The Simpsons

Season 5 Episode 15

Deep Space Homer

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1994 on FOX

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  • this was a really good ep

    this was a good ep of the simpsons show in this ep the space station want to send a avarage man into space and they recruit homer and barney as astrounts and then homer and barney start to do alot of tests and homer is the man they choose at the end of the training period and then homer goes up into space with the volager aplo 11 vetrain buzz aldrin. homer and the others are up in space but homer causes things to go wrong like open a bag of chips and stuff and ants start to go lose and stuff and then homer saves the day and they sussfuly land . this was a good ep
  • One of the best eps.

    Back in the day, the episodes were good. This is an example of that. But sadly, the show has been declining. They just didn't know when to pull out. The show peaked during the late 90s, but since 2000 it has been on a downhill slope getting worse with every season. The plots are dull and don't seem to go anywhere filled with awful jokes.

    The jokes themselves are no longer original, but rather just follow the formula of older jokes and are written poorly. The voicework is still good, its just annoying seeing the same old jokes over and over. Homer is fat, Bart is dumb, Moe suicidal etc. Nothing is original anymore. And the wit is no longer there either.

    The show was good in its prime, but it has taken a huge fall. The movie coming out doesn't help anything.
  • Despite being a little on the wacky side, it's still one of the series' many classics.

    "Deep Space Homer" is an episode that I've repeatedly seen pop on on many fans' Top 10 lists. While I personally don't think it even makes the Top 20 or even 30, it's still a great episode, featuring some of the best guest performances I've seen in the series. The first act of this episode pokes fun at the sad truth that nobody really gives a damn about space launches anymore, by featuring Homer complain to NASA via phone that he's sick of having to sit through their boring coverage. The NASA leaders get an idea, by sticking ordinary schmoes (in the case, Homer and Barney) on a voyage into space, accompanied by actual qualified astronauts.

    Then follows a series of training courses, followed by the voyage itself. Things go haywire when Homer releases a bag of patato ships, causing a case of ants to escape and clog the ship's instruments. The gang gets in a fight, featuring Homer using an inanimate carbon rod as a saber (which won "Worker of the Week" at SNPP), which he accidentally uses to lock the hatch tight. While Buzz Aldrin declares Homer the mission's savior when they arrive back on Earth, the media gives the carbon rod the credit for saving the mission.

    "Stupid carbon rod. It's all just a popularity contest!"

    Probably the main problem with this episode is some over-the-top wackiness for The Simpsons. "2001 Space Odyssey" is parodied numerous times in this episode alone, and while some of them, like Homer devouring the suspended potato chips in space, are absolutely hilarious (probably the funniest part of the entire episode), other moments, like the ending with the Homer fetus encapsulated in space, are pretty idiotic. Still, the good far outweighs the bad.
  • Wacky is the one word that can describe this episode, but then again most of these stroylines are, and that's what makes them great!!!

    Homer and Barney are recruited to be NASA astronauts, so the organization will be more appealing to the common man. It looks like Barney will actually be the one shot into space, but when he falls off the wagon, Homer goes instead. In the space capsule, Homer causes all forms of accidents and conflicts with other astronauts like Buzz Aldrin, until he actually endangers the lives of everyone by breaking the handle off of an outer door. The only thing that can save the day is a heroic inanimate carbon rod. Guest Stars: Buzz Aldrin as himself; James Taylor as himself
  • Homer goes to space, a Simpsons first.

    What can be better than Homer going to space, because he was out-beat by a useless carbon rod. I'm surprised he survived the basic training of being an astronaut, be he did win by default, the two sweetest words in the English language. I'm also amazed that Barney was sober for Act 2, a rare occurance.
  • a very good episode

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  • Homer Simpson is put against Barney Gumble in a contest and the winner will be on a trip into space to attempt to boost NASA's ratings. While up there they experience difficulty (caused by Homer) and they are saved by an inanimate carbon rod (which takes

    This episode was an instant classic when it first aired. Whenever I discuss the Simpsons with someone, this is one of those episodes that just about everyone has seen. It is an episode that makes one laugh and it is full of original and hilarious gags. It also contains a lot of allusions from space oriented movies and television shows. Furthermore, this episode is referenced in future ones for its importance. Homer being put into outer space is a major event in the show's history, and it also gained Homer Simpson a lot of respect throughout the rest of the series.
  • Deep Space Home is totally alsome!

    So here's the spot Homer was to tired to go to space so Homer and Barney joins in NASA. Inside of the NASA lab. thay have a spinning turning wheel when Homer was so scare that he was dizzy! Although 3 astronoutes are explore the outer space (like Apollo 13 for take off to outer space). Ahh memories when Homer was flying inside the space ship and he eat some potato chips flying around them (like a classic music "The Blue Danlube" which was the 1968 film "2001, A Space Odyssey") Finally after Bart is throwing a pencil there's a final tribube that you ever seen (You know in 2001 movie in the final part, there was a circle with a baby on it). It was a baby Homer from outer space! That's totally funny! Watch the episode and you'll gotta love it! D'oh!
  • Pure Genius.

    OK So the plot is slightly crazy but thats why this is a cartoon and not real.OK.(Sorry but my friends find this episode funny but stupid plot)Now that is out of the way I can continue. OK this is my favorite episode from this series because it has Laugh out Loud moments throughout the episode.Classic quote-
    Lisa: Come on, Dad. You can make it!
    Abe: Oh, of course he'll make it, it's TV.
    Classic scene-where Homer is flying around eating potato chips before crashing into an ant farm sending the ants everywhere.
    So yes this is another classic Simpsons episode. 9.6 out of ten.
  • like father like son: bart writing "insert brain here" on homer's head was a terrific minor prank but did his prank gene come from homer, who also made a prank call to NASA?

    out of all the jobs homer has ever had, this is perhaps the most absurd and unbelievable one though fortunately, the writers never once made homer look qualified for the job, especially when he lost against barney in the training. there are some classic scenes in this episode from homer's rant about the planet of the apes to the potato chips being opened by homer to the inanimate carbon rod being more popular than homer twice. if you're looking for a serious episode...well, come to think of it you shouldn't watch any simpson episode at all, but...if you're looking for a believable episode steer clear of this episode but if you're looking for laughs, watch this immediately.
  • perfect


    what i liked- everything after Homer goes up to space is just hilarious, like the ants, "I for one welcome our new insect overlords", Grampa proclaiming Homer is 'of course' going to be alright because it's 'tv', the ending with the rod getting all the credit, 'you win be default.' 'woohoo! default. the two sweetest words in the english language', homer calling bill clinton and the line about 'if anyone knew where to get tang, i knew it would be you.'

    really funny episode. homer going in space is unique and it has a lot of funny moments. A+

  • One of the greatest Simpson ep of all time.

    This episode, truly, is one of the greatest Simpson episode of all time. The whole plot of Homer going into space was pure genious from the writers, same with the jokes. It had som suspense, and that rod got all the credit! Hilarious!

    That rod was in newspapers, when the people of Springfield don't care that Homer was the one that put it there.

    Plus, at the beginning, when it got Employee of the MOnth (Or week, i forget) Was klassic, too.

    I also liked the scene with the ants. One was like, "Save the queen!" and another, "Who's the queen?" and another, "I'm the queen!" and then another, "No, I am!" was just really awesomely sweetical in so many ways it's hard to put them down in this review.

    So, if you're into the Simpsons, or are a first time viewer, watch this episode first. You will get a very good first impression.

    10 out of 10, a perfect score from me.
  • Deep Space Homer

    This is my favourite episode of Season 5. It is entertaining and funny and it is real enjoyable to watch. I have this episode on the Season 5 box set. I liked all the episodes of Season 5 but this one was the best. As I said above it is real entertaining.