times

    I'll start off with a note. This episode has a directing debut of Kirkland, who had directed more Simpsons episodes than any other (He's the directing equivalent to Swartwelder). This episode is actually a story told by Homer on how he become a mascot. Homer's zipper up on the jumbo vision, Burns poorly throwing the ball (Bart and Homer heckle him about it), "the hitter's off his rocker, kissing Betty Crocker," the end of act 1 ("Will you shut up?! I'm trying to think of a name!"), "I'm gonna miss split brother gag, humorous moments. Homer performing a dance that makes the baseball player performing a homerun was cool to see. I liked the scene with the Simpsons arriving at Capital City especially with this cool jazz song, sung by Tony Bennett. This is definitely more interesting than SAD (the second episode of this season) and it's on par with TCIEGATEOEF. Only flaw I had in this episode were Bleeding Gum Murphy singing the national anthem so slowly. This was the only time I was bored in this episode because BGM drags it too long to the point everyone expect Lisa were tired of it. It was a bit boring at times as well. Overall, this was a superb episode of the Simpsons.

    Score: 9/10
  • a good ep

    home and the family go to the base ball game and root for there team homer starts to dance at the baseball game and the teams starts winning and homer and everyone in the crowd is cheering due the fact he got the team to so he gets hired to dance at the games but its gets old and the team loses one and homer is all done for dancing homer it was a ok ep it was decent but there is still alot better ones in season two . and they got pretty creative with this one homer meating the famouse screwball mascot .
  • dancin homer

    this was another great episode of season 2 sure it was not the best but is was not that bad so dont listen to most of those reviews this was a great episode and it is worth watching.

    the episode starts off when homer its next to mr.burns during a baseball gbame and during that game he gets so drunk he starts dancing and so the team makes him the maskciot of the baseball team and the motre homer dances more games the team wins until homer is promoted to capital city mascot but will he beable to step up to a new plate
  • One of season 2's better episodes.

    While at Moe's Homer tells the story about what happened to him in Capital City. One night at a Springfield Isotopes baseball game, Homer started dancing to pump up the crowed. The Isotopes went on to win the game, and Homer got a job as the team's mascot. Soon, Homer got bumped up to be a part-time mascot at Capital City, up along side the "Greatest Mascot There Is", according to Homer, the Capital City Goof Ball. Homer becomes an absolute flop in Capital City and gets fired.

    I thought Dancin' Homer was a great episode. Sub-consciously probably because I'm obsessed with baseball, but still, this was an entertaining episode that any Simpsons fan would respect.
  • Quite unlike many other episodes of The Simpson

    As always, The Simpsons made me laugh, and this episode wasn't any diffrent. Homer becomes a mascot for Capital City, and it was so funny with jokes like the baseball that Bar wanted signed, and stuff like Mr. Burns throwing the pitch. That was funny, because Mr. Burns couldn't even get it over the plate, but the episode was diffrent because I don't think I've really seen a show or episode that shows a Mascot rising, then failing and how difficult it can be for them. The job is awesome, but atleast Homer went back to his usual self. Aslo jokes like the "expecting" baby thing for Maggie was so funny.

    The Simpsons didn't disappoint in this episode!
  • this is funny

    i like this episode a lot because homer tells moe and carl and lenny and all the other drunken bums in moes tavern of the time where he was the springfield mascot. then he got to capitol city and they hated homer for some reason. he went back home to go to moes which is where it started in the first place. i think its clever how the creators did that to create the illusion that homer is telling his story up to that point.
  • the second flashback episode (the first was the telltale head)

    this episode was not the greatest simpson episode but it did have a good plot. homer becomes a mascot for the local baseball team and gets more and more popular until the springfield isotopes lose and he gets moved to capitol city, an even greater honour, alongside the capitol city gooofball. unfortunately, things don't go well from there and the simpsons move back to springfield where homer is telling the barflys at moes just how messed up his life is. this is only the second job homer has been introduced as having in the series, not including the nuclear power plant or the jobs he had before the series began shown in later flashbacks in the series. the other job was in the first episode where homer worked as a department store santa
  • Maybe I just need to watch this episode again, but it was not one of my favorites...

    Homer recounts his brush with fame to his friends at Moes Tavern. The story unfolds. The family attends the baseball gathering held by the Nuclear Power Plant. Burns, of all people, sits next to Homer. To Homer's surprise, Burns buy's Homer a few drinks. Soon, Homer is drunk. With the Isotopes down by three runs, Homer excites the crowd with an impromptu dance and rallies the team to victory. The Isotopes manager gets Homer a job as the team mascot. He accepts, and leads the team on a winning streak. Homer is soon offered a job with the Capital City Capitals. The Simpsons sell everything and move to the big city. On his first night as team mascot, his small-town routine flops before the big city crowd and he is fired. Homer is happy because the folks at Moes were not interested in his failure, but hearing his adventures.
  • Good.


    The episode begins at Moe's bar where Homer is badgered by Moe and Barney to tell the story of his adventure in Capital City, Homer reluctantly agrees. His story begins with himself and his family, as they attend a Springfield Isotopes baseball game, as part of the nuclear power plant's employee appreciation night. They arrive to the ballpark in a charter bus driven by Otto. At the game Homer and the rest of the family are enjoying themselves and having a good time, when to Homer's dismay Mr. Burns sits right next to him in the stands. Surprisingly though, Homer and Mr. Burns strike it off and have a great time together at the game. In the bottom of the ninth, even with the winning run stepping to the plate for the Isotopes the crowd is clearly not into the game. Homer, unhappy about the crowd's lack of enthusiasm for their hometown team, steps out in front of his section in an effort to rally the crowd into a cheering frenzy. As "Baby Elephant Walk" plays in the background, Homer does a crazy little dance and as the crowd starts to wake up and cheer, the batter at the plate hits a walk-off home-run to win the game. In the parking lot after the game everyone crowds around Homer applauding him. Antoine "Tex" O'Hara, the owner of the Isotopes approaches Homer and asks him if he would like to be the full-time mascot for the Isotopes. Homer accepts and while he tries to decide what his mascot name should be, someone from the bus calls out and refers to him as Dancin' Homer, and the name sticks.

    Overall, an okay episode

    7.5 out of 10

  • Not the best.

    Homer tell the boys at moes about his time in the cityadn narrates what happens.Homer dances at a baseball game the team owner sees it and he gets a job dancing as a mascot. Soon he becomes very popular and is offered a job at capitol city so the simpsons go there and see how much bigger it is. Homer dances after the capitol city mascot and the fans boo him ,so realizes he isn't cut out for the big city. He quits and they go back to Sprinfield.

    It isn't close to the best of season 2. This episode got old. 7.5