The Simpsons

Season 25 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2014 on FOX



  • Notes

    • Show Title:  Spider-Pig web swinging like Spider-Man before he gets disintegrated by a military laser drone.
      Billboard Gag:  St. Patrick's Day at Moe's:  Leprechauns drink free. (with Moe and the angry Leprechaun, who's actually happy, with a beer in hand, pictured)
      Chalkboard Gag:  Bart drawing various town characters on the board, similar to a March Madness Final Four bracket, leaving Homer and and old man Jasper as the last two standing.
      Couch Gag:  After the family sits on the couch, the lights go out, leaving Marge to turn them back on.  Once that happens, the family is seen in a different, form of animation, drawn by Sylvain Chomet as characters more from the 1940's or '50s, all wearing glasses.  Maggie has disappeared, and as Marge searches for her, Bart pulls a goose out of a box and overfeeds it with dry corn before Lisa tries to set it free, then plays an accordion.  But when it falls to the ground, the bird gets mauled by Santa's Little Helper.  Homer eats a tub of snails like popcorn and even gets up to eat another that crawls up the TV.  At that point, Maggie is revealed to be wedged between her father's butt cheeks when he walks back to the couch.