The Simpsons

Season 20 Episode 18

Father Knows Worst

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2009 on FOX

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  • So so so funny!

    Homer, Bart, and Lisa visit a carnival by the sea and Homer eats all but accidentally swallows a fire stick and his mouth goes on fire and he strangle Bart while doing this lol! The food he ate hurt his tounge for a few days ,except cafeteria food Lisa brings home. He decides to come to Springfield Elementary to eat during lunch, embarrassing Bart in the process. He sits at a lunch table and meets a mother who's a "helicopter parent".Homer sees how stupid Bart acts and how unpopular Lisa is and helps them out. He and Bart compete in the Plywood sculpture assignment, but the Washington Monument choice is too bad by Skinner's standards, so Homer goes for the hardest one of all, the "Westminster Abbey" model. He also helps Lisa get into the in-crowd with the help of a popularity book and a cellphone cover party. But Homer just causes problems with them. meanwhile Marge finds a sauna in the basement :D This episode was waaaay too funny.

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