The Simpsons

Season 24 Episode 20

Fabulous Faker Boy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 12, 2013 on FOX

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  • I couldn't find much to like about this episode. The couch gag was good, but the story and the jokes in the episode itself was pretty weak

    Not impressed at all, not even with the couch gag. I much preferred the blackboard gag over the couch gag. While I found that the setpieces were interesting and relatively creative, I found it poorly executed overall, and the lighting didn't really allow me the chance to see the whole thing very well. For a show that occasionally feels like it's grasping at straws, it's nice to see their attempts to make things fresh, like bringing in guest artists for couch gags, but this did not do it for me.

    The dialogue in this episode just reeked of poor efforts from Tim Long: stilted, often awkward exchanges. Bart wasn't put to good use here, and the ending - do I even need to say it? - was entirely too rushed and made little to no sense. Homer's silly hats, like the beret and the Jughead hat, were kind of funny, but the whole thing, of course, was white-washed in the end with a silly sound effect and slapdash animation.

    Best part? Maybe Marge's loving stroking of Homer's two hairs as they kiss in bed. The best part, for me, was the last couple of seconds. That, and the nice call-backs to previous episodes, like the picture of Frink's father from THOH XIV in Frink's lab or Grand Theft Walrus at the Kiwk-E-Mart.

    Worst part? Just about everything else. The Russian father's characterization felt a little forced; no need to have brought in a guest voice for someone who ended up sounding like Harry Shearer anyway. His speech about "everyone cheats in Russia" would have felt right in S5 (which is usually a good thing), but I think comedy's changed a bit too much since then; I don't think the show can get away from such blatant Russia-bashing. Felt more like Family Guy, you know, just going straight for the jugular. Bart's relationship with his piano teacher felt like the flimsiest yet, the worst-explained; he sees an attractive young teenager playing the piano. Well, sure, I suppose. At least Laura Powers shared a lot of Bart's personality traits; Zhenya was just all-out crass to Bart.

    The jokes made no sense. The piano-playing was hardly touched upon, and Bart hardly gave it much of a try. I figured he would have been more motivated if Zhenya meant that much to him. And that damn CD player; and that damn speech from Marge. You can't just go off and tell your children that they'll be unique and special, and that'll be enough. Homer had a point; the generation's doomed because each child is told he's special. Bart's special because he fessed up to his mistakes? Well, fine. It only cost Marge a lot of extra time and a semi-demolished station wagon. No one learned a lesson, Patrick Stewart shows that it's okay to be bald and, once again, Chief Wiggum is bribed with jeans. Great.