The Simpsons

Season 24 Episode 22

Dangers on a Train

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 19, 2013 on FOX

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  • one of the greatest cartoon

    The Simpsons is by far one of the greatest cartoons ever created within the last 20 years and it continues to exceed by producing quality episodes and amazing gags. In my first ever review, i review the seasons.

    Season 1 (7.5) - This season does not really have any memorable episodes, but it is a great way to start off a great series.

    Season 2 (8.0) - An improvement from season 1, this season starts to show what the Simpsons is capable of.

    Season 3 (8.5) - A massive improvement from Seasons 1 & 2. This is when the humour picks up and when the characters start to develop.

    Season 4 (9.0) This is a great season and includes great episodes such as Marge and the Monorail.

    Season 5 (9.5) This is the Simpsons in there peak, characters are perfect, the storylines are good, the gags are at there best and it also is my personal favourite season.

    Season 6 (9.0) I do like this season, however i prefer season 5. It has great episodes however. I don't like how they made fun of us Australians in 'Bart vs Australia' however.

    Season 7 (8.5) Bill Oakley and did achieve what there aim was, to include emotional episodes and focus on the family. This would be explored even further in Season 8.

    Season 8 (8.0) I covered this in Season 7 review, but this season has some episodes that are somewhat mediocre.

    Season 9 (8.5) Season 9 was a good season, the humour does pick up again.

    Season 10 (8.5) I personally don't understand why people say this is the start of the decline. Ok, i admit this season did have some mediocre episodes, but it was still overall good, way better then the newer seasons!

    Season 11 (7.5) Oh Yes, the season with the wacky homer plots and heavy gags. I can see why people don't like S11.

    Season 12 (8.0) It's an improvement from last season, the only episode I didn't like was Homer Vs Dignity.

    Season 13 (7.5) Ok, this is when they decline. Mediocre takes over in this season.

    Season 14 (8.0) Much better then Season 13, I really like Moe Baby Blues and there are over good episodes.

    Season 15 (8.0) Same as Season 14, it had some good episodes.

    Season 16 (8.5) For some reason i really like this season, i like Mommie Beerest and Mobile Homer. the only episode i didn't like was The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star, boring...

    Season 17 (7.5) The decline comes back again. But it's really half-half and it does contain some really creative episodes such as The Seemingly Never-Ending Story and We're on the Road to D'ohwhere.

    Season 18 (7.5) Same as Season 17, it's really is up to your taste of episodes in this season.

    Season 19 (6.5) Don't get me started on this season! Not only did it contain the episode that destroyed the simpsons back story 'That 90's Show' but the rest were mediocre at best. I mean Ralph for President! The only decent episode was Eternal 'Moonshine of the Simpson Mind'.

    Season 20 (7.0) I think the HD transformation really did reboot the series again and there is some nice emotional story lines in Season 20. Although, if your a old Simpsons fan, it's probably not for you.

    Season 21 (7.0) This season is mediocre but I do like 'The Bob Next Door'.

    Season 22 (7.0) Season 22 was Mediocre as well, I HATE! 'Elementary School Musical'. But, I think this is when they should of stopped.

    Season 23 (7.0) Season 23's only good episodes were 'How I wet your Mother' and 'Holidays of Future Passed' which they can easily be compared to earlier seasons.

    Season 24 (3.5) HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!! Don't even attempt to watch this!
  • marty8

    Loved it
  • The twenty-fourth season ends with Marge mistakenly registering with a swingers website and making a new acquaintance.

    There have been better season finale episodes, but "Dangers on a Train" was actually pretty good. What helped make this episode a good one is the scenes where Marge and Ben watching "Upton Rectory". "The Simpsons" talent for parody is still very strong after twenty-four seasons. It almost made me want to watch "Downton Abbey". The flashback sequences are another high point of this episode. The guest appearances of Seth McFarlane and Lisa Lampenelli are yet another reason to catch this episode. A good way to wrap up the season. See you at season twenty-five.