The Simpsons

Season 20 Episode 18

Father Knows Worst

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2009 on FOX

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  • I feel like I've died and gone to hell.

    This week we see Homer continue his recent investment within his children's lives, this time focusing on both when he realises they aren't doing as well in school as he thought. After the previous couple of episodes that were high in other elements outside of comedy, Father Knows Worst is a return to the much more standard form for the show. What characterisation that is present here is perfunctory, but not useless. Overall, it's simply a decent and pretty funny Homer episode that has its moments and does well not to overdo things. Of the two loosely connected stories, I found Bart's to be the most engaging simply because Lisa's felt too much like an afterthought, but both share common themes and offer up a few laughs here and there. Not the best from the season, but certainly not the worst either; enjoyable.
  • Poor

    OK, Homer tries to become a "helicopter" parent, meaning he helps Bart and Lisa with projects, Bart with homework and Lisa with becoming popular. It works for a while but at the end of the episode, Bart and Lisa just want to go back to the way they used to be. Homer thinks he has failed as a parent, but he learns from Marge he hasn't.

    OK, bad episode I thought. Homer acted really dumb in some parts, even for him. I absolutely loathed that part at the beginning when he tries to breathe fire on Bart. Just seemed way too unrealistic. Overall grade- D+/C-
  • An episode that was oh so so funny.

    When Homer observes Bart and Lisa struggling in certain aspects of their academic and social lives at school, he becomes a proponent of "helicopter parenting," the process of closely monitoring a child and forcing them to succeed. Homer takes hovering to a new level when he chooses a nearly impossible subject for Bart's balsa wood model-building competition and gives Lisa some not-so-friendly advice on how to make friends. Meanwhile, Marge discovers a sauna in the Simpson family's basement that she finds hard to resist. An episode that had many funny jokes. When season 20 comes to mind this episode is surely one I will remember.
  • So so so funny!

    Homer, Bart, and Lisa visit a carnival by the sea and Homer eats all but accidentally swallows a fire stick and his mouth goes on fire and he strangle Bart while doing this lol! The food he ate hurt his tounge for a few days ,except cafeteria food Lisa brings home. He decides to come to Springfield Elementary to eat during lunch, embarrassing Bart in the process. He sits at a lunch table and meets a mother who's a "helicopter parent".Homer sees how stupid Bart acts and how unpopular Lisa is and helps them out. He and Bart compete in the Plywood sculpture assignment, but the Washington Monument choice is too bad by Skinner's standards, so Homer goes for the hardest one of all, the "Westminster Abbey" model. He also helps Lisa get into the in-crowd with the help of a popularity book and a cellphone cover party. But Homer just causes problems with them. meanwhile Marge finds a sauna in the basement :D This episode was waaaay too funny.

    Final grade
  • Homer wants to be a better parent by helping Bart get better at school and helping Lisa get more popular

    Homer takes an overbearing approach to parenting Bart and Lisa with disastrous results. Meanwhile Marge takes a liking to the new sauna she discovers in the basement. Not to say this is my all-time favorite Season 20 episode because it honestly goes by quick everytime I watch this episode and there are slightly better Season 20 episodes than this but I would still consider this episode to be one of my favorites though. I loved the storyline of Homer trying to become a better parent by helping both Bart and Lisa. I laughed at the conversation between Homer and that mom when she was telling Homer about being a better parent and how you need to push your kids to get where they need to be in life or something like that. It was funny seeing how Homer helped Bart and Lisa and how it just turned for the worse. The subplot with Marge enjoying her sauna was funny to watch as well. I also found it funny how Homer actually did the project for Bart. Not much to really talk about here but just other than the fact that I really enjoyed this episode. I did feel like the very ending of the episode was a bit lazy and could've been a slightly better ending but I can let all that slide though since that's a nit-pick right there. I laughed at a lot of parts and good to another episode dealing with Homer trying to be a better parent. Overall, a perfect episode of "The Simpsons"... too bad this is one of those episodes where it just goes by quick though. 10/10
  • Truly terrific episode! Had me laughing the whole way through! :)

    This was one of those episodes where you don't actually find out what it's about until about halfway through. One event just lead to another. Fortunately, every one of those events happened to be completely hilarious. The main plot was Homer deciding to be a better father to Bart and Lisa and help them out at school. Homer helping out his kids? Yeah, right. Good effort though, Homer. Homer does Bart's school project for him, which is cheating and Bart tells the truth that he didn't really do it himself. That was so great that Bart did something good. Telling the truth was great character development for him, even though in the next episode he'll probably be back to his bad-self. Lisa discovered that she prefers to be a loner rather then a popular kid. I kind of new from the very beginning, but whatever. It's better for Lisa to be who she really is then who everyone else wants her to be. Poor Maggie only had one scene in this episode, but she was still cute in that one scene. In the sub-plot Marge discovers that they have a sauna hidden in their house. She showed it to Homer at the end of the episode and they relaxed together. That was kind of cute, but I'm glad it wasn't that big a part of the episode. Anyways, I literally laughing out loud throughout the whole episode, and I don't do that very often. It's funny how for a while the Simpsons wasn't very good, but the past few episodes have been fabulous. Half a point off the episode for unoriginality though. The thing with Homer doing Bart's project has been done on other shows, but it was still funny. Looking forward to more great episodes! :)
  • Stupid Homer done right.

    This is something that's been bubbling for a while, and this episode is a good time to let it out. I hate it when people simplify the horribleness of seasons 11-14 down to "Homer was too stupid."

    One. Homer was dumbest in season five. Watch the episodes. It's all there.

    Two. Homer's bad-era "stupidity" was sloppy writing and bad vocal delivery. Let's not throw the stupid baby out with the hacky bathwater. Stupid babies need the most attention.

    Three. Frasier. Smart, snooty characters. Horrible, "Three's Company"-esque plots with annoying quips.

    Four. Philip J. Fry. Way stupider than Homer ever was, but Fry's stupidity was always brilliantly written.

    Homer being too stupid to see a "pull" sign on a door and resorting to kicking out the glass and crawling through was perfect. Swartzweldian, even. It's not even correct to say this was all just "stupid Homer," even if you mean it in a good way. It's very cute to see Homer sincerely trying to help his kids. And he even had moments of intelligence. He successfully manipulates the barflies with veiled insults, then tricks Lisa into using the popularity techniques. Also, Homer knew who those three ghosts were. That's two more than I did (Oscar Wilde).