The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 16

Dumbbell Indemnity

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 1998 on FOX

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  • What women really want and Moe doesnt know

    Moe, what a character. He is the guy who is not very caring, very nice or very loving and at the same time you will miss if he leaves. Or atleast, that's what Homer feels for him. On the other hand, Moe is one of those characters I don't like. And we can see why in this episode, he is a complete fool. He treats friends very badly and expects in return big favors. The way he tries to keep his lover happy is so stupid, I think we all saw it from afar. Buying love, trying to keep her loved one close to him by buying stuff whne she didn't need all those fancy gifts. She was sincerely interested in Moe!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show moe falls in love with this new girlfriend of his. and he wants a nice car and things so he wants homer to pretend to steel his car and push it into the water off the cliff and so moe gives him the keys and things. he lets homer take the rap for the crime and homer plots revenge on him and his girlfriend finds out on what he did and leaves him this was a good ep and it had some funny moments i thought and that is why i gave the show a 8.5
  • moe's stupid plan ruined by homer's stupid mind

    this episode has many memorable scenes such as homer getting distracted from the plan and the train going past, homer then having to resort to driving moe's car into the water, jumping out only to slide off the rock and back into the car aswell as the "must kill moe...wheee!" sequence. moe actually getting a girl is a very different and hard to believe plot (on account of his ugliness) but that's what makes this episode so hilarious. homer's stupidity and rage is great in this episode and the writers really put this idea together in the best way they could and the result was perfect.
  • Moe tries to commit insurance fraud to get money to impress his new girlfriend.

    This episode really is just one of the funniest episodes in the whole season period. Wether its Homer hitting Hans Moleman over the head with a how to tunnel out of prison book or Homer being too stupid to put Moe's car on the train tracks, this episode just delivered side splitting comedy from start to finish. This episode is a must see because it really is just utterly hilarious and really fits in well with this great season. Moe is a great character to develop and experiment with, and I think the writers did an awesome job doing so in this episode.
  • Dumbbell Indemnity

    Moe gets a new girlfriend named Renee, who he really likes and only wants to treat her to the finer things in life. But soon he runs out of money, so he tries to commit insurance fraud. So he has a plan where Homer steals his car, but he ends up getting arrested. Now Moe is torn between his best friend and his girlfriend. Homer escapes jail and comes looking to kill Moe. Moe in turn has told Renee the truth and he sets his bar on fire. So Homer saves him and their friendship is back to normal.

    A sweet episode, overall grade A+
  • I don't care what anyone says this episode is one of the funniest 30 minutes I have ever spent in my life... Truley a memorable episode, and I will look back on this great humor and say this is what the Simpsons is all about

    Homer sneaks off to a bar to hide from Marge, but while he is at the bar, Homer sings Marge praises. He notices how bitter Moe is and realizes that Moe has not had a girlfriend in a long time. He takes Moe out to another bar to meet chicks. He has no luck, but somehow meets the perfect woman later. He is not exactly smooth with her, but she really seems to like him. He begins to treat her like royalty; unfortunately, he maxes out his Player's Club card and has to find a way to make money. He and Homer decide on a plan where Homer will steal Moe's car and destroy it on the train tracks. The insurance fraud plan hits a snag when Homer steals the car and stops to see a drive-in movie, instead of going straight to the tracks. Homer switches to another plan and sinks the car to the bottom of the lake. The cops are watching him the entire time, so he goes to jail. Moe refuses to stick up for him, because he doesn't want to lose his girlfriend. Homer makes a jail break and Moe eventually tells his girlfriend about his debt, and pitches a plan to her where he will fake his death. That's enough for her, so she leaves him. He goes on with the plan anyway and he sets the bar a blaze. Homer saves him, and their friendship is restored. Without the bar, Moe turns Homer's place into the new hangout.