The Simpsons

Season 22 Episode 11

Flaming Moe

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2011 on FOX

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  • moe starts a gay bar

    in this episode of the simpsons moe starts a gay bar he ends up getting more customers and money and lies to them about being gay but things start to annoy smithers and he tell moe to tell everyone hes not gay this was the first simpsons episode i saw this season and it was good not great. ill rate it a 7 the plot was okay there wasnt barely any jokes and i dont think i laughed at it but anyway good episode. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Decent episode but not great

    I didn't think this episode was bad, it just wasn't that great. I didn't like the idea of Moe and Smithers starting a gay bar and the idea was also boring. I think I only laughed at one scene which was when Homer ate that pretzel in a glass thing and I think laughed at couple more scenes but I don't remember the other ones. The episode was boring and I was thought it was wrong with all the gay people in the gay bar and seeing them making out, I didn't find that funny. I thought that the plot could have improved much more in my opinion and they should have the episode funnier at least. I also think that Homer could have been in this episode more often. Overall it's a pretty good episode of "The Simpsons" but not the greatest. 7/10
  • perfect

    Smithers and Moe transform Moe's into Mo's, a gay bar. Skinner likes the new music teacher, who has a daughter, so him and Bart go on a double date with the teacher and her daughter.

    I might be over-rating it but I loved it. The only gags I did not like were the Burns' brain gag, and the gag where homer ate the pretzel thing (really illustrated how dumb homer can be at times). But the rest of the episode I was thoroughly laughing at pretty much every gag. So my final grade for this episode is an A+, best episode of the 22nd season thus far
  • Chalmers: Willie, you're the new principal. Willie: Who's the new groundskeeper? Chalmers: Also you. And you don't get more money.

    So, Burns is working on his will, and Smithers finds out he was left out of it. Burns tell him he'll inculde him once he earns his respect. Then SMithers tries to go to a gay bar, but he is left out due to not being hot. He htne goes to Moe's and suggest Moe to tunr Moe's into Mo's, a gay bar for the not cliched gays.

    Then Mo's becomes wildly succesful (even Burns now repsects SMithers), and part of it it's because the gays think of Moe as one of them. Smithers then tells Moe that the good thing is to tell the truth. But Moe goes ahead with the lie, to the point were the gays choose Moe to enter the parliament to fight for gay rights. At his speech, Smithers makes him confess by making him kiss him.

    After confessing, Moe kisses Smithers anyways, and goes home. Then there was the subplot, where SKinner fell for Mrs. Juniper, the new music teacher (as Mr. Largo left with his new gay BF). Skinner fixes Bart up with Juniper's daughter, a creepy stalker. Then Bart tells daughter (Melody) how he feels abotu her, making her and Juniper leave town with Skinner. 3 weeks later, SKinner returns.

    Overall: Great episode. I loved how the Simpsons took a backseat in this episode to leave the spotlight to Moe, SKinner & Waylon. Also great gags (devil moe, principal Willie, vogue, Homer & the pretzel, etc.) 9.5/10.
  • Not the best

    an average episode, some places didn't feel quite right and the Principal Skinner part felt rushed and nonsensical. However, there were some great laughs, Willie being the new principal but not getting more money, Homer's pretzel gag, etc. And the plot was relatively interesting. So, okay, but not not great. The producers have signed a contract for a 23rd season, and if they want to do it, they'll have to step up their act. I know that a perfect episode like one of the classics is far-fetched, but i'll settle for something that could have come from season 20.

    So, Smithers finds out that Mr. Burns doesn't respect him, and the local gay club won't let him in. Hoping to regain Burns's trust, he turns Moe's bar into Mo's- a gay bar for the less attractive guys. But Moe goes too far when to gain the people's respect and money, he pretends to be one of them and runs for a space in the city council pretending to be the first openly gay man on the city council.

    Meanwhile, Principal Skinner falls in love with the new music teacher, Ms. Juniper, and sets up her daughter Melody with Bart to get together with her. But when Bart dumps Melody, Ms. Juniper is mad and moves out of town, begging Skinner to come with her.

    Not the greatest, I hope they have more episodes like Loan-a-Lisa and The Fool Monty coming, and not bad ones like The Fight Before Christmas, Donnie Fatso, and Elementary School Musical.


    P.S I am not writing this at 4:30 in the morning, i am in europe the time is different
  • Great

    Moe turns his bar into a trendy gay bar, and it becomes a great success. The people at the bar encourage him to run as the first openly gay city councilman, even though he isn't gay and only Smithers knows. Meanwhile, Mr. Largo retires as the music teacher to live with his soulmate, and they have a new music teacher, who Skinner falls in love with, and needs Bart to go out with her daughter, so he can introduce him to the teacher.

    This was a really funny episode. I loved Barney, and I think they should use him in more episodes. But less Comic Book guy

    Overall Grade: 90%/A-