The Simpsons

Season 16 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2005 on FOX

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  • A Simpsons Future #3

    This episode is terrific and shows what may happen in 8 years though knowing Professor Frink's previous inventions, such as the sarcasm detector and the running house, it may not be too accurate. This episode had great future jokes such as shots that make Smithers straight and President Cletus.
    Nelson being the father of Sherri and Terri's twins, finally understanding why his father ran off was great as was Homer's underwater house. Bender's appearance in the car was great (though it isn't the year 3000) as was Moe and his clone and spider clone. This episode can be summed up in four words: "No-one's gay for Moleman!"
  • why much closer we are to geting this high tech

    In this episode Bart and lisa see into the future only 8 years from they time and its the last day of high school and Bart is graduting and Lisa is graduting 2 years early and has a scholarship to Yale University. why not hardvard. Then Bart proposes to Jenda his girl but the life Bart wants makes Jenda dump him. Then we learn that Marge dumps Homer because Homer spent all the money on a underwater house. and I love it when Bender comes out and Homer pushs him. Then Bart saves Mr.Burns and Gives him Lisa's scholarship and Bart takes it beacuse chicks dig guys who go to fancny colleges and Bart gives up his life with Jeana to save Lisa's future with Milhouse.
  • Pretty Funny episode...... Look into the future episode # 3...... Interesting, Funny, and a good plot. What more can you ask for????

    Bart and Lisa roll into Frink's basement where he shows them his latest invention, a future-reader. Eight years from next Tuesday, Maggie is in Alaska, Homer & Marge are separated, and Bart and Lisa are getting ready for their prom after Lisa's skipped two grades. Lisa's dating Milhouse and Bart a girl named Jenda. Lisa is going to Yale on a scholarship funded by Mr. Burns. Bart proposes to his girlfriend Jenda but she is put off when she imagines their future together. At Bart's part time job at the Kwik-E-Mart, he delivers groceries to Burns' mansion and saves his life. Mr. Burns awards Bart the scholarship Lisa was to receive. Jenda takes Bart back but when he visits Frink's old basement he looks at Lisa's future with Milhouse. He gives her the scholarship so that she wont destroy her life by marrying him.
  • What a future.

    Future Drama is a very great episode that diserves a lot more credit then many people give it.

    This is a really great episode that tells the future of many characters on the show but really focuses on Bart and Lisa. Though Bart has a great story in his disaster on keeping his girlfriend, Lisa has a little better story. Lisas story had to do with her growing up and winds up her and Barts story comming together when Bart gets to go to Yale after saving mr. Burns life after a robbery. It turns out Bart giving Lisa back the Yale scollership and Bart preving Lisa from marring Milhouse. I like the joke with Lenny and Carl confusing Milhouse of either their ghosts or just screwing him around. Oveal all a really great episode.
  • Ok!!!

    I think it was a brilliant idea to see into the future I really enjoy watching the future episodes and this one especialy as it included both Barts and Lisa's future which I thought was good. Also I like the Idea of Marge and Homer benn Split up that's a very good estimation.
  • Future-Drama

    This episode is alright but I think Bender should have had a bigger role in this episode. Also some of the characters were out of character such as Smithers, Bart Simpson and a few others. Why is Smithers straight and why is Bart dating as he said in the past girls have "Cooties"? Also why would Mr Burns still be alive?
  • Absolutely terrible.

    Future drama is possibly the worst episode of the Simpsons I've ever seen. The idea of showing the future of the Simpsons has been done way better in the past. The jokes in this episode just aren't funny. And "the appearance" of Bender was pointless and just makes me wonder why a great show like futurama was cancelled in its prime while the Simpsons is allowed to die a slow painful death.
  • This episode reveals what might happen in the Simpsons' future.

    Bart and Lisa come home from school one day and fall and end up in Pr. Frink's basement. He shows them what will happen in 8 years on his supercomputer. Bart and Lisa are going to the senior prom (Lisa finished HS 2 years early), Marge and Homer are separated, and Maggie is 9 at the beach in Alaska!

    This was a really good episode. It's funny when Marge says "Lisa graduated 2 years early, and Bart... graduated!" Another good joke was when Ralph was at the prom and he said he just learned to use the potty. It shows that Bart still hates Lisa, but he is a lot more responsible. It shows that they'll grow in character as well.

    Grade: A
  • An example of why the Simpsons are still funny.

    This episode is another future episode and my second favorite future episode. Bart and Lisa go into Professor Frink's basement and look at their future. Lisa is now in Bart's grade. Homer and Marge are separated. Lisa takes Millhouse to the prom and Bart takes skateboarder Jenna. Jenna breaks up with Bart after thinking about their future. Mr. Burns gives Lisa a scholarship to Yale, but gives it to Bart when he saves Mr. Burns' life. Bart wanders into Professor Frink's basement and sees Lisa's future with Millhouse. He decides to give Lisa the scholarship. This episode was great and is proof that the Simpsons haven't jumped the shark.