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make your own episode ideas!

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    come up with your own simpsons episode idea here a list of some of mine. if you have any post more on here!

    ''The Eight Nahasapeemapetilon''

    Apu and Manjula discuss and decide to put there kids in an orphanage bar one because there to hard to raise. But then then they want them back but they can't, because they signed paperwork that they don't own them anymore. So Homer get's all his friends to adopt one so Apu and Manjula can have them back.

    ''Breakup then Makeup''

    Millhouse gets a new girlfriend. He introduces her to his Mom then she thinks of the day she first met Kirk. She then gets back with Kirk. But then it ends up in another divorce when Kirk gets drunk on a date. Also Bart gets a new Playstation 3. Homer plays it once then gets addicted to it and Bart can't play anymore because Homer is on it 24/7.

    ''Ghost Simpson''

    The family get freaked out when they hear noises around the house at night. The only way they can fix this is bringing in the TV show Ghost Hunters. They do the show in there house as they try to catch the Ghost. But in the end they find out it's Grandpa.

    ''Springfield vs. Shelbyville''

    Shelbyville is forced to share towns with Springfield after there town was wiped out in a storm. Everybody in Springfield doesn't like it. At all. All the dumb kids from Springfield Elementery are moved to another school so they can have a smart school with Shelbyville kids as well. Bart and the bullies gang up on the Shelbyville kids. Springfield then has enough and drives them out of town.

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    The Warren Below: Walt Warren returns with a personal vendetta against Sideshow Bob for stealing his idenity with the plastic surgery. Once back in their original forms he knocks his former roommate out. When Bob learns his true plans, he must overcome his hate for Bart's family and ask for their help to stop Walt. In the next season, the Simpson children have aged slightly: Bart is 14, Lisa is 12 and Maggie is 8.

    Homer Sues/Marge is Pregnant: When Homer gets fed up with being abused too much by Patty and Selma, he gets a lawyer and sues the twins for their constant hatred for him with the abuse. Flashbacks reveal their true hatred for him over the years. Meanwhile, Marge discovers that she is pregnant with a 4th child. However, she struggles to keep that a secret because of Homer's lawsuit against her sisters. Can Marge pacify Patty, Selma and Homer before the lawsuit gets out of hand? Artie Ziff will make his first apperance since his arrest.

    Maya Returns: Moe's old girlfriend, Maya, returns and they try to make their relationship work this time. Meanwhile, Homer, Carl and Lenny starts their own lingerie shop which becomes a successful hit to all women. Things are looking up for them with the money they're making until Marge reveals her pregnancy to Homer.

    The Bart Wrongfully Accused: Bart is under suspension from Springfield Middle School after being accused for a prank he didn't do. No one believes him, except for Lisa. Now she must match wits with a rival genius wanting revenge against Bart for years worth of prank abuse.

    Treehouse of Horror XXII: Lisa hosts three stories and warns them of the content. For this episode, she stars showing a darker side to her that no one knows about.

    -Gigantic Lisa: When Lisa gets fed up with all the bullying that she's endured, she creates a potion she bought from a magic shop thinking it'll shrink them down to size. However, she ends up being a giant and uses her size to make the bullies pay. Soon, Lisa gets very power hungry and becomes the ruler of Springfield. Can the Simpsons try and call her back to her senses before she makes a terrible mistake?

    -Unnamed Mr.Burns/Maggie story: Mr.Burns, still recovering from being shot in Who Shot Mr.Burns years ago, has recurring nightmares about Maggie coming to his house and kill him. Smithers convinces him to visit the Simpsons and try to make peace with his assailant. When Mr.Burns does visit the Simpson residence, he sees Maggie again and assuming the worst, he drives away. He soon barricades himself in his room blocking all access to him, except for one secret room he can escape into. His fears soon becomes a reality as he sees an 8-year-old Maggie comes out of her hiding place in his closet. Brandishing a knife in her hands, she chases him around his room.

    -Bart's Unbelievable Time Travel: Unbeknownst to the rest of the Simpsons, Bart has just invented a time maching similar to Homer's, except it's on his beloved skateboard. Soon he finds himself travelling in different time periods. Though excited at first, Bart discovers the pros and cons about time travelling. He returns home safely, except he's now shrunk with Marge and Homer are now at the mercy of Lisa and Maggie.

    Goldplated Pacifier: Maggie wants to get her old pacifier gold plated so she can wear it as a fashion accessory. However, she faces ridicule from more of the popular students at her school who thinks pacifiers are for babies. Can Bart and Lisa help convince the students of Springfield Elementary that there is nothing wrong with Maggie's choice of fashion accessory?

    The Sister He Never Knew: Homer learns that he has an older sister named Abigail and flies out to London to meet her. Upon meeting her, he feels inferior to her because of her high intelligence. However, Abbie doesn't care about that and helps him feel better about himself. Later, a fight brews between Homer and his father, Abe when he learns about his affair before he met his mother, Mona.

    A Date with Dullness: Lisa has been asked out on a blind date to the school dance. Fearing it's Ralph Wiggum asking her out, she feigns being sick to avoid going to the dance with him. Meanwhile, Marge has gotten bored with Homer's constant lying around and invites Moe and Maya to stay with them. He is once more the laughingstock of all of Springfield because of his lack of romantic drive. Can Homer reignite some passion back into their relationship?

    One Date With Skinner: When Principal Skinner goes out on his blind date with Selma, he discovers that he has more in common with her than he did with Patty. While dating him, she feels more accepting of Homer and finally overcomes her hatred for him. When Skinner asks Selma to marry him, this incurs the wrath of his ex-fiancee, Edna Krabappel. He must now call on a former student to help deal with her.

    Youth Counseling: Bart and Lisa has a job counselling today's youth. Lisa has a hard time at her job because she couldn't relate to her own peers. Whereas, Bart has an easier time because he was in their shoes. One day, Lisa almost quits her job until a girl comes in and relates to her.

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    The Pounder: after wanting to become successful, Homer tapes an electric motor to a hammer and calls it the pounder. A few buy it to make him feel good but after being depressed, Marge gets his job at the nuclear power plant back.

    The Pounder 2: Homer has a new idea for the pounder but still is a piece of junk.

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    These are all great. Especially Giant Lisa.

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    IF these weren't written down/ documented Here,

    I BET the 's would have snatched as REAL ep's....

    A Simpsons creator was at a sit com tv taping in Burbank, CA

    and I said I always wanted to see Bart at the prom...

    feb 2004 and sure enough ?next season...

    that episode materialized....

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    These episodes are by Fawni

    Reality is all in our heads:
    Lisa is getting weird flower patterned notes in her locker,through the post and evenshaved into snowball II's furr. Until one day walking home (from her late night protesting) she is encountered by her old friend Juliet Hobbes (from lisa the drama queen) and goes with her amazed to find out there imaginary 'queendom' equalia is real, after many year in equalia, bart kidnaps lisa back into the reality (he followed the trail of airy dust) and lisa realizes not a day has passed, at this moment bart says something intellectual "Lisa, reality is all in our heads, no matter what Equalia will be apart of you" And lisa finally goes home. Juilet swears revenge on bart and because she is talking about other worlds in equalia she was put in the dungeon for being crazy.

    The Forrbiden Love triangle :In the episodes of the future Lisa has married Milhouse but no one ever told the story of how they came to be. The episode starts off with Marge telling all her grandchildren the story (not knowing that lisa is wearing a invisibility cape). Colin and Lisa have been getting really close and milhouse was getting jealous, on a trip to the grand canyon milhouse gets angry and throws Collin so he is presumed dead. Lisa was so heart broken that she wasnt eating.Homer and marge agree not to tell anybody about indecent as long as the van hountens pay for lisas memory loss surgery but the van houtens agreed on the promise that lisa gets married to milhouse. Hearing all of this lisa remembers that she had affair with a guy named collin just before zia was born. Collin could have survived and be zia's real father. In the end Lisa divorces milhouse and marries collin.

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