The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 10

Flaming Moe's

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 1991 on FOX

Episode Recap

Moe and his tavern are in serious financial trouble. After he runs out of beer, Homer decides to tell him about a drink recipe that he accidentally invented one night, called the "Flaming Homer".

Homer explains that after Patty and Selma made the Simpson family watch slides from their latest vacation, he was unable to find a beer. He decided to mix together drops of liquor from near-empty bottles and accidentally included a bottle of cough syrup. When Patty dropped cigarette ash in the drink and set it on fire, Homer discovered that fire greatly enhanced the flavor of the drink.

Moe steals Homer's recipe and begins serving the "Flaming Moe" as his own concoction. Moe sees his business boom, and his tavern soon becomes one of the trendiest nightspots in Springfield and Aerosmith's official hangout. Homer becomes angry with Moe and vows never to return to the tavern. He subsequently becomes obsessed with Moe and how he betrayed him.

After the waitress Moe has hired discovers that Moe stole the recipe from Homer, she convinces him to sell the drink and give half of the money to Homer. Restaurant chain owners become interested in purchasing the secret ingredient for the drink, offering Moe $1,000,000 for it. Moe is about to accept the deal when Homer arrives at the tavern and climbs on top of Aerosmith's set. He reveals to everyone in the bar that the secret ingredient is ordinary cough syrup. Within days, nearly all restaurants in Springfield are serving Flaming Moes (under slightly altered names), and Moe's business has greatly decreased. Homer stops in and finds that Moe is not angry at him. Moe even gives Homer a "Flaming Homer" on the house.

I just loved it that the guest star was AEROSMITH
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