The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 10

Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 1994 on FOX

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  • perfect


    what i liked- homer grabbing an inappropriate book and screaming, homer's "Excuse me sir, you look like a man who needs help satisfying his wife" line, homer and grampa admitting they are both screw ups, grampa admitting homer was an accident, barney being homer's replacement, etc.

    great episode with a lot of good humor and a good plot. the deleted scenes on the season 6 boxset are also really funny and about on par with the rest of the episode. A+

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons homer and marges sex life goes dry. and so grampa comes and show homer a sex tonic that makes thing interesting. and so homer says its working and so homer and grampa go around selling it on road trip. but as the road trip goes around homer found out that homer was not ment to be concived. and homer wants to be a better father to his kids. and homer realizes that his father did care about him after all this was a good ep i thought and had some funny moments in the ep
  • A magic sex drink?? ok that's believable...

    When Homer and Marge's sex life fizzles out, Grandpa whips up a batch of bottled passion for Homer. The home remedy proves an amazing success and after a marathon snuggle session with Marge, Homer convinces his father to try and sell the potion. Hitting the open road, Homer and Grandpa rake in the bucks and bond like they have never before. But when they find themselves driving by the house where Homer grew up, the old resentment and hostility bubbles up between them. After much fighting and many angry proclamations, Homer and Grandpa make up. A little unbelievable if you ask me, but an ok episode...
  • What more can you ask for than Grandpa's magical sex drink?

    Homer and Marger have their problems in bed, and are resorting to comical solutions, until Grandpa Simpson, comes with his own drink, made of medicine, and liquor. Homer and Grandpa start to sell this to couples in the state, and then they have a fight during a stop at Grandpa's old farmhouse. Meanwhile, Bart and the kids of Springfield wonder where their parents are, and they start to think that it is a conspiracy.
  • Best Episode In Season Six It Jumps The Shark Score : 11

    Homer is having trouble getting it on with Marge. They buy an audio book to rekindle their sex life, while Bart gets a book about the UFO conspiracy. Homer and Marge start trying the books ideas, but nothing works. Abe tells Homer of a home remedy that will give him an instant hard-on. After it works like a charm, Homer has the idea to market it. He and Abe pitch the tonic at malls to start and everyone begins buying it. The children begin to notice that all of their parents have disappeared. Homer and Abe then go on to neighboring towns and they start to get on each other's nerves. Bart and Milhouse start to form conspiracy theories as to where all the adults are. Abe and Homer go to their old house and relive the good old days. This puts them even more at odds and Homer deserts Abe. He is furious with him. Homer decides to spend more time with his kids. Abe gets Barney to replace Homer as he continues to pitch the product. Homer's half-assed over-parenting does not work very well on his kids. He goes back to the house for inspiration and meets back up with his father, but their loving reunion is soured when the house goes up in flames.
  • grampa's magic medicine

    an odd way to start a review is at the end but i have to mention this because this episode has one of my favourite endings where homer and abe both visit their old house not knowing the other is there and burn downtheir halves of the house:

    homer: oh dad, i'm a screwup, i burned down our house!
    abe: no son, i'm the screwup, i burned down our house!
    homer: you know what?
    abe: what?
    homer: we're both screwups.

    and like that the argument is over. other gags i liked in this episode were the ideas the kids were coming up with as to why their parents were acting strangely including the reverse vampires theory. the twist at the beginning at the bookstore where bart was buying an alien book saying that there was a big conspiracy and when a book is swiped, the barcode travels through many airwaves and it turns out that it was al gore's book that lisa bought. abe was a great character with heaps of great lines in this episode and the fact that the marriage tape that homer and marge get just make things worse. definitely well worth seeing.