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    Submission Guidelines

    Submissions to The Simpsons show guide are of course welcomed and encouraged. However, before you submit anything, I ask that you would please read through and conform to the following guidelines. Along with the some of the guidelines that I've pulled straight from the Help Center, I've also added a few examples of what will most likely be accepted or rejected, as well as a few more helpful hints to getting your submissions accepted.

    Notes are off-camera tidbits about an episode. They should contain off-camera events that deal with a show's production. They should not deal with on-camera events or trivia.

    Also, while technically the blurbs about the Blackboard Joke and Couch Gags belong in the Trivia category. They have always been listed in Notes, so I'd rather not move these blurbs. They should be formatted in the following manner:

    Blackboard Joke: I will not teach others to fly.
    Couch Gag: The family rushes in, sits on the couch, but each family member has someone else's head. They all swap heads until each head is on the correct body.

    Notes Examples


    This episode was originally slated to be the series premiere, but problems with the overseas animation production delayed the airing of this episode until the end of the season.


    This episode was nominated and won in the Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour or Less) category at the 1995 Emmy Awards.

    Likely to be Rejected

    This episode marks the 11th episode in row in which Milhouse utters the line: "Uh, hey, Bart!"


    Principal Skinner's voice seems different in this episode.

    Quotes are specific dialogue between characters. Quotes submitted should always be specific to the episode, not the show. Please do NOT use any quotation marks.
    Please put "strong" tags around a character's name.
    Please put "em" tags for italics around any "action".
    Please put the colon OUTSIDE of the "strong" tags.

    Also, I'd like to emphasize that any action describing the scene should be placed inside of parenthesis and "em" tags. Don't quote scenes that have more action than dialogue and don't quote scenes that rely heavily on sight gags. Above all the quote should be either funny or memorable.

    Quotes Examples


    (Lisa tries to mentally prepare Bart for the miniature golf tournament with some meditation.)
    Lisa: I want you to shut off the logical part of your mind.
    Bart: Okay.
    Lisa: Embrace nothingness.
    Bart: You got it.
    Lisa: Become like an uncarved stone.
    Bart: Done.
    Lisa: Bart! You're just pretending to know what I'm talking about!
    Bart: True.
    Lisa: Well, it's very frustrating!
    Bart: I'll bet.


    (Bart acting as an announcer doing the introductions for video game boxing)
    Bart: In the red trunks, with a record of 48 wins and no losses, the undisputed champ of this house, Battling Bart Simpson! (Whistles and cheers) And in the lavender trunks, with a record of zero wins and 48 defeats--Oh, correction. Humiliating defeats. All of them by knock out--
    Homer: (Grumbling) Must you do this every time?
    Bart: Homer "The Human Punching Bag" Simpson!

    Likely to be Rejected

    "Well, it's 1 AM. Better go home and spend some quality time with the kids." -Homer


    Homer: Take a look this, Lisa. You don't see any "Homer is a Dope" T-shirt, do ya?
    Clerk: Those sold out five minutes ago!
    Homer: D'oh!

    Trivia is any small detail or goof that might not be known to people who view an episode. Trivia is attached at the episode level, not the show level. It should be specific to what aired in the episode and not deal with off-camera events, which should be submitted in the "notes" form. A car license-plate number is trivia, and a producer walking off the set is a note.

    While continuity errors within episodes are valid Trivia blurbs please do not go overboard in submitting them. I don't want a Trivia section to be overly populated with nitpicks and animation goofs. If one looks hard enough there are countless of these types of errors in every show, but let's try to stick to the continuity errors that are the most glaring or obvious. If you do submit a blurb please format it like this:

    Goof: Explanation of animation or continuity error.

    Any music from an episode should all be grouped together in one blurb. Said blurb should look like this:

    Music From This Episode
    "The Hardest Button to Button" by White Stripes (Bart's parody of the music video of the same name.)
    "Take Five" by Dave Brubeck (The song Bart and Lisa play together on stage at Jazzy Goodtimes.)
    "Killer Joe" by Benny Golson (The song played by the professional musicians on stage at Jazzy Goodtimes.)

    Ideally the Trivia sections in The Simpsons episode guide should contain the numerous sign gags, freeze frame gags, music from the episode...etc. So when submitting look out for these types of things.

    Trivia Examples


    Sign seen in front of the Child Psychiatrist's office: "Where Imaginary Friends Come To Die."


    Books spotted in the Rock Bottom Remainders bookstore at the Springfield Mall: Wisconsin From Above, Veterans' Day Parades, Smiles of Ireland, The Kansas City Royals: Forever Champions, Drink Your Own Blood and Save, and The Time-Life Carpenter's Library.

    Likely to be Rejected

    How could Homer take all that time off from work to be a photographer and not be fired?!


    I know it's a cartoon, but come on, there is no way Homer could have survived a draw bridge collapsing on his head!

    An allusion is an indirect or passing reference to an existing form of media, be it to another TV program, a movie, a piece of music, or a book. Allusions are prevalent in television shows, and some shows, like The Family Guy, make exclusive use of this kind of humor. When submitting allusions, always credit the original media being referenced with as much detail as possible.

    Allusions should be formatted in the following manner. If the allusion is from a quote, use the said quote and then explain the allusion. Format the blurb like this:

    Homer: Funny quote with some kind of reference or allusion.
    Explanation of reference or allusion with detailed information.

    If the allusion is from a sight gag or a scene parody format the blurb like this:

    Explanation of how and which scene from Titanic was parodied.

    Allusions Examples


    It's a Wonderful Life
    The governor Mr. Burns runs against in this episode is named Mary Bailey. She shares the same name as the character Donna Reed played in the 1946 Frank Capra film, It's a Wonderful Life.


    Michael Dukakis
    During Mr. Burns' campaign for Governor, he can be seen riding in an army tank. This image is a reference to the 1988 Michael Dukakis Presidential campaign, in which he posed in a tank for a photo op.

    Likely to be Rejected

    Homer: But I wanna watch Bret Favrrrrre (french accent)
    Bret Favre is a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.


    Moe: "Same ol' stuff. Meatloaf, casserole, tuna loaf, loaf-a-role, casse-loaf ..."
    Moe is whining about the usual potluck fare at church and family gatherings--well, at least the first three items, anyway.

    Summaries & Recaps
    The summary should be a short spoiler free paragraph about the general plot of the episode and the recap should be a much longer description that encompasses all major plot points and should contain spoilers for the episode. For examples of an acceptable summary or recap check out any episode from season 1, 2 and the first half of season 18. I have written over 50 recaps for this show guide and anyone is welcome to submit their own recap for an episode that doesn't have one, I just ask that you try and stick to the summary and recap layout that I have used in these episodes from season 1, 2 and parts of 18.

    Before attempting an episode recap try and set aside a couple hours to do so. In my experience the best way to write a recap is to do it in one sitting. For me writing a recap usually takes about 2 and half hours. Writing them can be a bit daunting, but I consider the recaps to really be the meat and potatoes of a good episode guide. If you decide to write one please follow the layout I have used already and be thorough.

    Helpful Hints
    -Always, always, always use the comment section of the submission form. Your submission will have a much greater chance to be accepted if I know exactly what it is that you are either editing or adding to the guide.

    -Do not submit any quotes, trivia, allusions...etc for an episode that has not aired yet. Even if you have seen a clip on the internet or a promo on TV, please do not submit anything using these as your source. Things can change before the actual broadcast of a new episode, so any information submitted beforehand might become obsolete or incorrect.

    -Be sure to proofread all of your submissions especially the recaps and summaries. If a submission has a minor punctuation error or a bolded colon, I'll probably fix it during moderation. But if these kinds of small errors are continually made, I won't hesitate to reject them.

    -If I should reject a submission I'll try my best to provide a detailed explanation as to why I rejected it. Be sure to read these comments to learn from your mistake. I'm not in the business to reject submissions, I would much rather approve them and add more valid and correct information to the guide.

    -If you have any questions regarding a submission, don't hesitate to PM me and ask. The more informed and successful submitters there are out there the better the guide will become.

    As far as moderating submissions goes, I tend to log into once in the morning, I check it periodically during the evening hours, and I try to check in at least once a day on the weekends. I'll do my best to moderate submissions as quickly as possible.

    Thus concludes the submission guidelines for The Simpsons. These guidelines will all most likely stay the same over time. But in the future there might be additions or changes to the guidelines and if they are updated I will reflect that in the title of this thread. If you have any questions regarding a submission, or any suggestions regarding these guidelines, don't hesitate to PM me. The more informed and successful submitters there are out there the better the guide will become.
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    Forum Guidelines

    First things first. To minimize confusion or having to explain a ton of stuff, here is a link to the Community Terms of Service. Please read it.

    A few more things:

    Because this is a forum is for discussion and in an effort to help keep the forum more clutter free, game threads will no longer be allowed in this forum. Any new game threads that are started here in The Simpsons forum will be locked. If you would like to start a new game thread, post the game in the TV Show Fun & Games board and then PM me the link and I will add it to the list of links here in this thread. Again, do not start a game thread here, it will be locked.

    Also in another effort to keep the forum clutter free I started the The Simpsons Help Desk - Question & Answer Thread a few months back. Please use this thread if you have any questions regarding The Simpsons history, characters, episodes, trivia, so on and so forth.

    The forum is a place for discussion and debate. If someone is spamming, trolling, flaming...etc, report them. Do not reply to them, do not threaten them, do not tell them you are going to report them, do not egg them on. Just simply report the disruptive post and it will be handled.

    Whether you think The Simpsons is the most super-duper thing since sliced bread or whether you think that The Simpsons is a thorn in American pop culture's side doesn't really matter. You are entitled to you opinion. However, do not simply start threads saying, "The Simpsons stinks it makes me want to wretch!" or "I love The Simpsons, they can't make enough episodes." These kinds of posts are, quite simply, annoying and they tend to lead to flame wars. State your opinion, whatever it may be, and then tell us why you feel that way. Then people are free to politely debate, discuss and talk about your opinion.

    These guidelines could be changed or added to in the future. If I update them I will reflect that in the title of this thread, so please be sure to check back.
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    Game Thread Index

    Game threads are not allowed in The Simpsons forum, but if you want to start or already have an active game or contest thread with a Simpsons theme in the TV Show Fun & Games Forum, just PM me the link and I'll post it here so you can track them easier.

    Thread                                    Starter

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