The Simpsons

Season 5 Episode 15

Deep Space Homer

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1994 on FOX

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  • Homer's Space Odyssey

    This episode is just perfect, it's another favorate of mine. There just isn't one dull moment from begining, middle and end. This is one of the last great episodes where Homer is at his best.

    There is a lot to say so I'll just say a few things that really made it work for me. One I really like who guest stared in it, from Buzz Aldren I found it funny because you pritty much have a real American hero astronaut and a fictional astronaut Homer in the same space. Though for me it was more James Taylor because he had some of the best lines and there was one moment which was funny when James says something the NASA guy with the glasses takes out a bever tail billy club and is about to hit him, noted that guy uses that club a lot in this episode mainly for no reason.

    I really loved that competition between Barney and Homer. Barney really shows that he really is capable of becoming more as long as he's can kick the alcholism, which unfortunately doesn't last when there is a celebration and he suddenly goes drunk crazy. Noted the wine they celebrated with was non alcholic which made it more hillarous, I don't know how Barney could suddenly get jacked up from that talk about low tollarance.

    And of course Homer whom is not just funny, and of course he really is funny from the press conference with that reference quote joke of "Planet of the Apes" it was just hillarous because despite seeing the ending he never understood it until he just thought about it. To eating chips in space and even crashing into that ant farm and hearing what the ants were saying. But Homer is actually sympathtic which made his character actually have a slight sense of humanity. From his need to become more but also the reluctance of taking a risk. I really liked that one story when he talked about not meeting Mr.T at the mall, I just find that sad because it's a story about missed opportunity. I think most may'be not all have this kind of story, but this really works because we can all emphasize with that.

    The question is not what is the meaning of life, but what more life can be.