The Simpsons

Season 22 Episode 9

Donnie Fatso

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2010 on FOX

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  • such a good episode

    last week i said "Like this Review and in the next review for the simpsons ill write why i love the simpsons for each like there is!" so im going to do it

    First i want to give out a few things about THIS review
    The Fat Tony dying was a big shock to me because i thought The Simpsons were actually going to kill off someone (which i will HATE) but they un-killed it by making Fat Tony's relative Fit Tony into a new Fat Tony again... that was hilarious
    I like the Moe and the "Chimpan-me" thing and when homer wanted to get those beaten steaks. lol

    From the Review
    1. I love the simpsons because there is actually a college class for it!
    2. I love the simpsons because they are still running well for 22 years only now causing a few bumps in the way (but it will go smoothly again soon)
    3. I love the simpsons because they have made plots no other show would have thought of
    4. I love the simpsons because they have the best and the most guest stars than any other show!

    You want me to do something like this again? Like this review and the next simpsons episode ill tell you what i always thought of the simpsons for every like there is! :)
  • homer brake's the law and is sent to jail. he become's a snich earnig fat tony's trust. and homer realy like's him. but when fat tony find's out homer's a snitch he has a heart attack and die's. homer meet's fit tony.

    i liked it but fit tony ate to much and became fat tony.
    it's just great at the end maggie shoot's the tv screen.
    i will miss the real fat tony.
    well it is kind of pointless killing of fat tony and making a new character called fit tony wich just becomes fat tony again.
    it was good but i just can't smile any more i miss him.
    when selma fall's in love with him in a later episode he's a diffrent man selma should hav fell in love with him before he died.
    it's the saddest thing [exept snowball dieing] that's ever happened in the simpson's.
  • Homer: I loved Fat Tony. He was the best boss I ever had. Burns: Well, this is akward... Homer: Mr. Burns! You're cool too.. Burns: Yea, I soooooo bleive that.

    So on New Years Homer is talkign the trash away and Wiggum arrest him for some nonsense. So an FBI guy (guest atrring Jon Hamm) tells him he can reduce his jail time if he infiltrates on Fat Tony's mob. Homer accpets, and after bering put in the cleverest costume possible (a wig), he is ready. After he manages to befriend them, this sotry begins.

    So, after some mobby stuff, Homer & Tony go to Tony's mom (or wife) grave, and the TOny tells Homer he gained his trust. Then while getting counterfeit stuff, Tony discovers Homer is Homer and has a heart attack (yea, cus it was such a surprise). Then at Tony's grave, he is knocked out.

    He is owkeno up by Fit Tony, Tony's identical ocusin who we never saw before, who lets Homer live cause Tony wil remain alive in his memories. Then via narration, we learn Fit Tony took over the mob and got fat and now he is called Fat Tony.

    OVerall: It was such a good episode until Tony died. Then we got a cheap-ass resolution I won't buy. 8/10.
  • Fat tony dies

    To get out of a 10 year jail sentence, Homer goes undercover with Fat Tony to learn his secrets, and uses the persona Nicky Bluepants or something like that. But when Fat Tony dies, Homer cant help but feel guilty.

    This was an okay episode. It had a few good gags, but it was kinda stale at some points. I also hated Fat Tony's rebirth. It was his cousin Fit tony, then Fit Fat Tony, and then just Fat Tony for short. I liked when Homer said that Fat Tony was his favorite boss, and Mr. Burns was right there.

    Overall Grade: 80%/B-
  • It was good for the most part. Till the ending.

    I actually thought that this was going to be the best episode of the season, and for a while, it was. That is, until they killed Fat Tony, then I was like, what was that? And the rest of the episode was just plain weird, Fit Tony? Is that all they could come up with? I think that was their half-a$$ed excuse for bringing him back instead of just getting rid of him for good. If they had done that, I think I would have stopped watching, even though there really isn't anything worth watching on that show anymore. I think that for the majority of the episode, it was pretty good, until the last part which was like, what was that? It reminded me of the episode where they found out that Skinner was an imposter, but that one was a little better though. I was pretty disappointed by the ending. Had it not been for that, I think that it would've been the best episode of the season.
  • Fat Tony dies... sort of.

    Fat Tony dies... sort of. Homer goes to jail for bribing an official and goes to the spring field jail. he gets a reduced sentence so he can go undercover as a mobster. Fat Tony and Homer become close friends angering Legs and Louie. Homer kills Fat Tony. Fit Tony, brother of Fat Tony comes to take over the business. Over Time he starts eating a lot and eventaully becomes Fat Tony. 6/10 the gags weren't there and there was no side plot. It was kind of dissapointing but not a complete failure. I thought it was clever how Fat Tony is dead but still a character.
  • Meh, alright episode

    After violating several petty laws at the beginning of the new year, Homer is fined and gets into more trouble for bribery. As a result, he gets a 10-year sentence to the federal penitentiary, but can have it commuted if he works undercover in an effort to get Fat Tony convicted on a major crime. I thought this was a fair episode. It was alright on most of the parts here. I didn't get that much laughs. I only laughed at a few gags here and I don't really remember at all. My huge problems was it was boring and I didn't like the part of Fat Tony becoming Fit Tony. Overall, a mediocre episode. 5.5/10
  • mediocre

    homer is sent to prison for 10 years. He is told however he can get out of it if he becomes a snitch on fat tony. so, with a disguise (a wig! that's a great disguise right) he follows tony around, but soon they form a friendship. when homer reveals he is homer (remember the wig), fat tony is so shocked he has a heart attack and dies. homer is sad until he meets 'fit tony', who gradually becomes the new fat tony.

    the exact moment this episode went down for me was when fat tony died. up until that moment the episode was good. sure, that moment happened when there was only 5-6 minutes left, but still. i hate the last act. hate it. if you're going to kill a character, why on earth have them be replaced? fat tony dying was kind of lame (i mean come on he knows who homer is, it's not like they've never interacted). and then, he's replaced by a character we JUST MET who happens to be his uncle. i mean, what? how would you describe this to a friend or fan who missed the episde? "Oh, it was good, fat tony died." "Really?" "Yea, but then they replace him with his uncle, Fit Tony." "Fit tony? What episode was he in?" "Oh, he's just in this episode." I mean what was the point? To fill another act? If i didn't like the first 3 acts a lot this could be a contender for worst episode ever. It's an insult, i think, to fat tony and his fans. "Oh, we're going to kill a character, but then in the end he technically will be reborn!" Grade- C
  • Pretty good until Fat Tony died

    FAT TONY DIES! I admit, it was kind of funny when they replace him with Fit Tony, but that part also didn't make much sense.
    Homer violates several of the nonsensical laws made on New Years Day, and gets in even bigger trouble when he tries to bribe his way out. He can have his jail time cut in half if he goes undercover with Fat Tony. While undercover Homer notices how kind the mob is to him in comparison with how rude the FBI-type people were. When he must finally betray Fat Tony, Fat Tony has a heart attack and dies. The FBI people are less than sympathetic to him and Homer is quite depressed. Until, that is, Fat Tony is strangely replaced by his twin, Fit Tony, who starts eating and turns into Fit Fat Tony, and then just Fat Tony for short. I loved most of the episode, especially the New Years Day scene, but when Fat Tony died the episode plummeted. I mean, sure you can kill off Fat Tony and have Homer be depressed, but then you replace him with somebody else? It's just stupid. Also, I didn't like that we only saw Homer in this episode. I wish the rest of the simpson family had had some part too, because we only saw them in like two scenes. Wow, season 22 is not doing very well. I know people have been saying the quality dropped somewhere between the 13th and 15th season, but I enjoyed season 21 a lot more than this. But I'm sure they'll get their act together and things will go smoothly again, and that's why i'll never stop watching this show. There was a bump in seasons 9-12 too, but they picked up again in 13. I'm sure they'll do the same this time.

  • In order to get out of a ten year prison sentence, Homer agrees to work as an undercover agent for the FBI and infiltrate local mobster Anthony "Fat Tony" D'Amico's crime syndicate.


    Hands down the worst episode of the season. There has not been an episode more boring and painfully unfunny than "Donnie Fatso." Nothing works here, the dialogue is stale, the jokes are terrible. Even the sight gags, a usually reliable element of The Simpsons, don't work. The episode's only saving grace was the admitedly hysterical way Bart, Lisa and Maggie wake up Homer on New Year's Day. Speaking of that scene, am I the only one who noticed Bart goes from wearing a white button down shirt and pants to his usual t-shirt and shorts just a few seconds later?