The Simpsons

Season 10 Episode 6

D'oh-in' in the Wind

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 1998 on FOX

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  • Homer Wears a Poncho...

    What whacky adventure will happen in 'The Homer Show' this week? Oh, he becomes a hippy. Hilarious.

    Once again, Scully has a Homer-centred episode and although most of the time, this can deliver laughs and a fairly fun plot, we get no such pleasures this time.

    The episode starts when Mr Burns is having lunch but can't get a jar of pickles open so all of his employees try to open it but fail leading to Homer and Carl and Lenny starring in a recruitment advert which proceeds to Homer wanting to join the actors guild which requires filling in a form which requires Homer to write down his middle name, which he does not know so he and Grandpa go to Homer's Mum's farm to try and find out. Long-winded I know although Lisa's comment 'Why would Lenny want to lose his legs?' was quite funny.

    Afterwards, Homer discovers his middle name is Jay but that is completely irrelevant to the plot of the play as he wants to fulfill his mother's wish of letting his spirit soar and becoming a hippie. What follows is boring and uninventive. Homer gets a poncho, doesn't wash, tries to freak people out and wants to look after the planet (something that is completely uncharacteristic). I believe there was something about a juice business and people getting high in this episode as well but it was all just an uninteresting blur.

    This is a dreadful episode with an awful plot that delivers a Homer Simpson that was so out of character, it wasn't funny. The whole episode runs along very humourlessly and gags (or at least funny ones) are in very short supply.

    The worrying thing is that there are lots more episodes like this to come...

  • The last thing I expected was Homer becoming a hippie.

    I couldn't stop laughing during this episode. Homer wants to know what his middle name is so his father suggests that they go to this hippie place where Homer's mother used to go. When they are there Homer meets two old hippies named Seth and Munchie. Homer sees a painting his mother painted of him in the sixties and finds out that his middle name is Jay. After thinking of how cool it is to become a hippie Homer starts turning into one but when he goes to Munchie and Seth to start living his hippie world they tell him that these days are behind them and they have a buisness to take care of. Homer convinces Seth and Munchie to relive their hippie days for atleat a couple of hours and the hiipie trio go around town singing and " freaking " everyone out. When the hippies return from their "flowery " journey they find that their juice products have been smashed because of a circle object Homer was playing with which blocked the juicing machine. Homer tries to fix everything so he uses up all the vegtables on the farm..even the ones who are filled with drugs. The effect of this was many people in town going nuts. A policeman figures this out and goes to arrest the hippies. Very cool idea fit into a very nice sotryline. It was awesome to find out Homer's middle name and see his mother and father in the sixties. Favorite character from this episode : Homer ofcource !!! but I also really liked Seth and Munchie.
  • homer's middle name REVEALED

    homer as a hippie was a great idea for an episode and i enjoyed a lot of it especially homer's frisbee and abe not knowing what homer's middle name because he was only in the parenting "for the spanking". Homer only knowing his middle initial making his name Homer J Simpson and it is revealed that he is actually called Homer Jay Simpson (big difference, huh?)
    this episode was hilarious with jokes such as "the sixties ended the day we sold our van: december 31st 1969". although this isn't the best season 10 episode it is revealing and joke filled.
  • The allusion D'oh was sayin by Homer. This episode centers around Homer.

    D'oh in in the wind.

    Homer does not like the wind. He said, D'OH. He got away from the wind. Marge made sure Homer will be fine. Bart and Lisa were at school. When Ralph ate the paste, Nelson took the paste away and said "Ha Ha." When Martin drew a picture, Nelson took the crayons and said "Ha Ha I broke your crayons." Milhouse was painting a picture of mom and dad and Nelson scribbled it.
  • Homer finds out his middle name.

    When Homer finds out the J. in his middle mane stands for Jay, he befriends two hippies that his mother was once friends with, munchie and Seth. Homer decides to become a hippie himself, and he goes out on Freak out rides with seth and Munchie of course. Then, when Homer messes up their drink conveyor belt, he decides to make it his own, causing the whole town to haullicinaite by drinkig it.

    very funny episode with Woodstock flashbacks, The reavealing of Homer's middle name and all the haullicanations. My favorite one was Barney and the pink elephant from Dumbo.

    Overall Grade:86%/B++
  • Hey Groovy man, I'm a Hippie.

    Homer discovers his middle name and befriends two hippies, Munchie and Seth. But after a day of the town he wrecks up their juice business. Feeling bad he steals plants and makes a juice that makes everyone in town have wild hallucinations.

    A weird episode. I only laughed at a couple jokes, if that. The first act was pretty mediocre, the second was also bad, and the only part I liked were the hallucinations that people were having, but that was a pretty brief part of the plot.

    A typical Scully "Homer Hour" episode with just Homer with the rest of the family in a couple scenes, just so it could be labeled "The SimpsonS"
  • Homer is a hippie

    Well this was another episode that upon first glance I didnt appreciate the humor in it, and I probably would have given it a D or an F. However, I just saw this episode again recently, and I guess it had a couple moments that made me chuckle and smile. However, besides Homer screwing up the guys juice bussiness, but even with that this episode was nothing special. It was aved by a couple of minor attempts at humor, but this episode really didnt cut it for me. Not the worst episode ever, but not an episode that I would enjoy watching again and again.
  • Homer the hippie

    Guess who is leading this new entry in the Simpsons series? Yep, you got it right, Homer Simpson. As what seems to be the norma lately, our beloved head of the family decides it is time to go back to the roots. Of course, what this means is to become a hobo. Better yet, a "hippie." I don't have a problem with that, after all, Homer has always been kind of dirty and likes to abuse some substances. The best part abut this episode are the two sold ut to the system hiippies. The nostalgi this episode produces in me thanks to the sound track and the way Homer looks back into his childhood years are what make me give this episode a good grade.
  • Not my favortie storyline. I mean what was the pont besides giving Homer's middle name??

    During a search for his roots, Homer meets Seth and Munchie, two aging hippies who lived on a rural commune with his mother. Inspired by their example and memories of his freewheeling mother, Homer becomes a flower child. After accidentally sabotaging their natural juice business, Homer tries to make it up to them by picking an entire crop of vegetables and making a whole new batch of juice himself. It turns out that Homer picked the wrong crop and has bottled a powerful blend of hallucinogens that drugs all of Springfield. When the police catch wind of what's going on, they raid Seth and Munchie's farm and Homer gets shot during the melee. Luckily, his only injury is a flower embedded in his head. Guest Stars: Martin Mull as Seth and George Carlin as Munchie
  • Pointless, but good.

    I found that this episode was pointless, yet funny. I did not find any plot at all. First, Mr. Burns makes Homer go into a commerical, then he finds out his middle name and becomes a hippy, and then he get shot in the forehead and a flower gets stuck. Don't get me wrong, it is humorous, it just was just lacking luster. Oh, and his middle name is Jay. Ha ha, J and Jay. That got me laughing. Er, well, it was an ok episode I guess. Now I am wondering, did just the flower go in his head or where is the bullet? Because if the bullet got in his skull he would've died but then again he is Homer... well, whatever. End review.