The Simpsons

Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 1993 on FOX

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  • perfect


    what i liked- bart throwing the tomato at skinner, and lisa using him as her guinea pig for her new experiment (only to lose at the end), homer trying to get out of the power plant (like the giant spider and how he gets passed it), the ending with homer and marge riding into the sunset on the bike, singing, homer's beer song, amongst other things.

    great episode and the ending is one of the best endings to a Simpsons episode ever. lots of good parts in it, and like i said, the ending is amazing. A+ episode, no doubt in my mind about it.

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons lisa is doing a science fair project on bart to see who is smarter a hamster or bart and in this ep homer is caugth drinking behide the wheel and he must sweer off bear for ahwhile becasue he does not want to get in anymore trouble and he sees its very hard seeing people around him drink like his old buddies from the bar . this was a great ep thought and it has some hilrious parts in it and i thought it was funny with bart and the hampster and homer tring to sweer off bear something that is not possible
  • Homer stops drinking for a month!

    After Marge convinces Homer to stop drinking for a month, Homer goes insane and realizes how he heavily he relies on beer to brighten up his life.
    Duffless seems a little less funny when you read the description but trust me, it is a very good episode. It is often left out of Simpsons fans' lists of favorite episodes, wich I find curious because this episode is fantastic. It has a great plot, a few laugh out loud moments, and overall great writing. My favorite moments would have to be Homer on a bike, Homer at the Duff brewery, and a few other great moments. Oh, I almost forgot. There is a not as funny side plot about Lisa where she swears revenge on Bart for ruining her project. All though this side plot was not as good as the main plot, I loved the Clockwork Orange parody. So, overall, great episode that really is underappreciated.
  • great episode

    Very good episode... one of the best of the season. Homer goes to the duff brewery ... wiggum gets into all sorts of crazy antics. Homer quits drinking which is a tragedy but nevertheless adds to the countless laughs that this episode has to offer. While all this is going on Lisa is busy preparing for the science fair which bart is determined to ruin for her. There are some very classic scenes of the early simpsons era in this episode. Very funny stuff. I think i've repeated some of the lines from this episode over a hundred times in the last ten years and theyre still funny.
  • Homer gives up drinking NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO See review for opinion

    Lisa conducts a secret experiment for the Springfield Elementary School science fair to see who's smarter, Bart or a hamster. Meanwhile, Homer is forced to swear off beer after being arrested on a D.U.I. Bart realizes what Lisa is doing and ruins her plans for the science fair by winning first prize for his own, more sensational, hamster experiment. Homer manages to stay off of beer for an entire month and, instead of drinking to celebrate his sobriety, he decides to stay on the wagon and enjoy a bike ride with Marge. Homer gives up beer is he crazy??? Plainly shows the dangers of alchol and what willpower can do when you put it in use.
  • Loved it, one of the greater Season 4 episodes.

    I loved this episode. It was the superior Season Four episode. When Cheif Wiggum was in that costume, and he tripped and fell down the hill, he was lkike, "Hehe. this is kind of of! Weee! Weeeee! Wooo!" And then he hits a tree and blows up! That was so hilarious, I laugh every time I see it (Which is alot, because I have the Season 4 box set and I watch it every day) and every time, it doesn't get less laughter, it stays the same, or it might get more laughter. Thats what I love about it! This episode is really great, and you should watch if you don't have anything else to do! Actually, you should watch it if you have something else to do, because this episode is so great!

    10 out of 10
  • Amazing what Homer can do when he puts his mind to it!

    Who would have thought Homer could go a month without beer. Now all he needs to do is stop watching TV and eat healthy and he will be boring as hell!!!

    But seriously this was a good idea for one episoe. I don't want Homer to make a habit of not drinking!!!

    The effect it had on hin was pretty staggering, he was hallucinating all the time!

    Lisas project about Bart and the hamster was quite good, but there was no doubting what was the focus of this episode.

    The final scene was quite touching with Homer choosing a bike ride with Marge over a beer. Well if he waited a month then why not a bit longer.
  • homer giving up beer...what willpower he has

    both of the storylines in this episode are great, lisa comparing bart to a hamster, the hamster being more smart, and homer's problems in giving up beer. my favourite scene in this episode is where beer bottles float down to homer and homer goes crazy knowing that he can't drink them. bart's science project "can hamsters fly aeroplanes?" was a great twist aswell, getting bart the first prize. barney's classic line of "if you didn't close i'd never leave" referring to moes is a classic barney line that i have heard many people quote. the ending was a bit too sweet for my liking and i think homer probably should have brought a beer on the bike ride but a serious ending is important for a comedy on occasion.