The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 10

Flaming Moe's

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 1991 on FOX

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  • One of my all time favorites.


    Homer invents a bizarre drink called the Flaming Homer. It's so good that Moe steals his recipe, renames it the Flaming Moe and takes credit for inventing it. The Flaming Moe revitalizes business, turning Moe's Tavern into the hottest spot in Springfield, and causing Homer's and Moe's relationship to splinter.

    Overall, this episode was great, I loved Bart's prank call for "Hugh Jass" (huge ass)

    10 out of 10

  • perfect


    what i liked- bart trying to get homer to say his name, and then homer punching bart when he talked because he was jinxed, the Hugh Jass joke, homer revealing the truth behind the flaming moe, the Cheers' song parody, bart taking a flamingmoe to school for show and tell,amongst other things.

    great moe episode. moe is a great, funny character and he really shines in this episode. i love it a lot. A+

  • In the immortal words of Comic Book Guy, this is "Best Episode Ever." It has withstood the test of time, even after it has aired two decades.

    "Flaming Moe's" was worth it just to see Edna Krabappel in those bicycle shorts in the scene where she hits on Aerosmith's drummer, Joey. Those bike shorts should be Edna's everyday wear instead of that drab skirt she wears to Springfield Elementary. Better yet, Edna herself should be a rock musician, playing guitar in her own band and starring in her own spinoff series. It couldn't do any worse than Cleveland Show or Bob's Burgers.
  • Best Moe Storyline

    In this episode, Homer leaves the house to go to Moe's during Lisa's slumber party. While there, Homer shows Moe a new drink he invented called "Flaming Homer." Soon, Moe steals Homer's recipe and claims it as his own, winning millions of fans and even the attention of Aerosmith. One company, a restuarnt brand based around alcohol, continually offers to buy the recipe for a million dollars. For the first couple of times, Moe says no to them, but his new waitress/girlfriend convinces him to sell it and give half to Homer. Overall, this was a pretty good season 3 episode, it had me glued to the screen in wonder of what would happen next, and it was funny, so I would reccomend it. 9/10 A-
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons homer invents drink accidently by adding diffrent things into it when he has gusses over for a party. and bussiness is slow at the tavern and he shows the drink to moe and moe likes it he steals the respey from homer and he starts to make the drinks at the bar and bussiness is big again at moes and it bcomes the hottest play in springfield and they get arerosmith to play there thing is homer and moes friendship are having problems and homer gets angrey and he goes there and finds moe about to sell the respery for alot of money thing is homer tells the secret ingrendent and moe and homer lose out on money. this was a classic ep
  • Business is slow at Moe's Tavern and he is out of beer, so Homer shows Moe his home made cocktail, known as the "Flaming Homer," but Moe takes the credit for Homer's drink and calls it the "Flaming Moe."

    One of the best episode ever if not the best episode. Great cameos by Aerosmith. Great parody of Cheers theme and only homer would be dumb enough to give up a million dollar idea. There were many quotes in this episode that will be remembered for qute some time to come like. Homer at moe's tavern talking to Moe:"How could you do this to me Moe? This bar was going under and it was my drink that saved it. If there was any justice, my face would be on a bunch of crappy merchandise,".
    Or Homer in bedroom with Marge: "Oh, look at me! I'm making people happy! I'm the Magical Man from Happy-Land, in a gumdrop house on Lollipop Lane! Oh, by the way, I was being sarcastic,"
  • Read review

    Homer invents a bizarre drink called the Flaming Homer. It's so good that Moe steals his recipe, renames it the Flaming Moe and takes credit for inventing it. The Flaming Moe revitalizes business, turning Moe's Tavern into the hottest spot in Springfield, and causing Homer's and Moe's relationship to splinter. 50 words in that, and now to my review, I thought it was very mean of Moe to steal Homers drink, I also think Homers a idiot for giving away half a million bux

    How does liquor bottles, couch syrup and fire make a delicious alchoholic drink, no one knows. Whats the difference betwwen a chckeslavalkian (No idea how to spell that) outlet and an american one

    Selma sinks in the dead sea

    and of course, tipsy mcstagger makes one goood mozzerella stick

    I give the flaming moes episode a 9.5

  • Of course this was a great episode=)

    This episode is sooo a classic for this show, I remember watching it like 5 or 6 years ago and I still remember it, very good episode. Basically Homer finds out that Moe is not doing so well and shows him a drink that he calls the Flaming Homer, but then Moe steals the drink and renames it the Flaming Moe, and is very succesful. Right when he was about to get a million dollars for the drink and give half of it to Homer because he was feeling guilty, Homer reveals the seret ingredient to everyone and well... that is it. I just really enjoyed this episode, not the funniest but still it was really good=)
  • The Simpsons writers at their best!!!!!

    When business gets slow at Moe's Tavern, Homer shows him the "Flaming Homer", a concoction of various liquors mixed with Krusty's Kough Syrup, and then sets it on fire. An instant hit, the drink attracts a lot of business. Moe renames it the 'Flaming Moe' and takes all credit. Moe's is now the most popular place in Springfield, even Aerosmith perform there. Homer feels he should be getting some money for it, but Moe refuses to cut him in. A local restaraunt chain offers Moe one million dollars for the secret ingredient to be revealled. But just as Moe is about to take the money, Homer bursts in and tells it to everybody, and the businessman walks away. Moe's Tavern returns to normal.
  • woot woot

    this was one of those episodes that makes you think i wish thst could happen to me although it wont but still this was one of this episodes that just is always with you in your mind so this i the first tim,e vever i am giving a 10 out if 10

    the episode starts off when homer tells moe a secert drink that will boost up his business and so it does but homer gets none of the credit and now moe is the most famous bartender in town but now homer is so mad that he wants to expose moe for the liar he is.
  • One of the VERY rare times I'll give an episode a 10/10.

    In this episode, Homer finds out that Moe's Tavern is going under and out of business. Homer tells him about a drink he created called a Flaming Homer. Homer makes one for him, he drinks it, and it instantly becomes a hit. Moe's Tavern gets flooded with celebrities and a bunch of people. Meanwhile, Homer isn't there. Homer gets mad that Moe stole his drink and called it the Flaming Moe. Moe realizes what he's done was cruel, and decides to tell Homer he'll share half his profits with him. However, Homer reveals the secret ingredient, Krusty's Kough Syrup, to everyone, and the Flaming Moe/Homer gets sold all over Springfield.

    This is an absolute classic episode. Everything about it is fantastic - I'm not sure what it is. It's not the funniest episode in the world, but it's so well written, most will easily forgive that. Not to mention, this episode spawned its own NRG (energy) drink with the same name. AMAZING EPISODE.
  • This is a real gem of an episode, the writers were at the top of their game.

    I will always remember 'Flaming Moe's' as being one of my favourites. It too, has a great feel to it, putting it well up there with all the classics. I encourage you to buy the DVD's (especially seasons 3-7) because you'll never find a better American animated show, ever, and especially considering how old those classic seasons are.
  • Moe's tavern going down-under, and brought back by Homer's drink...

    Until Moe takes the name. If I could legally drink, I would make a Flaming Moe. Anyways, this episode has it all, alcohol, Homer acting crazy, slightly sober Barney, and Aerosmith! I like the beginning of the third act, and how it parodies Cheers, truly a series classic in the eyes of fans.
  • Moe steals Homer's home made drink the "Flaming Homer," and calls it the "Flaming Moe."

    Buisness is so bad at Moe's that Moe cannot afford to buy beer for the bar. Homer shows him his special drink the "Flaming Homer," which Homer made himself which includes cough syrup and then caught on fire. The new drink attracts alot of buisness and Moe renames it the "Flaming Moe." Soon Moe's is the most popular spot in Springfield, however Homer feels he deserves something and confronts Moe. Moe refuses to give him anything. Unable to figure out the secret ingredient, a giant restraunt chain, Tipsy MsStagger's. offers to buy the drink for 1 miliion dollars. Right before Moe takes the money, Homer bursts in and reveals the secret. Tipsy rips up the contract and leaves. Moe makes Homer a "Flaming Homer" and gives it to him free of charge.
  • Let's all go to Flaming Moe's

    After Moe loses his beer supply, Homer shows him a drink that he created after a terrible night with Patty and Selma. The drink is sublime. Homer tells Moe that he calls it a Flaming Homer. However, Moe steals Homer's idea and makes it a Flaming Moe. The bar becomes insanely popular, but Homer is so upset that Moe, his friend, would steal his own idea and make it his own. It drives Homer crazy and he reveals the ingredients just before Moe signs a deal. Homer and Moe reconcile and share a nice Flaming Homer. I love this episode because it really fleshes out the characters.
  • hilarious, crazy homer being a great joke

    this episode is perhaps the one that everyone remembers most, with the possible exception of bart the daredevil, as moe syslac, homer's friend and supplier of alcohol steals homer's drink idea and makes a large profit out of it. moes becomes a crowded bar, causing bart's prank call to backfire. there were so many customers in the bar that one of them even had the unfortunate name of Hugh Jass though Moe still got his joke in of "can someone check the men's room for a hugh jass?" as he always manages to say the worst possible thing when checking for a customer. it really makes you wonder if anyone serious ever rings up the bar. homer ruining everything and losing his chance of getting half a million dollars is classic homer and makes this a classic episode.
  • When Moe's brewery suppliers cut him off, Homer suggests a drink he concocted through boredom one evening whilst watching a holiday slideshow. Moe markets the recipe as his own and makes money off Homers idea, causing Homer to get a touch of the green-eye

    Fine example of Simpsons history and a fantastic amount of Cheers spoofs. I really have no idea how they keep coming up with things to spoof, but here they even write their own Cheers-esque theme song for Moes Tavern. There is a also a fantastic portrayal of Homers descent into madness after his annoyance with Moe stealing his idea. In particular the scene where he hangs from the roof wearing his pyjamas and dressing gown cackling menacingly. All in all, a fantastic portrayal of the Simpsons at their best and with the same subtle truths they slip into every episode. Truly brilliant, they get better every series.
  • excellent.

    one of my personal favorite, this episode should be on the tops of the best 50 simspns episode, ( im not sure if it is, i no such a list exist but i have no idea were this list is located, i herd about it by anohter user and another website ), well flaming moes prooves that homer is a genuine genius in making drinks, my favorite part is when bart give a crank call and backfires, that part is really funny, the pivital point is when ghomer goes to another bar and gets bad treetment. in all, a very good episode.
  • Considering how many Simpsons episodes revolve around the same premise, namely Homer-has-a-zany-get-rich-quick-scheme-that-comes-within-a-heartbeat-of-success, it is a testament to the show's writers that so many of them succeed. This is another fine inst

    As Shakespeare once wrote, "Oft doth evil mar itself; so let it be with Moe and Homer." Or maybe that wasn't Shakespeare. Anyway, it's a great summary of this episode. Moe steals Homer's drink recipe, only to find himself bereft of the profits when Homer takes matters into his own hands. Homer, meanwhile, exacts his revenge and ruins Moe's profits at the exact moment that Moe has decided to make good and give Homer his due. It's a modern day morality play... the dark flip side of "The Gift of the Magi", written in letters of deceit and revenge instead of love. In the end, as always, a lesson is learned, only to be forgotten by the next week as the whole tragic cycle repeats itself.

    That The Simpsons, like Shakespeare, retain the ability to touch cathartic themes hailing back to Sophocles, while at the same time playing humerously to the groundlings, is what separates the show from such purely crass, shock-value knock-offs as, oh, say, South Park and The Family Guy.

    The plot itself is nothing special-- the Simpson family is about to hit it rich when the whole thing suddenly unravels right around minute 26. It's been done by The Simpsons in endless repetition, in episodes ranging from "Bart Gets Hit By A Car" to "The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson". Shakespeare recycled his plots too. It is the brilliant execution, and the razer-sharp insight into human nature, that make it work, keep it real, and keep us coming back for more.