The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 6

Dead Putting Society

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 1990 on FOX

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  • Bart and neighbor, Todd Flanders, are forced by their fathers, to compete against each other in a putt-putt golf tournament.

    Ned Flanders gets his first major role as well as his late wife and Rod debuted in this episode. My first impressions with the sounds like it should be a perfect episode. The amusing scenes in DPS were "your wife's butt is higher than my wife's butt!", Homer reading Ned's letter (the kids laugh at it and Marge secretly laugh about it), Maggie riding on the windmill, Homer failing to reach the ape's opening-and-closing mouth, Homer naming the putter Charlene, Homer and Ned arguing with their bet, "New flash, Lisa, Bart is not a horse, eat your steak, boy," and Homer and Ned in their wives' dress. Other great parts are Lisa helping Bart at mini golf, and Bart and Todd giving a draw. I wasn't bothered and bored with the episode, so it's what I expected to be: a flawless episode.

    Score: 10/10
  • Perfect


    The episode begins with a grumbling Homer mowing the grass in the front yard, when neighbor Ned Flanders walks up to the fence to chat. Homer yells for Marge to get him a beer, and she pops her head out the front door to say that they are all out. Flanders overhears and invites Homer down to the rumpus room in his basement for a cold one. Down in the basement, Homer is in awe of Ned's rumpus room, it has a full bar, pool table, foosball table, dartboard and more. While Homer drinks a beer from Ned's tap, Maude comes down and offers up club sandwiches and Todd comes down to thank Ned for helping him with his science project. When Maude and Todd come down to see Ned, Homer observes the fact that they all have a very affectionate and loving relationship with Ned, and Homer doesn't like it. When Todd leaves to go back upstairs Homer blows up at Ned, claiming that he is showing off to Homer with his fancy rumpus room, his draft beer, Maude and her sandwiches, and Todd's science project. More or less Homer thinks that Ned is rubbing it in that Ned's family is better than his own. Ned doesn't understand what Homer is talking about but is offended and gruffly asks him to leave

    overall a 10 out of 10

  • the simpsons vs flanders the whole way

    this was a clasic ep for season two it was bart vs todd in a competition for who will regin supream in the contest of golf. so homer wants bart to beat him because he see hows flanders kid is so good and homer wants bart to practice on the wholes and he gets him training and alot of funny things happen and then the boys start to become friends becasue they dont see why this really matters its gold cometion and its turns into a instant classic like i said it was and one of the best of season 2 has to offer.
  • the end alone makes it a great one

    homer wants bart to beat Ned Flanders' son in mini golf. The loser has to cut the winners' grass wearing their wives' clothes. Homer trains Bart very hard because of course, he wants Bart to win. In the end though, Bart and Todd call it a tie because neither really wants victory. This means that both homer and ned have to cut each others' grass in their wives' clothing, and to the shock of horror, Ned enjoys wearing his wife's clothing.

    definitely a hilarious episode which keeps you guessing as to who will win. Overall grade, without a doubt- A+
  • The Simpsons vs. the Flanders.

    Homer hates his neighbor Ned Flanders and thinks he is rubbing things in his face so he bets He bets the fruit of hsi loins (Bart) can beat the fruit of his loins (todd) any day in the event of mini-golf and father of the son who doesn't win has to mow the their lawn in a dress. Lisa shows bart how to beat the course through geometry. She trains his mind and soul to make him good. Homer teaches him ti hate Todd. Bart and Todd are tied with one hole left the pressure is to much for the boys and call it a draw. Both Ned and Homer mow their lawns in dresses.

    It was a great episode. 8.7
  • What a Simpons episode! Wow definately one of the better ones in the season

    When Homer runs into Ned Flanders and his son Todd at a mini-putt golf course, Homer is convinced that Bart is better at the game than Todd is, and well, Ned thinks otherwise. The two parents sign their children up for the annual golf tournament. Homer doesn't pay attention to how good Bart is at the game, so Lisa researches and gives him some pointers. Ned and Homer's bet becomes more challenging when they agree that the father of the child that doesn't win will have to mow the other's lawn in their wives Sunday dress. At the tournament, Todd and Bart are equal on the last hole and decide that they will both forfeit. Both children win, and both fathers must mow each others lawn in a dress.
  • "Dead Putting Society" is definitely one of Season 2's best.

    Homer thinks that Flander's thinks he's better than him, so he challenges Flander's to a Putt-Putt game; but it's Todd and Bart playing and not the two adults. Homer and Lisa help Bart through rigorous training getting ready for the day, but when Bart gets on the final hole with Todd dead-locked in a tie, the two decide they're equally good and declare a draw.

    "Dead Putting Society" is a fantastic episode. It's an episode about a lesser known "sport" and it's fun to watch. It's ust another reason why Season 2 is one of my favorite seasons of The Simpsons.
  • Dead Putting Society

    This is another great episode. It shows a rivally between The Simpsons and the Flandereses as Homer calls them lol. There children Bart and Todd play mini golf to win a bet that had been made between Homer and Ned but the kids decide to draw and at the end they both wear dresses.
  • flanders vs the simpsons

    in this episode, homer's hatred of the flanderses is heightened in this episode as the rivalry between Homer and Ned (ned usually unwillingly) continues. homer passes this hatred down to his son bart as the mini golf tournament nears ever closer. the laughs were non-stop in this episode including flanders' note that the whole family laughs at to bart's interpretation of the one hand clapping riddle aswell as the bet and ned's fear of using 'loser' in the writing of the bet. homer's quote of 'this is the only time i'll ever say this: it is not okay to lose!' is hilarious aswell. this was one of the best so far and involved all of the simpsons family, although to a lesser extent marge and maggie. let the flanders/simpsons rivalry reign forever more!
  • An episode about Homer and Ned golfing and Lisa using her Zen philosophy to teach Bart how to golf

    In this episode we got to see more of Ned and the Flanders family and got to know their personalities and how they are so different from the Simpsons. I liked all of the references, even the title of the episode is a reference. I also thought that Lisa teaching Bart to golf using her Zen showed a lot about Lisa
  • I believe this might be one of the first episodes in the series where we really see a lot of Ned Flanders and his family. And they really did a fine job with this one. Also, in this episode, Homer is a bigger jerkass than we've seen him yet.

    Note the scenes in which Homer goes INSANE with Bart: he commands him to stare at a picture of his enemy, Todd Flanders, for hours every day. Names his putter Charlene. Take your first look at the infamous "jerkass Homer." This might be one of the first times we see Homer act like a total jerk. But here it works. Overdone though it is, it pushes home the story's theme of pressure to perform in competitions. The scene in Bart's bedroom with Homer and Bart is a classic.

    Also important to note in this episode is how Flanders is really developed. Homer goes into his basement, which is fantastic, and eats perfect sandwiches Maude makes. It's all stuff we would see again many times over the course of the series. The Simpsons/Flanders rivalry, one of the key points of the series, is established. And so the scene down in Ned's basement is another classic scene.

    Besides those two things, the rest of the episode is just okay I guess. For some reason, I wasn't a huge fan of the scenes on the mini golf course. Although the writers and animators did a good job of establishing tension there, I felt the cheesy British commentator was overdone and annoying.

    Lisa's using Zen to teach Bart golf was important to the further development of Lisa's character, but wasn't that funny. Although I did like the scene in the library where all the old people knew Lisa by name.

    As for the bet, and Homer and Flanders having to wear their wives Sunday dresses to mow the lawn: I thought it was mildly amusing but it felt cliched. They could have done something a little more original there I think.

    Hey, this was a good one. At this point in the 2nd season, the show was making huge leaps and bounds. The animation looks great and the show is starting to speed up its pace. And there are more pop culture references than ever before.