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New Simpsons yard work episode

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    I just woke up remembering this dream about a new Simpsons episode:

    The Simpsons and all their neighbors must have gone on a long trip somewhere and came back. And when they do, the Simpsons yard and their neighbors yard look like a jungle, and Marge probably tells the Simpsons that it would be nice to get rid of the jungle look in the yards and tidy it up. Therefore when they are finished, it looks very plain and tidy. Lawn mowing, trimming, cutting, etc.

    Lisa comes back, and has missed out on most of the yard work doing other stuff, and sees that there is not much to do. Therefore she takes a blowtorch and starts destroying parts of her and the neighbors lawn making it look like sand dunes and Hell. The trees are scorched, and there are sculptures of the grim reaper and other deathly hell like sculptures, people being scorched in agony, and a basket of death.

    Anyways, Lisa is making a point in doing this, is that this is what the world will look like if people aren't careful with how they treat the planet and is making the yards look like Hell to remind them so they would change and do something about this.

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