The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 14

Das Bus

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 1998 on FOX

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  • Lords of the fries

    This is an interesting episode and by that mean that you as you are watching it you are not bored, but at the same time you are not enjoying it very much. At least, I did not. First of all, I have a problem with details and I know it is stupid because the Simpsons are just animations that are not trying to take themselves very seriously. For example, the bus jumps off of a bridge, dunks in the water and then floats to a small very tropical island! How? I know we don't know where exactly Springfield is located, but come on! It is just too wild.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show the school bus is going on a fieldtrip thing is the school bus crashes and it goes into the water and the kids are stranded on a island and they have to build a place to live and make rules and have people in power and in this ep homer takes on bill gates but he gets crushed like a bug in this one and also the kids start to go at each other think someone ate the food during the night and they suspect it was one of them but thing was it was animal that ate the food. this was a good ep
  • Das Bus

    The kids of Springfield Elementary become stranded on an island and try to survive. Homer starts a computer business and is "bought out" by Bill Gates- who really just destroys the Simpsons' home with his thugs.

    The children try to find food, and a big fight makes everyone against Bart, Lisa and Milhouse, who literally have to run for their lives. But in the end, they find food- a wild boar they kill and eat.

    In the end, the children are rescued.. by oh let's say, Moe.

    A good episode, the ending is bad but funny at the same time. Grade: A+
  • the students get trapped on a island and homer starts a useless business

    the Springfield elementary school students go on a trip for a model U . N . club and get stuck on an island . they think that Milhouse stole the only food they had and it soon ends up to be a parody of Lord of the Flies . but it turns out that a boar ( as referred to as ' the monster ' ) stole it. meanwhile , homer realizes that every one is making money off the internet , so he starts an internet , uhh , something that would help people. but then Bill Gates buys him out and starts destroying his office.
  • Great parody episode

    Das Bus is my favorite parody episode of The Simpsons. It parodies Lord of the Flies a book i've recently read and a very famous one. It parodies it well in that people who are familiar with Lord of the Flies will get the references and others will enjoy it as well. The Simpsons parody episodes are mostly like this such as Cape Feare which is a great episode although I haven't seen the film Cape Fear. Unfortunately 24 Minutes wasn't like this and as someone who doesn't watch 24 I saw it as a weak episode.

    The episode is very enjoyable and fun to watch but the sub plot was poor and should have been removed to allow more in the main plot. I like how the characters fit in to the Lord of the Flies plot and it really worked well. But it could have been better and the sub plot drags it down to a 9.
  • The Kids are going on a trip for the model U.N. club but on the way Otto is blinded by a grapefruit and crashes the bus. The kids swim to an island trapped and left to their own devices.

    What to say about this episode .... Well it has some of my all time favorite Simpsons ever! Like Ralph "GO BANANA!" and also The design is great of Bart's fantasy of a perfect island life. Other favorite moments are the kids "Kill the dorks, bash their butts" And Lisa's "Run a-way" great. Also has one of my favorite endings of all time James Earl Jones was great. "And they were rescued by oh, Lets say Moe" A lost before there was Lost and it was interesting seeing the kids on their own. One of my top 3 episodes ever awesome!
  • One of the craziest but yet funniest plots in the whole show!!!

    The children of Springfield Elementary School get stranded on a desert island on the way to a Model United Nations session. Trapped on the island with no grown-ups, the children form their own Lord of the Flies-style civilization. Meanwhile, back in Springfield, Homer starts up his own Internet company called CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet, which he sells to Bill Gates. On the island, civilization begins to break down when it appears that Milhouse has eaten their rations. During a show trial, Milhouse claims that a monster ate the food, but no one believes him. Eventually, it is revealed that a monster, actually a wild boar, did in fact eat all the food. The children, still starving, realize there's only one thing to do: kill the boar and eat it. In the end, an omniscient narrator explains that the children eventually got off the island, perhaps thanks to Moe.
  • led zeppelin rules !

    the episode has two plots: the main plot and a sub -plot

    main plot : lisa starts a model un club in the school . on a field trip with other model un clubs , otto gets grapefruit in his eyes and crashes the bus . otto lands in a chinese slave ship while the kids are deserted in an island !

    subplot : homer starts his own internet company .

    review : this was a great epsiode . the reason i gave it a 9.6 is because it wasn't the best in the season but the second best . a high quality epsiode indeed .
  • Otto chrashed the bus.

    Das Bus

    When Otto drove the bus, the bus braked. He had to drive Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Nelson, Martin, and Rod and Todd. But then CHRASH! The bus brake and Otto can't ride the bus. Now he has to ride an airplane. Otto had to buy a new bus and it costs a lot of money. Watching it will chrash the school bus. If they had to walk, then they will take a long long time. No other people like me wants to watch this episode. Fun for all ages but the kids might laugh when the bus chrashed. Silly!
  • My Favorite Simpsons Episode, and also based on one of my favorite books.

    In a classic retelling of the novel, The Lord Of The Flies, The Simpsons writers show everything their brains can do. A very well paced story with one of the best first acts in any episode ever. It sets up the story very effectively and is incredibly funny. The whole sequence at the model UN is super funny as well. I love the story line to begin with and this episode takes the old story of being marooned on an island and still finds a way to make it fresh, and funny. It also contains some of the series' best lines: Nelson is punching Milhouse, who is suspected of eating all the food. He finishes wailing on him and pauses and says, "Prosecution rests" Great. Also Bart's line ,"Point of odor, Lisa smells." Man, all of them are funny. All in all this episode is great for many reasons, and will forever be considered one of the best of the entire show.
  • It was fun to watch the kids on their own...

    This episode is a classic. The writers have an amazing imagination. The first scene with the UN Club is so funny. So Sherri and Terri are Trenidad and Tobago??? Hilarious!!! Then Bart explaining about his country, making up the whole thing. I love Bart... Lisa as always, political and correct.
    When they´re on the bus, it couldn´t get funnier, the fruits race is just what could come out of children´s imagination.
    The whole thing in the island is great. Bart imagining the place with the trained monkeys and the perfect tree house is something only Bart could think.
    You just can´t laugh enough with this episode.
  • Milhouse causes a crash of the bus to get into the water off a bridge, then the kids of springfield get into a "Lord of the Flies" storyline. At that time, Homer tries to start a home/internet business.

    Milhouse is put as the character that everyone hates(not much of a difference from springfield though). His actions were crashing the bus and accused of eating all the food. Which was later comfirmed that he stole two sanwhiches and a bag of doritos. Also as Homer meets will Bill Gates. The producers just added to Gates as being an evil computer nerd at the time which was pretty good. Though I just wonder how they landed so far away from shore since they went off a bridge and it didn't seem they were in the bus when it was in the water for long. Yet it is quite funny how the kids end up killing a boar, and Lisa just eats slime. The last part when the narrator says "Lets say Moe saved them." could only be funnier if he said, "Lets say God saved them."
  • Das Bus (otto crashes the bus for the umpteenth time)

    having crashed the bus on several occasions (the otto show, homerpalooza, etc.), otto crashes the bus over the water, for once not his fault but milhouse's grapefruit racing. this episode is great, both the main and b story. the main story, the kids of springfield trapped on an island paroding the book lord of the flies (which i was forced to read for english BORING) was hilarious with a variation on the chant and an alternate ending where the kids actually get along. the B story of homer's Internet King was hilaious aswell with bill gates "buying him out" by destroying homer's desk. a classic episode.
  • Dumb with a capital "D" which rhymes with "T" which stands for "Trouble", which is a song this summary parodies. Also, the show was in trouble the moment this garbage aired.

    This episode was mildly amusing until the bus landed into the water. The stuff on the island was absolutely dreadful. This episode would have bombed if it wasn't for the subplot with Homer starting his own internet company. Having Bill Gates destroy his office was very funny. The only light spot in this trash.
  • Not the best episode ever, but I like it alot.

    This episode is so-so on plot (ripping off, up I mean doing a parody of) Lord of the Flies but it has some of the funniest moments. I love when they've got face paint on & Ralph looks like Peter Criss from KISS. Also, my favorite Simpsons line is in this episode: "I'm so hungry, I could eat at Arby's." Brilliant!!
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