The Simpsons

Season 16 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2005 on FOX

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  • why much closer we are to geting this high tech

    In this episode Bart and lisa see into the future only 8 years from they time and its the last day of high school and Bart is graduting and Lisa is graduting 2 years early and has a scholarship to Yale University. why not hardvard. Then Bart proposes to Jenda his girl but the life Bart wants makes Jenda dump him. Then we learn that Marge dumps Homer because Homer spent all the money on a underwater house. and I love it when Bender comes out and Homer pushs him. Then Bart saves Mr.Burns and Gives him Lisa's scholarship and Bart takes it beacuse chicks dig guys who go to fancny colleges and Bart gives up his life with Jeana to save Lisa's future with Milhouse.