The Simpsons

Season 22 Episode 9

Donnie Fatso

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2010 on FOX

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  • It was good for the most part. Till the ending.

    I actually thought that this was going to be the best episode of the season, and for a while, it was. That is, until they killed Fat Tony, then I was like, what was that? And the rest of the episode was just plain weird, Fit Tony? Is that all they could come up with? I think that was their half-a$$ed excuse for bringing him back instead of just getting rid of him for good. If they had done that, I think I would have stopped watching, even though there really isn't anything worth watching on that show anymore. I think that for the majority of the episode, it was pretty good, until the last part which was like, what was that? It reminded me of the episode where they found out that Skinner was an imposter, but that one was a little better though. I was pretty disappointed by the ending. Had it not been for that, I think that it would've been the best episode of the season.