The Simpsons

Season 10 Episode 6

D'oh-in' in the Wind

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 1998 on FOX

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  • The last thing I expected was Homer becoming a hippie.

    I couldn't stop laughing during this episode. Homer wants to know what his middle name is so his father suggests that they go to this hippie place where Homer's mother used to go. When they are there Homer meets two old hippies named Seth and Munchie. Homer sees a painting his mother painted of him in the sixties and finds out that his middle name is Jay. After thinking of how cool it is to become a hippie Homer starts turning into one but when he goes to Munchie and Seth to start living his hippie world they tell him that these days are behind them and they have a buisness to take care of. Homer convinces Seth and Munchie to relive their hippie days for atleat a couple of hours and the hiipie trio go around town singing and " freaking " everyone out. When the hippies return from their "flowery " journey they find that their juice products have been smashed because of a circle object Homer was playing with which blocked the juicing machine. Homer tries to fix everything so he uses up all the vegtables on the farm..even the ones who are filled with drugs. The effect of this was many people in town going nuts. A policeman figures this out and goes to arrest the hippies. Very cool idea fit into a very nice sotryline. It was awesome to find out Homer's middle name and see his mother and father in the sixties. Favorite character from this episode : Homer ofcource !!! but I also really liked Seth and Munchie.
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