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Then and NOW:

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    Okay, my generation... high school when the Simpsons started says early

    episodes were brilliant..and now suck.

    BUT, I have watched ( repeats) early season 2 and three ep's and

    nearly fell asleep during the show. AND look at the tame

    story/storyboards...compared to today.

    AND kids today say the old one suck....

    HERE. is my theory

    Watching a first run ep... (-alone-) and then "explain" the

    episode to.your best not easy.

    BUT an episode, you can say one line and your friend finishes

    the line... are the ones you enjoy ...regardless of the season.

    SIMILAR to the 8 bit Nintendo as the BEST game ever....

    It iS NOT but the memories of the games back then...

    but the good times you had playing them...

    . . .same with the episodes... agree/ disagree

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