The Simpsons

Season 8 Episode 9

El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 1997 on FOX

Episode Recap

Blackboard: None.
Couch: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and Marge parachute down from the sky onto the couch. Homer, however, falls flat on his face with an unopened parachute.

Act One: The episode starts at the dinner table. Homer is flipping through the pages of the newspaper disgusted at all the things they put in the paper – The World, The arts, Religion. Finally he reaches what he is interested in – Kicking back. He notices the front page has a huge cut-out. The kids say they didn't do it. Homer looks at Marge who is holding a pair of scissors, claiming it is for trimming the curtains. Later, in the living room, Homer gets a call from Lenny. Marge immediately starts vacuuming near the phone so that Lenny's words are muffled. Homer is unsuspecting of anything. In the afternoon, Homer is laying back when Marge starts smoking a cigarette, against her usual behavior. She wants to fill the house with the smell of tobacco. Homer is smothered by the fumes so he decides to get some fresh air. Just as he opens the door, the smell hits him. Onions, Chili peppers, it becomes so obvious to him that The Big Annual Chili cook-off was going on and he was missing it. Marge explains that she was only keeping him from going since last year, he got drunk and got to the cotton candy and thought he was a pink fluffy cloud. Homer manages to persuade Marge into going anyway, Marge having made him promise he wouldn't drink any beer. The family splits up at the cook-off. Marge sees Helen Lovejoy who asks her if her husband has already hit the "refreshments". Helen manages to shake Marge's confidence in her husband.
Homer enters the chili stands and all stare. He is known as the 'dude with the fireproof stomach' and he takes out his wooden spoon which he is rumored to have carved himself from a bigger spoon. He tastes 'Flanders' 5-alarm chili' and immediately puts him to shame as it was only 2 and a half alarms tops. Moe's chili was less persuasive. Homer finally reaches Chief Wiggum. The Chief has a pleasant surprise up his sleeve. He has enriched his super chili with the merciless peppers of Guatemala which are grown by the inmates of an insane asylum. Homer is unafraid and steps up to the peppers. He brings it to his tongue and as soon as it touches the tongue, he is scorched. Tongue burning, he runs for refreshments to cool his tongue as all around him laugh. The ice-cream he got melts even before it touches his tongue. He runs for the beer but Marge is nearby and so he cannot drink it but it pours all over himself. We later see him drinking any glass he sees in front of him. The heat has subsided but his humiliation has not. He accidentally almost drinks a candle but Ralph stops him. Homer suddenly gets a plan and drinks the candle wax, now coating his tongue and mouth with wax. He goes right back up to Chief Wiggum and demands the Chili. Wiggum starts teasing his earlier exit and gives him the chili. Homer straight up gulps it down. Then another and another. All around him are astounded. He leaves telling Chief Wiggum not to quit his day job, whatever that is. He only takes a few steps when his stomach rumbles. He doesn't feel too good. He consults the help of others around him but they start morphing into strange creatures in front of his eyes. He panics and runs off into the sunset breaking a fence on the way.

Act Two: Homer continues in his surreal travel. He recounts his day and remembers the Guatemalan insanity peppers and things start to make sense, right before he has to duck a huge butterfly. He stares at his reflection in a lake which transforms into a snake and slithers away. He then walks towards the sun. His movement changes the position of the Sun so he has some fun with it and finally breaks the sun. Cut to Marge who is approached by the Lovejoys as the cook-off has ended. Helen says that Homer made a jackass of himself earlier that day. Marge gets very angry that her husband broke a promise. We come back to Homer who sees a rock move. He runs after the rock, trying to put it back but it turns out to be a tortoise. The tortoise spells out 'Follow the tortoise' in the sand and Homer decides to follow it. Because of its slow speed, Homer begins to budge it with his foot and ends up kicking it so hard it flies off into the distance. Homer runs after it. He finally sees the tortoise at a bunch of steps. He begins to climb it when suddenly it rises into a huge pyramid of steps. He starts climbing. We are back to Marge who drives home with the kids, extremely angry at Homer. Homer finally climbs to the top and he sees Marge there. He finally realizes it is a doll with no face and only hair for a head. The wind blows it away. Suddenly an eye appears in the sky and then another. They both come down in the form of a Coyote. It reveals that he is on a quest for knowledge and that he is Homer's spirit guide. He goes into philosophy which Homer is not quite acquainted with. He finally tells Homer that he must find his soul mate. Homer immediately tells that it is Marge but the Coyote leaves Homer with the question 'is it?'. A train comes through the air and hits him. In the real world, a golf ball hit him. He was lying in a sand trap at a golf course. He then recollects his memories. It turns out the huge desert he was in was the sand trap, the pyramid was a pro-shop and the talking Coyote was a talking dog. Homer goes home and runs to see his soul mate. Marge was outside laying out the laundry to dry. She was very angry at Homer for breaking his promise so she gets mad at Homer. She doesn't listen to Homer's recollection of his fantasy world. Homer recounts the word of the coyote. It told him his soul mate would understand him, but he are Marge are nothing alike. Even their records are not similar. Homer gets so depressed that he leaves home to find his true soul mate.

Act Three: Homer appears to be on a psychiatrist's chair talking about his feelings but he is revealed to be talking to a furniture salesman about his life while lying on a psychiatrist's sofa. Homer leaves and goes to Moe's thinking Barney is his soul mate. But no one in the bar terms himself as Homer's soul mate. All are chums, associates, or well-wishers. He calls a hotline looking for a soul mate but he has no luck there. He then walks the street searching for a soul mate. But everywhere he went, he was met with no luck. He finally reached the coast and saw the lighthouse. Then it struck him - The lighthouse keeper. He has to be the loneliest guy in the world. Just the way Homer felt. So the lighthouse keeper had to be his soul mate. He ran to the lighthouse. He saw the name EARL on the lighthouse and thought it was his soul mate's name. He runs up and finds that the lighthouse is automated. EARL stands for Electronic Automatic Robotic Lighthouse. Homer is so angry at the fact that his soul mate apparently does not exist that he goes into a fit. He sees a ship coming so he guesses that the people on board would be his friends if they came to the lighthouse so he throws a fire extinguisher at the bulb and breaks it. He starts laughing manically in the dark. The darkness is removed by the entry of a person – Marge. Marge woke up and was worried that her husband was not at home, so she came in search of him. She knew he would never use public transport, that he would walk west since Springfield slopes that way and that he would be at the lighthouse since he loved blinking lights. Homer realized that Marge was his soul mate all along and he becomes ecstatic. But it was then that he remembered the ship heading their way. The ship carried hot pants. Marge and Homer scramble to save the ship. Marge finds an extra bulb and fixes the lighthouse just in time. The ship avoids the lighthouse but steers into some rocks and all the hot pants are out into the water. Homer and Marge kiss on the Lighthouse and their shadows are illuminated by the lighthouse. Everyone catches sight of the hot pants in the water and runs for them.

Credits: Homer and Marge's shadow is seen in the night sky as they kiss, illuminated by the lighthouse. The song 'Who wears short shorts' plays.

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