The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 10

Flaming Moe's

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 1991 on FOX

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  • Considering how many Simpsons episodes revolve around the same premise, namely Homer-has-a-zany-get-rich-quick-scheme-that-comes-within-a-heartbeat-of-success, it is a testament to the show's writers that so many of them succeed. This is another fine inst

    As Shakespeare once wrote, "Oft doth evil mar itself; so let it be with Moe and Homer." Or maybe that wasn't Shakespeare. Anyway, it's a great summary of this episode. Moe steals Homer's drink recipe, only to find himself bereft of the profits when Homer takes matters into his own hands. Homer, meanwhile, exacts his revenge and ruins Moe's profits at the exact moment that Moe has decided to make good and give Homer his due. It's a modern day morality play... the dark flip side of "The Gift of the Magi", written in letters of deceit and revenge instead of love. In the end, as always, a lesson is learned, only to be forgotten by the next week as the whole tragic cycle repeats itself.

    That The Simpsons, like Shakespeare, retain the ability to touch cathartic themes hailing back to Sophocles, while at the same time playing humerously to the groundlings, is what separates the show from such purely crass, shock-value knock-offs as, oh, say, South Park and The Family Guy.

    The plot itself is nothing special-- the Simpson family is about to hit it rich when the whole thing suddenly unravels right around minute 26. It's been done by The Simpsons in endless repetition, in episodes ranging from "Bart Gets Hit By A Car" to "The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson". Shakespeare recycled his plots too. It is the brilliant execution, and the razer-sharp insight into human nature, that make it work, keep it real, and keep us coming back for more.